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One should not be surprised that Hollywood is sinking its teeth into the woke bs culture hook, line and sinker. One brave actor, who actually has a brain, has finally spoken out. Hopefully he opened the door for others to speak out.

Richard Dreyfuss could not believe what woke bs hollywood is now requiring for a film to qualify for an Oscar.

In 2021, the Academy invoked 'inclusivity' standards “to encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the movie-going audience.” And beginning in 2024, films will have to meet minimum requirements to be considered for the best picture category.

What? To better reflect the diversity of the audience? What the he.l does that mean? That the Jewish people are going to be 'upset' if a non-Jew plays a chassidic Jew in a movie? Like in Shtisel? Who cares? It's a movie or a Netflix series. Get it? Entertainment?

Here are some of Dreyfuss's comments: "...Are we crazy? Do we not know that art is art? This is so patronizing. It’s so, it’s so thoughtless, and treating people like children.” Exactly. Grow up.

So we watched the coronation after it happened. In the end we were mercifully able to skip about three-quarters of the many boring and tedious parts.

We simply cannot believe that Camilla was crowned queen. She looked uncomfortable, plain and simple. For that matter, so did Charles.

We miss Queen Elizabeth. She was regal, she commanded respect and got it. One simply had to look at her and know she was the Queen. Camilla? The word regal is not even in her vocabulary. She is really a meeskite - ugly.

We will have to endure this dynamic duo until William and Kate get their turn. Now that will be a coronation to watch. This was their dress rehearsal.

Montreal's erstwhile and ever-grinning mayor Madame Valerie Plante needs to get her ducks in a row. Or get her act together. Or figure out who is running her show.

The Carifiesta parade is held every year in Montreal. It is a parade for people of color. Or, black people.

Also held yearly are the gay pride parade, the jean the baptiste parade, the Canada day parade etc. Each of these parades receives some money from the city of Montreal. Not this year.

The gay pride parade is getting $600,000. Carifiesta? $0.00.

One minute. What happened to diversity and inclusivity? The carifiesta parade features black people. They are as diverse and inclusive as you can get. You can actually see their diversity. Clearly they are not white, pure-laine, french canadians. Shall we continue?

Our guess is that somehow, someway, Madame Plante will find $30,000, perhaps from the gay pride's $600,000. Otherwise, this whole diversity and inclusivity bs will be shown to be exactly what everyone knows it is. Cow manure.

Another one bites the dust. T-Mobile recently shuttered the company’s flagship store in downtown San Francisco, a move which comes amid declining foot traffic and rising crime in the once very fun to be in California metropolis.

Whole Foods also closed its flagship location in the downtown area last month, with reports indicating that rampant drug use and criminal activity from individuals near the store played a role in the closure.

T-Mobile was no small potatoes. It spanned two stories and 17,000 square feet. Who exactly is going to replace all these shuttered stores? Nobody. Why?

Defund the police. The number of arrests in San Francisco has fallen significantly over the past three years due to the fact that mobs know nothing will happen to them if they take over a store and steal all the merchandise. Ergo, the stores are closing.

One has to wonder if these mobs will move into the suburbs like Burbank and if they also don't prosecute criminals.

Here's something to look forward to. NOT.

If re-elected in the next election the liberals, Justin and all his minions including Anthony Housefather promise to - get this peeps - bring back mandatory vaccines for all travelers by boat, air and car and make sure to 'keep you safe'. That's going to make Canada as a tourist destination pretty well null and void.

Wait. Plus all federal public employees must be vaccinated.

Justin of course has not the faintest hint of a clue what being a tourist destination means to people with small hotels. If he can stay in a $6000 USD penthouse suite and not bat an eye he not only doesn't care about tourism, he is very, very entitled.

Justin has become a dictator. Plain and simple. He wants full and total control over all his subjects. Poilievre is beginning to look better and better. At the very least he trusts that adults are able to make their own 'safe' decisions.

Donald Trump has been found liable for intimate abuse and defamation — and ordered to pay more than $5 million in damages by a federal jury in writer E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit.

Carroll is one of a litany of women who have accused Trump of intimate abuse. Whether or not you support him, there are just too many women to ignore them all.

No doubt he will appeal this and keep Ms. Carroll in court for years - if she ever sees a cent of that money. In the meantime, today she feels vindicated. And one has to wonder if he doesn't tire of all these lawsuits. After all, he has to pay lawyers to defend him.

Can that big mouth save-the-planet mayor of Montreal Valerie Plante just shut-up.

Her latest fantasy to save the world consists of a trio of promises to reduce the carbon footprint of local transportation — the first being a plan to transform at least a part of Old Montreal into a car-free zone by next year.

That is the kiss of death for old Montreal. Say goodbye to it. You can't get there by bus. You can't get there by metro. So how are people getting there? Hot air balloon? Using a kite?

What about people who bought condos there? They can't use their cars either? What about winter? How are people getting there in the winter if they can't drive? Where are they going to warm up when they are done? Walk ten blocks to a bus?

Next she said the following jaw-dropping sentence: Transportation is responsible for 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec, and traffic jams cost the Montreal area $4 billion annually. Oh really?

How about people caught for hours in traffic because of the insane and un-monitored construction sites all of Montreal causing massive greenhouse emissions? Way more than cow farts.

This city is run by airheads.

We'll talk...

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Nicely done the way..... Is it possible that our stooopid "leaders" were voted in by the "people"??? What does that say about the "people"??? these people are your neighbours!!!I wonder if EDUCATION may be the solution... HMMMM - then explain why many Universities are a bastion for antisemitism - The answers to some of these questions may just be frightening!!!

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