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Good morning America. How long have we been saying the world is upside down? Well peeps, none other than Oprah Winfrey has ‘woke up’ from her woke slumber because now, the liberal agenda has come back to bite her you-know-where. Remember NIMBY (not in my backyard)? Well, it’s now in her backyard. So what pushed her over the edge?

Of late, we have been writing about the new way of ‘shopping’, ie mobs of people smashing windows, entering a store and grabbing all the merchandise. Well, believe it or not, this has escalated.

The newest and even scarier way to ‘shop’ is to follow people wearing expensive jewelry, driving high-end cars and patronizing ritzy restaurants home and then rob them. They are called “follow-home robberies”. A well-known 81-year-old philanthropist was followed  and shot and killed in her own home.

Why is this happening in heavily democratic, liberal, save-the-whales-defund-the-police California? Because California, has been, for decades at the center of the movement for criminal justice reform, rolling back tough sentencing laws and reducing prison populations.

Don’t worry. Black lives matter is getting involved, urging police not to bring back what they deem as ‘harsh’ punishments. It appears that there is a a massive disconnect between the perception of local crime and the reality on the ground. Defunding the police and bringing in a social worker to talk to mobs of people looting a store? It ain’t gonna work.

Justin has not the faintest hint of a clue what is flying with the pandemic. Not a clue. And due to his ignorance,  this could be you the next time you travel. Guess what? The implementation is not being done as it should be. Duh. 

A woman flew to Cairo. She was fully vaccinated. She had three negative PCR tests. She left on November 26 and three days later the covid goal posts changed again due to omicron.

She had a negative PCR test in Cairo before boarding the plane. Next, she had to get a second negative test in London, England in order to board a connecting flight to Toronto. Once her flight landed in Toronto, she was tested at the airport and sent in a school bus to a quarantine hotel, which, on the inside was covered in plastic and had guards.

“I’m doing all the things that the government told me to do, and yet I’m being penalized for it right now.” She finally left the hotel after yet another negative PCR test.

If you want to know what ails the United States, the picture above says it all. Another version of the upside down world. We are not against people owning guns. The US constitution second amendment is the Right to Bear Arms passed by Congress September 25, 1789 and ratified December 15, 1791.

The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights, so it’s very much part of their culture. But being able to buy a gun at a gun show with no background checks is wrong. As is the picture above.

You want a gun, fine. Buy it legally and keep it nicely locked up in your house. In the picture above, the father, no less than a republican congressman and his entire family are proudly holding their weapons. This is a christmas picture? Get a grip people.

There have been way too many school shootings, as the last one in Michigan, with a properly bought gun, to sit there and smile, asking ‘santa’ to bring you ammunition for your gifts.

Let’s put it this way: although people can get elected to public office, it doesn’t mean they have brains, which this guy clearly does not. He fits the joke while he was in the womb his mother was asked if she wanted her child to have brains and she said no because she thought they said trains.

And one more thing. We’re cutting off the see-we-told-you-so democrats. On both sides of the coin – democrats and republicans – there are extremists and none of them are healthy nor do they contribute anything to society.

Jesse Smollett is a blight on the universe. He should not be receiving one more word in any social media or newspaper.

Read this next piece and get scared. Very scared. Dezjion Henson (no, we didn’t make up that name) has wanted to be a truck driver his whole life. Quite the aspiration. But we digress.

When he turned 18 last year he jumped at the chance and signed on as an apprentice with Total Transportation of Mississippi in Richland, Mississippi. How, you are asking yourself, can an 18 year-old be a truck driver.

Thanks to a semi-senile president – Joe Biden – who clearly doesn’t travel on any highways – a new infrastructure law will let some drivers as young as 18 make interstate trips. Why? To ease the nation’s supply-chain squeeze. Can we talk?

Did you ever drive 8 or 10 hours straight? Do you remember how tired you were when you got to your destination? Imagine doing this day after day after day.

The Department of Transportation’s rules currently ‘limit’ truckers to 11 hours in a work day and 70 hours in a week. And they have to be given at least one 30-minute break during the first eight hours of their shift.

A 30 minute break? In 8 hours of driving? And now they are allowing 18 year-olds to drive 18 wheelers? This is not going to end well.

Papa Legault, as Andrew Cuomo, looks like he will get away with murder. The government was warned in early March 2020 that there was a disaster in the making at the Heron Senior residence. They ignored the emails. Wait. It’s not that they ignored the emails, Papa Legault said there were no emails. So despite the government saying they never received any warning about these places, emails were sent to top Health Ministry bureaucrats. The emails revealed these homes were desperately short of personal protection equipment (PPE) at the same time as Papa Legault was reassuring everyone the inventory was fine.

He lied. Straight out. We wonder, if and when there is a public enquiry – which Papa Legault is trying to quash – if he will still get away with this. Our guess is yes because his base adores him. There are no words to describe the lack of intelligence of his base.

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (1941) and yesterday was the grim anniversary (1989) of the slaughter of 14 young women at the Universite of Montreal.

We’ll talk…

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