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Trump to Hillary: I’m Sorry. I didn’t mean to push all your buttons. I was just looking

Can we talk? There’s no doubt that a blizzard can very nasty. There’s also no doubt that when it’s in full force ya can’t go anywhere. But the folks in Washington are taking this a tad too far to put it mildly.

Stores were emptied and ransacked, the national guard called out and they gave the storm a name, like they do hurricanes. It’s called snowstorm Jonas. Seriously?

We put the blame full head on the media. They are absolutely panicking people, referring to the storm as stormaggedon. Dudes, it’s a freaking snowstorm, not Hurricane Sandy or a tornado. Of course people must be prepared and take this seriously. But there’s a fine line between panicking people and preparing them. Seems like the news media has taken the former approach. Oh wait. They are creating a news story. Blanche, honestly sometimes you’re a bit dense.

Did anyone see Aislin’s cartoon today about the Habs? It was perfect, literally a picture worth a thousand words. It depicts the CH logo in a whirlpool, kind of like going down the drain, which of course they are. Tanking like the Titanic.

The general manager gave a press conference today saying that the coach will remain in place. Those players are getting paid gzillions of dollars and for whatever reason cannot get fired up to win a game. They are making stupid, careless mistakes, can’t find the net when shooting the puck and seem to have forgotten how to play professional hockey.

But the dumbest thing they are doing is bringing out captain Max Pacioretty after every single game to give a boring, monotone, depressing analysis of why they lost again. Spare everyone and just go to the dressing room, get dressed and buzz out. This next piece is infuriating at best, deadly at worst. The German government admits it cannot account for 600,000 of its 1.1 million asylum seekers – and many could be using multiple identities to travel across Europe. Got that? Exactly what everyone feared has happened. You can kiss your European vacation goodbye for a long time thanks to the EU’s insistence on open borders.

Muslims, the good and bad, are moving all over Europe at will, wherever they so choose. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what that means. You do have to worry what the bad ones are up to, who they have contacted, what and who was waiting for them and, most importantly, what they are planning and where. Special, eh? Absolute, complete and total stupidity. Like we said, why didn’t the other arab countries take in their beloved brethren?

PKP, the erstwhile leader of Quebec’s separatist party seems to have forgotten he’s in politics and not in his office heading quebecor. He doesn’t like that members of the Liberal party are criticizing his genius idea of an institute teaching people the benefits of separation and the downfalls of staying in Canada.

So instead of going to the press with a normal retort, he sent lawyer’s letters to those who he thought had said ‘slanderous’ things. Can we talk?

He’s not long for his job. He just cannot seem to wrap his head around the fact that as leader of the PQ party, he does not have the liberty to shoot his mouth off like a runaway train. On the other hand, the more he does this, the dumber he looks. Let him keep talking.

Justin may be frolicking in Davos with the rich and famous, but back home in Canada, he incurred the wrath of the families of those killed in Burkina Faso. It took him three days to call and offer condolences and when he did, it seemed like he was speaking from a script. The husband of one of the people murdered told him to go hug his family and then hung up on him.

Justin is obviously going to learn the hard way that being a pretty boy with nice hair and a powerful position does not in any way buy votes with people who can see through him, as this gentleman did. To them, he’s someone who let them down when they needed their country’s support. Unfortunately, supporting others is not in Justin’s vocabulary. He’s one for all and all for one – himself.

There seems to be much gefufelment about the fact that Rene Angelil’s has been accorded a state funeral. Why does he deserve such a send off and why are we paying for it?

While he himself is not the star, his wife, Celine Dion an icon in Quebec. She’s the one and only superstar the French Canadians have, they adore her, they have followed her career and grown with her.

The truth is, Dion feels the same way about her fans as they do about her as people were witness to today, when she stood for a few hours thanking people who came to give her condolences. In the big picture, money in this province has been spent and will be spent on much worse things than this funeral, which, in the end, is all about Celine.

And now a word about The Donald. He’s slightly ahead of Ted Cruz in the polls in Iowa. Insiders say that the real heavy establishment of the Republican party are starting to sweat.

Is this run of Trump’s ever going to end? Is there an outside chance that he could in fact be the presidential candidate? Crazier things have happened. Those navy blue suited red tied dudes best take a chill pill. It’s going to be a long, crazy ride until the winner of this campaign is finally announced. Not breathing until it’s over is not an option.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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