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To Cover or Not To Cover, That is the Question

Whoever is wrong in the story of Trump and the widow of a soldier killed in Niger should rot somewhere. If the media is willing to fabricate or mis-inform the public, they should all have to go and apologize to this woman.

If Trump said what they say he said, then he needs to go and apologize to her. To take advantage of someone’s grief in this way is disgusting. Frankly, what should happen here is that the Trump administration should sit down with the news media and find a way to be, at the very least, human.

Sorry if we sound politically incorrect, but there is nothing wrong with Bill 62 in Quebec. A bill that obliges citizens to uncover their faces while giving and receiving state services is now law. And so?

Here’s a headline for liberal tree-huggers: People lie about who they are. People try to do nasty things to other people. If one has nothing to hide, then they will discreetly uncover their face while giving or receiving state services. Ya don’t like it, don’t give or receive the services.

As for walking in the street with a niqab, who cares. It’s a free society and people can dress as they please. If one is not happy with this, may we suggest you move to Turkey or some other up and coming muslim country to see what it really means to be living under a dictatorship.

If the American black community is looking for a leader, Oprah Winfrey is not it. She has categorically said she will not run for any office. Ever.

While people do have to respect her wishes, there is no reason that she does not step up to the plate on other issues. Black people need a leader and right now they don’t have one. She is not only successful, but it appears that there are not many, if any, skeletons in her closet. She is uniquely placed too lead but has chosen to remain a private person. Kind of selfish, eh Blanche?

While it may have faded from the news, Puerto Rico is still fighting for its life. FEMA personnel and 14,000 members of the US military are on the ground distributing bottled water, food, and other supplies. Yet, many Puerto Ricans’ basic needs like clean water are still not being met.

The water crisis is directly related to, and reinforced by, the electricity problem. More than 80 percent of the island’s electricity customers still have no access to power after the electrical grid was wiped out in the storm. “No electricity means no power to pump water into homes, no water to bathe or flush toilets.” Electricity is needed to clean and distribute water too.

That is a continuing disaster on many levels.

Blanche, did you ever go to a place where you were bored out of your mind? Be happy you are not in China at the twice-a-decade meeting of the Communist Party Congress where Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke for three and a half hours. Seriously?

Who can talk for such a long time? And who wants to hear what they are saying? And who wrote three hours of nothing. Very special. In case you are following the Catalonia-Spain story, here’s the latest news: It’s not happening.

Yesterday, Catalonia said it would absolutely not back off its secession plans from Spain, which means that the Spanish government will now be taking over the region. In case you didn’t know, the Catalonia region includes Barcelona.

Earlier this month, the region voted in favor of breaking ties with Spain. Spain says the vote goes against the country’s constitution and gave Catalonia until today to change its mind. T

As they chose not to change their minds, this coming Saturday, Spain will take the unprecedented step of taking full control of the region’s government and calling for new elections.

Les Habs lost again last night. When exactly will the Montreal sports world stop saying this is just the beginning of the season and come to the realization that we have a fourth or fifth rate team? Ok Blanche, put your hand down. What’s the answer? When they start losing money.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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