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A well-known Arab journalist was shot and killed in Jenin two days ago. Living in the Middle East, Shireen Abu Akleh spent time in the United States, obtaining U.S. citizenship through members of her mother’s family who lived in New Jersey.

Israel is being accused – by most of the world – of killing her. Now read this from today’s news:

A top Palestinian official announced today that the Palestinian Authority will not transfer the bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh to a ballistic inspection in Israel, despite Jerusalem’s call for a joint investigation of the incident.

Liaison to Israel Hussein a-Sheikh says investigation into fatal shooting of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh will be conducted independently by PA, and results will be communicated to all relevant parties — including U.S.

We will remind you of the story a few years ago of the young boy cowering ostensibly from Israeli soldiers. The world later found out the entire incident was fake.

Arabs cannot have it both ways. If they believe Israel did it, then produce the bullet and prove it.

We tried, really tried to watch the conservative debate last night. Wait, did you even know there was a debate? Alas, we simply could not do it. 

Not because of the candidates. For starters, the feedback from the microphones was extra special. Were the producers of this debate born yesterday? Or the day before? Was this their first rodeo? The moderator had to wait a long ten or so seconds until some genius woke up and took the second mic from him to end the feedback.

Then there were the rules, basically for a grade 3 debate. If you mentioned another candidate’s name, you lost your turn to speak. They couldn’t even mention Justin’s name which was beyond bizarre. Justin is the one thing they all have in common and guess what – they have to beat him in an election and they couldn’t say his name?

The questions were childish. What’s your favorite book? What television series are you watching? Are you kidding? Unless they are reading Mein Kampf, who gives a rats what they are reading. No one watching that debate was going to be their friend – ever. No one cares what they read or watch.

The Conservative party seems to be run by no one. How can they possibly think they can defeat Justin when they are unable to produce a simple debate format?

It appears that Joe Biden not only won the lottery with his new press secretary – female, black and part of the lgbtq+ community, but Karine Jean-Pierre is an anti-semite.

She said that anyone belonging to, or supportive of AIPAC’s (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) policy is, as the organization, severely racist. “The organization has become known for trafficking in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric while lifting up Islamophobic voices and attitudes.”

Where are her sources for this? There are none. She doesn’t offer a single quote or hyperlink substantiating the contention that AIPAC spreads anti-Muslim and anti-Arab, much less racist, rhetoric. AIPAC is one of the most milquetoast organizations in D.C.

So there are two questions here, one of which needs to be answered: Was she chosen because of her anti-semitic rhetoric or was she chosen despite of her anti-semitic rhetoric?

As everyone said when Hillary was running against Trump – of 300,000 million people in the USA, this is the only person they could find for this job? Clearly there’s an agenda here.

Remember the apartment building collapse in Surfside last June 24? The one that collapsed onto itself in about 10 seconds killing 98 people.

Victims  reached settlements totaling almost $1 billion with defendants including the developer of an adjacent luxury tower, engineers and a law firm for the condo association. The settlements must be approved by a judge.

This coming Saturday there is supposed to be a big rally in Montreal against Bill 96. It is starting from Dawson College and going to emperor legault’s office.

We have a question: Why did people wait until now to mobilize? Why wasn’t this done months ago? Why did they wait until the National Assembly is about to pass this bill?

Sorry to say this is too little too late. Unless they get 50,000 people out there, no one is going to pay any attention to them.

What is with the baby formula shortage? No, it’s not in Ukraine or Russia. It’s in the USA. In this day and age a baby formula shortage? Did you know that baby formula is particularly vulnerable to disruptions because just a handful of companies account for almost the entire U.S. supply.

This is no joke. If a baby is bottle-fed, this is their source of food. Period. End of story. Many Americans rely on WIC — a federal program similar to food stamps that serves mothers and children — to afford formula. Abbott had a recall that wiped out many WIC-covered brands, though the program is now allowing substitutions.

Trying to keep formula in stock, retailers including CVS and Walgreens have begun limiting purchases to three containers per customer. Nationwide about 40% of large retail stores are out of stock. The shortages are especially dangerous for infants who require specialty formulas due to food allergies, digestive problems and other conditions.

Biden should stop worrying about global warming, climate change, oddball turtles and Roe vs Wade and start concentrating on feeding the babies in his country. Literally.

In the it-won’t-make-any-difference department, it has come out that emperor legault wasted over a billion dollars of your money trying to get PPE at the beginning of the pandemic. We hope you are not surprised by this. 

There was no plan on how to stockpile the equipment, nor how to distribute them nor how to teach anyone to use the stuff properly. Now it comes out that there is no projection on long term care in this province, despite the aging population.

They only care if you have the word pizza on your restaurant menu in larger French font than English. Taberwit.

Then there’s a guy who was flying from the Bahamas to Florida. En route, the pilot passed out and he was left to fly the plane, something he had never done in his life, although he had a bit of knowledge of the plane.

With the help of an instructor on the ground, was able to land the plane safely. After landing the plane, this dude said he felt like he was going to cry. Now that’s an understatement. That guy is the female of the ice queen. Unshakeable.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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