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We are what is called a centrist conservative. Not extreme one way or the other. We follow the news and try to weed out what is true and what is not. What is political rhetoric and what is actually happening.

We always knew that lockdowns and curfews during covid were on the extreme side. At the same time we understood that at the beginning of covid, nobody knew what was flying.

Then came a second, third and fourth curfew. Then came lockdowns. Then came vaccine shaming. Then came the masks. Then came not allowing unvaccinated people to travel. What we always found curious was that the other side of the coin - those refuting all the edicts - were very few and far between. And if they did manage to get noticed, they were shamed and shut down. Now we know why.

It seems they were muzzled. It seems that governments worldwide strictly controlled the 'party line' and made very sure that anyone refuting that party line was not to have a voice. Thankfully, eventually the truth always emerges and such is the case now.

Real Clear Politics, one of the news sites we follow, is centrist. You'll get left and right views. Today, their headline was: How Twitter Censored True Information About Covid.

It wasn't only Twitter. It was all social media. Dr. Martin Kulldorff (google him) is an epidemiologist and one example of being muzzled. He tweeted that he believed that vaccines were very important for elderly, high risk people and their caregivers. Those who previously had covid did not need to be vaccinated. He also did not think children needed to be vaccinated.

He was banned from Twitter for violating their covid misinformation policy. Twitter had such a policy? Twitter was the final say in covid? No. Twitter was under the firm hand of governments who would not deviate nor listen to anyone who had an alternate view.

And that peeps is not centrist. It is extreme. And as everyone knows, nothing good comes from being extreme. More will come out about this in the coming days. The dam has broken and plugging it here and there will not stop the flow of the truth.

Clearly not everybody celebrates holidays of any kind. Some serious losers who had nothing to do with their time, decided that vandalizing electrical substations was a good idea. When we read these things we wonder to ourselves - these people were once babies. Somebody brought them up. Obviously not well.

After thousands of customers in Pierce County, Washington, were affected Sunday when burglars vandalized three energy substations, power was then knocked out for even more homes after a suspect or suspects gained access to a fourth substation, vandalizing the equipment and causing a fire.

It appears that anti-government groups have used online forums to urge followers to attack critical infrastructure, including the power grid. They have posted documents and even instructions outlining vulnerabilities and suggesting the use of high-powered rifles.

Local authorities are not yet clear if the Christmas Day incidents were linked. We'll put them out of their misery. The incidents are linked and were done by the same people.

Not only are thousands of people without power in the freezing cold, but crews have to leave their own families and go fix what was destroyed. Causing all this misery is supposed to effect change?

Where are the cameras? Electrical substations, as we have said ten times, are soft targets for every bored lunatic out there. Get them protected with electric barbed wire, put in cameras and get your act together.

Can we talk about anti-government groups? What does vandalizing electric substations have to do with not liking your government? What change is going to take place by destroying power stations? The only ones who suffer when people lose power are the people without the power. Not the politicians unless they happen to live in that area.

If someone is not happy with their government there is a vehicle for change. Get yourself or your friend elected to an office. Real change comes from within.

This reminds us of the taking-a-knee bs. What did that produce? For starters, unemployment for Colin Kaepernick. Other than that, the knee business stopped, life went on and nothing changed. If one is hot happy with what their government is doing, infantile actions will change nothing.

Change that comes from violence begets more violence and doesn't last because there will always be another group who doesn't like what the new violently elected government is doing. This is a never-ending cycle producing nothing but misery. Rant over.

We are monarchists and follow the royal family - warts and all. It seems that once his mother aka Queen Elizabeth, died, King Charles III lowered the boom on his bro Andrew.

Andrew is no longer welcome at Buckingham Palace, nor can he use offices or staff. In a site that reports on the royals, this was posted:

The King has evicted Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace. Andrew will no longer be allowed to have an office in the building, or use the palace's address for correspondence. Ouch.

Mercifully, despite the palatial exile, Andrew was expected to spend Christmas dinner with King Charles and the rest of the royal family. And he won't be out on the street as for now, his 31-bed Royal Lodge on the government-funded Windsor estate is still his to use.

Next up on King Charles's hit list will no doubt be his son Harry and his wife Meghan. We fear that Andrew's punishment is going to look like a small slap on the wrist compared to what's coming for the dynamic duo. Especially after Harry's book Spare is released on January 10.

We miss the Queen. She managed to keep all the puzzle pieces in place.

The saying you get what you pay for is very real for hundreds of thousands of people trying to fly in the US. In this case we are referring to airlines that offer very cheap prices and specifically we are referring to Southwest Airlines.

Get this peeps: On December 25, 2022, Southwest had issues with 90% of its flights, as it canceled 42% of them and delayed 48% of them. On December 26, 2022, they had issues with 87% of its flights, as it canceled 71% of them and delayed 16% of them. Today, as this is being written they have already cancelled 62% of their flights.

So why is it that other airlines had the same weather issues yet managed to get their act together and start up while Southwest cannot?

One reason, according to insiders in the business is that Southwest never updated their technology. These next two paragraphs come directly from Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan to employees and is a real eye-opener. Mr. Jordan also needs someone to help him with his writing skills, which as you will read, needs some serious fixing.

...And, so when we finished with the winter storm, for the most part, then we found ourselves with crew at a place where we’re not able to re-crew the network. So, we had people that were legal. We had aircraft that were available, but the process of matching up those crew members with the aircraft could not be handled by our technology. In our desired state, we have a solver that would be able to do that very quickly and very accurately. Our system today cannot do that.

This next paragraph, part of Jordan's memo gives even more detail to the issue. He is still referring to the crews:

...As a result, we had to ask our crew schedulers to do this manually, and it’s extraordinarily difficult.

They must verify that you are legal. They can’t just have the next person up, so to speak. They have to look through everyone’s board and reassign. So that is a tedious, long process. And every day we try to repair the crew network. They would make great progress, and then some other disruption would happen, and it would unravel their work.

In case you haven't noticed, nothing in this world comes for free. And if the price difference between airlines is so great, well, there's a good reason for that.

Sometimes, especially when traveling where you are not in control of anything, it pays to spend a bit more money and use an airline that may charge you more, but has the resources and technology to move their crews and planes around relatively quickly. As opposed to spending five days sleeping in an airport so you could save $500.

To add insult to injury in Buffalo where they got tons and tons of snow, looters ransacked downtown businesses, smashing windows and stealing as much merchandise as they could.

So while police and other rescuers were trying to save lives, others knew this and used the opportunity to loot and steal. Disgusting.

In the good-morning-America department, Pete Buttigieg and his Department of Transportation are scrutinizing Southwest Airlines for its poor performance over the holiday weekend.

Can someone please tell Mr. Buttigieg to google Southwest Airlines - specifically the memo we found and in oh, about 10 seconds he will know what the issues are?

Instead, Mr. Buttigieg will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars using a committee to find out why people booked on Southwest Airlines spent five days sleeping in airports.

It appears Mr. Jordan, CEO of Southwest told Mr. Buttigieg that he is 'rebalancing his airline'. What the heck does that mean?

This is a perfect example of the blind leading the blind. Read my lips - nothing, absolutely nothing will be resolved here.

Blanche, did you know that there is a Turtle Hospital? Yes there is and it is located in a place called Marathon Florida.

T the turtle was struck by a boat in Key West Florida. Someone found him and took him to the turtle hospital where he was saved.

Then there was another turtle, a female nicknamed Harris, with a fishing hook in one of its flippers. The hook was removed and the turtle sent back to the ocean.

There ya go peeps - a happy turtle story.

We'll talk...

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