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What’s a Nillionaire? A Canadian going to the Bank and getting little or no money.

Let’s see now, how long do you think Justin will be prime minister? At least four years? Well dearies, that’s how long we are going to be subjected to overt PDA – public displays of affection.

The very large front page picture of today’s National Post is one that will appear in the January edition of Vogue magazine. It is a sultry picture of our prime minister and his wife. Can we talk? That picture is not befitting a world leader.

There is something to be said for the dignity of a position, how much more so the position of leader of a country. He is the prime minister the last time we looked. Imagine when he goes to a high power meeting with other world leaders and someone whips out that picture. Even if they don’t show it to him, you can be very sure they will be thinking about it. Do you think they will take him seriously? Or do you think they let their imagination take over? We think the latter as men are men, no elaboration necessary. Time to grow up Justin. There is no harm in showing affection to your wife, but keep the bedroom stuff where it belongs.

And while we are on the subject of Justin, he’s taking this Syrian refugee business a tad too far. Did you know he’s going to Toronto today to personally welcome the latest planeload? We read that these people have been waiting to come here for a couple of years and all are sponsored by families.

This bleeding heart liberal save-the-world business needs the bigger of the barf bags. We just hope that in that mix of people coming in there is no one entering on false pretenses with other, much bigger plans than just settling here in Canada. Fech.

While many are scathing in their derision of Trump’s latest remarks about banning all muslims from entering the United States for a while, his poll numbers keep moving up. He may have gone a bit too far with his latest remarks, but we don’t see anyone else coming up with a plan, any plan.

Here’s a question to ponder: When Jews or Christians are insulted – and Obama has done a wonderful job of insulting Netanyahu, does anyone call for a jihad and want to gun down, maim or behead those who made those remarks? No. So why is it that everyone is afraid to say a word about muslims? Because they know they will be targeted and nothing good happens from that.

Trump may have crossed a line, but we don’t see anyone else out there standing up and saying anything except that they don’t know what to do. Pitiful.

And speaking of Trump, he does have a big mouth. Time magazine chose Angela Merkel as newsmaker of the year. Trump is sulking because he thought it should have been him. Get over it dude.

As an aside, Time picked a nasty picture of Merkel. Honestly, she’s not the most gorgeous woman. We are certain they could have found something a tad more flattering. While she may be happy she’s the winner this year, she’ll be hiding from that picture.

Don’t say we never give you tips. A luggage company called Orion sells those hard shell bags and then offers you free checked bag fees while traveling on commercial airlines. So what’s the hitch? You agree to let them use your hard shell bags as mobile traveling billboards.

They will plaster your bags with front and back advertising wraps. Then every time you travel, you’re indirectly promoting everything from a resort, a cruise line, rental car company, or even a new TV show. Check those bags, and they fly free.

Ah, but nothing comes really free in this world. The unanswered question is… do you have any control over who you’re promoting? Not sure but it’s worth asking the question.

In case you were planning to go to Switzerland for the weekend, you may want to change your plans. Geneva, yet another European city is on high alert. Seems they are looking for five radicalized people suspected to be part of Mourad Fares’ network. Fares is a known recruiter for jihad in Syria. French intelligence sources say he’s worked for ISIS, mainly in Francophone countries, and in Switzerland, including in Geneva. This business is exhausting to read.

Amazon is in need of employees. 100,000 employees to be exact. The pay is $12.35 an hour and conditions? You be the judge: Temporary workers endlessly circle warehouses as large as several football fields, with handheld scanners directing them to their next item and ticking down the seconds each task should take. Dat sounds like a recipe for sending someone the wrong item.

The good news? If they’re good, these temps can be hired full time. Not that we want to end on a sour note, but reality is what it is. If you go to the bank to change $100 Canadian dollars to American you will get $73.32. Yikes! Dat’s terrible Blanche. No one seems to be doing anything about this. Looks like this winter’s vacation will be chez nous.

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