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Trudeau – The Blunder Boy

Not that anyone cares except maybe Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame, but it looks like Zaidy Bernie, aka Bernie Sanders is going to exit the presidential race sooner than later.

He’s running out of money, is suffering from an internal staff struggle and is having difficulty defining his core strategy. He was also seen hugging none other than Fauxcahontas, aka Elizabeth Warren. Don’t say Blanche doesn’t keep you in the loop.

In the you-think-it-can’t-get-anymore-idiotic department of quotes, House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters said President Donald Trump should be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement. Now that’s an intelligent statement and will go very far in making the impeachment drums sound normal. Not.

This woman seems to have no shortage of absolutely ridiculous things to say to get herself either on television or on social media.

In case you were wavering as to where to cast your ballot in the Canadian election, perhaps this list will help you decide. It is by no means the full list of scandals, blunders and missteps by Justin Trudeau, but it’s definitely touching the iceberg.

SNC-Lavalin: The ethics office said Trudeau and his officials tried, in 2018, to undermine a decision by federal prosecutors allowing construction company SNC-Lavalin to face a corruption trial. Trudeau said he took full responsibility but declined to apologize, saying he had been trying to save jobs. Trudeau is the only Canadian prime minister formally found to have broken ethics rules.

Aga Khan: When Trudeau accepted a vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island in 2016, at the exact same time, the Aga Khan’s foundation was formally registered to lobby Trudeau and his officials. The ethics committee sanctioned him and Trudeau said he accepted the report and would clear future vacations with the watchdog.

India Trip: The Trudeau family repeatedly donned elaborate colored costumes during an eight-day trip to India in February 2018. During that same trip, Jaspal Atwal, who was convicted in 1986 of the attempted murder of an Indian politician visiting Canada, had been invited to a reception for Trudeau in New Delhi.

Sarcastic Remarks: Trudeau, who says one of his main priorities is helping Canada’s marginalized and impoverished aboriginal population, was forced to apologize in March 2019 for making a sarcastic remark to an indigenous woman who interrupted a Liberal Party fundraiser to protest about poor living conditions. He told her “Thank you for your donation” as she was escorted from the room.

$10 Million gift to Omar Khadr:One of Canada’s newest millionaires received not only $10 million but an apology to go along with it. Lest you forget, Khadr murdered US Army medic Christopher Speer with a grenade.

Groping a Reporter: Justin publicly acknowledged that he apologised in 2000 to a reporter who alleged he groped her, but said he was very confident he did not act inappropriately. Oops, then he said if he had known she was reporting for a national paper, he would never would have been so forward.

Shall we continue or have you read enough? Sorry or his endless apology tours don’t cut it. And here’s something else to chew on.

A vote for anyone running for the liberal party is a vote for Justin. That goes for people like Anthony Housefather in the Mount-Royal riding. You vote for him and you are voting for Justin. Maybe you should re-read the list above.

We’ll talk…

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