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Watch Out When You Play with the Big Boys. They Fight Back.

The whole controversy about whether Kavanaugh tried, but did not assault a woman by the name of Christine Blasey Ford about 35 years ago is becoming, as every other hot news item in the US, totally political and absolutely ridiculous.

Before we launch into why, please note that we take very seriously allegations of assaults on women. Given that, whether or not this Ford woman is telling the truth has now become immaterial.

If she wanted people to take her seriously, she should have stepped up to the plate the instant Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court. Or perhaps when he became a judge. Doesn’t it sound like she was following his career? No it doesn’t.

Why? She waited until two minutes before the eleventh hour because she says she wanted to protect herself and her family. That is a crock. She is a raging Liberal and waited to come forward because she wanted to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination. This is sounding like a plot created by many people starting the Dianne Feinstein down to Ford.

She has been given until tomorrow at 10:00 am to agree to testify on Monday morning. If she does not agree, then that vote should happen Monday afternoon and we really hope Kavanaugh wins his nomination.

Ford and the Democrats have taken full advantage of #metoo. It appears that Ms Ford is getting a bit more than she bargained for. Unless of course she is getting handsomely paid for all of this, which will also come out in the end. Who is paying for her lawyer?

Politics is a really, really dirty business as Ford is now realizing. She has had to go into hiding, fearful for the safety of her family and herself. No kidding. When one starts plotting and scheming with the ‘big boys’ watch out. Here’s a headline that someone should whisper in Ford’s ear: Once the big boys smell that this may not work, Ford will be left dangling off her own cliff, all alone. No one will come to her rescue. Stupid woman.

We have all been vindicated and we were all correct. What’s the question? Why do we keep having the same potholes in the same places when they keep getting fixed year after year after year? Why does it look like there are seven ‘superintendents’ standing around one person trying to fix a pothole?

Because all of the above are true. Poor construction, poor materials and poor management have resulted in fixing the same potholes year after year at your expense.

Here are the problems which anyone walking, driving a car or bicycle or moving along in a wheelchair can attest to: Paving companies cheating and using inferior materials to save money Said companies using one paver instead of two resulting in a crack in the joints, allowing water to seep in and presto! another pothole in the same place the next year. Asphalt that was not compacted properly resulting in poof! another pothole in the same place the next year. The companies that were used should be severely fined and forced to fix the potholes at their own expense until they can figure out that if you cheat on your work you will get caught and punished. Let’s see what Montreal’s green mayor is going to do about this.

Does everyone know that Bert and Ernie of Muppet fame are puppets? We will repeat…they are puppets. Does anyone care that they may have been gay? Wait. They are not real people. Maybe they represent gay people? No. They are puppets. This has become a huge geffufelment. The world has officially gone crazy.

Believe it or not, pretty accurate polls have come out showing the Liberals leading the CAQ by 7 points. Even if it’s only partially true, the CAQ has been in a freefall for the past few weeks. They peaked too early. Ah, but wait a minute.

Remember the polls in the US when it appeared that Hillary was winning because no one would say they were voting for Trump? Could be the same here. Staunch liberals may be hesitant to say they are switching over. We still say minority government but are wavering as to minority Liberal or CAQ.

Update: Couillard of the Liberals was asked if a family of 4 could feed themselves on $75 a week. “Of course, but they would have to eat a lot of vegetables and the diet would be boring.” The man just shot himself in the foot. What an idiot. Put a muzzle on him or put him on a bus and let him wave for two weeks.

Can someone please explain where Chrystia Freeland keeps flying to? Of course she is Canada’s foreign minister but every time an article comes up about NAFTA Madame Freeland is breathlessly flying in from somewhere to be at ‘the table’.

Frankly Blanche, she is beginning to look a bit ragged. Coupled with the fact that the word makeup is not in her vocabulary this makes for someone always looking tired and haggard. Nothing would happen if she too care of herself. She would still be in the game with the big boys. Perhaps she should take some notes from Nikki Haley who always looks alert, is certainly in the ‘big boy’ game and manages to still look feminine. But we digress.

It seems that the only line we will hear from our government regarding these talks is that they are going well. Wait a minute. Freeland spoke again today. Hold on to your chair.

…Second, it (the deal) should be more progressive, with enhanced protection for labour and the environment, chapters on gender and Indigenous rights…

Got that? They’re baaaack. Gender equality and indigenous rights. If there is a deal it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Watch out tomorrow night. We have a severe wind warning coming toward us. Given the amount of power failures we have been having during the summer, we will be getting the candles ready.

Tomorrow is the first early vote for the Quebec Provincial elections. Here’s the link to find out where you vote:

Happy Sukkot and Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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