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We Can’t Wait Until China’s Worst Fears are Realised.

After you read this you will want to throw something at your computer: In June of 2014 Gaetan Barrette proposed $600 million in cuts to the health care system. He proudly and with great confidence maintained that it is possible to slash bureaucracy without people even noticing.

Union spokesperson Daniel Dubé said at the time: “They are now at the point that they cut services to the most vulnerable population.”

And now we see the results of Mr. Barrette’s stone cold attitude. Our suggestion, for his complete lack of an iota of compassion, except of course for the almighty dollar and that Quebec have a surplus,  is that he be shuttled from one senior home to another, week by week, to see what his cuts have produced. He should also be made to feed patients who are unable to do so themselves. After all, he said people won’t even notice.

And where was Couillard that weasel? What a useless piece of drek. What an incompetent, dysfunctional party he ran. A leader? He was clearly afraid of his own shadow or he would have thrown Barrette out with the garbage.

The experiment in Sweden where they did little to stop any crowds from gathering, kept restaurants and shops open and basically allowed the country to go on usual while the rest of the world quarantined themselves seems to have been a colossal failure.

While the smarter people observed social distancing, many did not as per their countries instructions. And now?

As of April 9, Sweden’s rate per capita of confirmed deaths from the coronavirus is higher than the rate of its fellow Scandinavian countries or the US. Hospitals are overcrowded and staff members are overworked, and the military has begun setting up field hospitals in major cities, including Stockholm, the country’s capital and the epicenter of its outbreak. The government is now seeking extraordinary powers to impose further restrictions. That experiment clearly didn’t work.

So what’s the answer? Keeping everyone home and then slowly letting us out? Seems that will work better. Or so we think. Time will tell.

One thing that’s happening is that people who were laid off and getting paid by the government are refusing to go back to work. And why should they? They are receiving about the same amount for staying home. The answer?

If you don’t go back to your job you’re permanently fired. Case closed. In the meantime, stores, factories and restaurants are going to have a hard time opening if their employees refuse to come back to work. Social distancing will be really easy in a restaurant if only the owner and cook are there. You won’t get your food.

It appears that exercise could protect against the deadly virus.

This next part is a bit technical, but read it anyway: During exercise, muscles release an antioxidant called extracellular superoxide dismutase. The chemical aids the body in fighting off disease and can ward of one of the worst effects of the coronavirus, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Between 3% and 17% of COVID-19 patients develop ARDS.

So even if we are cooped up, we still can go outside and take a walk around the block. A few times a day. And that goes for you, too Blanche. Remember we told you about NY Mayor Bill di Blasio’s snitch line? How people were sending him pictures of their lower body part? Well guess what? He suspended it.

If you were wondering why people were sending pictures, it’s because he told them that they could either text or send pictures of people not social distancing. As he could be the most unpopular mayor in the entire United States, people took him literally and began sending some pretty obscene pictures. What an entitled dufus.

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper of CNN fame interviewed the mayor of Las Vegas. She’s a woman by the name of Carolyn Goodman. She is opening up Las Vegas. Pointe finale. To say the interview was bizarre would be kind. Mayor Goodman sounds like she just left the trailer park after being swept up in a tornado. Here are a few excerpts:

a): Asked how she would maintain social distancing if casinos were open, this was Goodman’s response. “That’s up to them to figure out. I don’t run a casino.”

b)Goodman compared the advice from medical professionals on coronavirus to false medical claims that nuclear testing was not harmful to those within range of it: “We’re not getting the truth. I know over the years, going back to the 1950s, with the atomic bomb, don’t worry about more testing in Nevada. You’ll all be fine. Take a shower.” Take a shower???

c) Coronavirus has killed more than 46,000 Americans — including 187 in Nevada: Goodman: “You’re talking disease. I’m talking life. I’m talking life and living.”

This woman is the mayor of Las Vegas ladies and gentlemen. Who exactly elected her?

Here’s a new word for you: zoombombing. That’s when uninvited guests hack your computer and enter your zoom party or event. Special, eh? No shortage of disgusting people out there.

One thing that the Chinese don’t like is bad publicity and they are getting it in spades. Well deserved wouldn’t you say Blanche?

What is their greatest fear after unleashing the one of the worst global crises in over a hundred years? That when we finally all get on top of this virus, and countries start really investigating how it started, they will be held accountable.

They can try to murder all the doctors and scientists who tried, in vain to warn the world. Our guess is that those people sent documents to trusted colleagues, perhaps not even in China.

They claim to have only 84,000 infections and about 3,300 deaths — a stark contrast to the United States, which has reported more than 399,000 infections, and Spain and Italy, each with more than 135,000. Don’t believe them for a second. They probably have hundred times that many infected people and deaths.

We will remind you that in March of this year – a week before the stuff hit the fan here, Canada sent 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China who knew very well what was coming here.

At the time, Justin’s Health Minister Patty Hadju  assured us that there was a national stockpile of emergency medical equipment. As is clear, there was and still is a shortage of medical equipment. Your tax dollars at work.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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