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One cannot fathom the fear that must have gripped those in the collapsed apartment building in Miami as it crumbled like a deck of cards in less than a minute.

We pray that those who perished didn’t even know what happened to them and those who survived and are buried under the rubble will be found quickly.

No one knows where the blame lies for this. Many buildings in Miami, Miami Beach, the Keys, and much of the rest of the peninsula are mostly built on limestone made of compressed ancient reefs that are full of tiny holes. That means salty water is rising up through the ground itself, not just in the waters surrounding Florida.

As well, there was considerable work being done on the roof. Time will tell what caused this disaster, but in the meantime, many people lost their lives.

Lest you think Justin’s courting Jenica Atwin and her anti-Semitic beliefs is an isolated incident, think again. A few days ago, Justin appointed Hassan Yussuff as an independent Senator.

Who is this dude? Pretty simple. He’s yet another anti-Semite in Justin’s orb.

He is the past president of the Canadian Labour Congress and using that platform, he authored a letter to Doug Ford, calling on him to oppose the adoption of the International Holocaust Remebrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and expressing support for the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

As everyone knows the BDS movement is anti-Semitism with another name. Plain and simple. Don’t look for angles. He is now part of the group in Justin’s government who would rather see Israel and Israelis disappear. We are guessing that he is not overly fond of Canadian Jews either.

One has to begin to wonder how Anthony Housefather is able to stay in this party knowing there are now a number of people who may tell him to his face that they like him but behind his back most likely spit on him because he is a Jew.

Perhaps the time has come to stand up for not only himself, but as the member of Parliament for a riding with a sizeably Jewish population, actually say something. In case he forgot his history, we will remind him: The Jews in Germany tried very hard to be like the Germans. And the Germans tolerated them until they didn’t and then gave them up to the nazis.

There was a story yesterday that there was a big increase in complaints to the office de la langue francais. We will not spend much time on this other than to say that it is probably one or maybe 2 people spending all their time writing complaints.

The olf likes nothing better than to pretend that the french is being abused. Pea brains.

The fat police have made their presence felt in the UK as it appears Boris Johnson had an epiphany when hospitalized with covid. Go know. His government is poised to announce a ban on junk food advertising online and before 9pm on TV from 2023. Small and medium-sized companies – those with less than 250 employees – will continue to be allowed to advertise junk food products. We guess the fast food produced by those companies are not as fattening. Not.

Can we talk? How about pubs serving endless pints of beer? How about a sedentary population? How about high tea with scones, butter and sandwiches? It’s not only fast food that is the problem. Clearly fast food has little if any good qualities except to make one gain weight. There’s hidden fat and sugar in everything. If we may make a suggestion to Boris – get the portions smaller and get your people moving.

Clap your hands for Meghan McCain. She single-handedly called out Bernie Sanders with the following question: “How is it for you to stand by everything AOC, Rashida Talib, and Ilhan Omar have said and done, particularly when it comes to Israel and talking about ‘From the river to the sea’ and the extermination of Israel, as a right to exist?”

You can be sure Bernie did not respond to the question, rather answered like a politician, trying as hard as he could to pretend he’s not Jewish. You think we’re kidding? Here’s part of his response:

“Well Meghan, first of all, I don’t believe that’s what they’re saying…”

He doesn’t believe that’s what they are saying? Here’s a direct quote from AOC: She alluded to Israel, calling it an “apartheid state” in a tweet, writing, “Apartheid states aren’t democracies.” In fact, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

Bernie – you can run but you can’t hide. As we just wrote about Anthony – to your face they smile, but when you turn around you can be certain that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Talib, and Ilhan Omar spit on the ground you walk on. You are delusional if you think otherwise.

Hundreds more graves of children have been found at another residential school. How long can the pope pretend that his church is not a corrupt, fraudulent and completely immoral organization from the top – meaning him to the bottom, meaning those ‘priests’ who treated those children like animals or worse.

We are guessing as long as his present flock pretend this didn’t happen. Hard to admit the religion you have been following is scam.

And finally…tonight is the trifecta, the perfect storm for a good old fashioned riot in Montreal.

It’s the fete nationale where people stay home or go to the park and drink beer and have picnics, it’s the fourth and hopefully final Canadiens game where if they win they go on to the actual Stanley Cup final and…it’s full moon.

Our suggestion: Stay home and watch the game. Unless you enjoy the spectator sport of riot-watching.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk

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