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Ok. Enough is enough. Harry made his point. He doesn't like his brother, thinks his family are racists, can't get over that he was born second in line for the throne, never worked out the death of his mother, has a weird if any relationship with his father and hates his wicked stepmother.

Did we hit all the points? Get a grip dude. The only one who cares about this is you. His family will weather the storm, remain silent and stoic and move on. Harry will remain rooted in one spot the rest of his life with all his emotional baggage.

Here's a headline: Had he gone for therapy a very long time ago, we are guessing public airing of laundry would not be necessary. Alas, such is not the case as the rest of the world is now witness to.

In the I-make-laws-for-the-little-people department, Montreal's Mayor Valerie Plante is winning first prize.

Madame Plante is screaming from the rooftops that Montrealers have to dump their cars in favour of public transit and bikes. However and this is a big however, the city owns a fleet of 2,313 cars and 1,295 minivans and pickups.

Does she think these vehicles are not adding to pollution, climate change, global warming, the climate crisis and global heating?

Why doesn't she tell Jean Guy the tree trimmer to get to his job on a bicycle in the winter at 6:00 am? Or Jean Claude the bus driver to pick up his case of beer after work and put it on the back of his bike?

We'll tell you why. Because they, as the rest of Montreal knows she is full of it. Overflowing, abounding, teeming with the utmost care for the universe, especially Montreal. Only when it doesn't apply to her. Do as I say, not as I do. Next.

This is for all those who think Israel is an apartheid country and won't buy anything made in the 'West bank'.

Professor Cyrille Cohen, director of the Immunotherapy Lab at Bar Ilan University revealed on January 4 that he, along with his colleague, Professor Polina Stepensky, developed a revolutionary treatment against a type of blood cancer at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

The breakthrough involves a molecule capable of redirecting the immune function of patients with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects antibody-producing plasma cells. The Bar Ilan and Hadassah teams have, during several years of research, developed a molecule which, reinjected into the white blood cells of patients, will kill cancer cells.

"This blood cancer affects 150,000 to 200,000 people worldwide every year, and almost a third die from it."

Israel, was given to the Jewish people by G-d Himself over 3,000 years ago. In Ben Gurion's speech in 1948, when he was pleading for Israel in front of the United Nations, he held up the oldest contract in the world - the Chumash - the Five Books of Moses.

Israel was given official recognition 75 years ago by the UN. The Arab countries attacked that night from all sides. Nobody in the world thought Israel would survive.

Guess what? Today Israel is at the forefront of medicine and high-tech. Those who think she is an apartheid state, don't come begging for that cure of blood cancer when you get it and make very sure you don't use Waze. It was developed in Israel. Get lost. Literally.

In the you-have-to-see-this-to-believe-it department, Saudi Arabia showcased what it claims to be the world’s first camel hotel during the sixth King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival. The hotel is dedicated to camel care and grooming and is called, get this - Rest Assured.

The hotel provides five-star service to its 'guests', including meals, hot milk and clean stables. The hotel has 120 rooms with all the amenities that camels would need including employing more than 50 individuals for in-room services, care, attention, grooming, and security.

Bring out the champagne. Roll out the red carpet. Pop the best wine. For the first time in over six years, a President of US is coming to visit Canada. Big whoop.

Blanche, did you feel the earthquake at Hydro Quebec today? It wasn't a physical earthquake, rather the announcement that someone who has actually been doing a half-decent job running that behmouthe is quitting.

We speak of Sophie Brochu, ostensibly the best CEO in the entire country, who decided that she will not go up against the czar legault. She is clearly a lot smarter than he is.

About three months ago, Brochu openly doubted the wisdom of the caq - aka czar legault's desire to lure new power-hungry industrial users to the province. She felt it would saying transform the state-owned utility into a “dollar store” of electricity.

Oh yes, one more thing. czar legault despises strong women who speak their minds. So if he does hire another woman for this job, which appears he will have to do, she will not be of the calibre of Madame Brochu.

George Santos the republican now sworn into the House won't leave the room quietly. Not a chance.

Santos falsified much of his biography during his campaign, including the alleged schools he attended, businesses he worked for, and even Holocaust-surviving relatives, confessing to many of the reported fabrications. He lied with a straight face and no remorse.

How exactly can anyone trust this dude to be on any committee anywhere in government? He is clearly a pathological liar including lying about his campaign contributions and where they came from.

How this guy got sworn in is gross. They should have told him he will have to wait until the charges against him are either dropped or he is formally charged.

If you were stranded during the December meltdown of trains and planes, fear not - Ottawa is coming to your rescue. Not. Here's why we know absolutely nothing, nada, zip will happen:

Members of the House Transport Committee met on Jan. 9 to organize an upcoming examination of the holiday travel disruptions experienced by Via Rail and Sunwing passengers in particular, which will kick off on Jan. 12.

It's that dreaded word committee that is the tip-off that anyone who spent three days sleeping on an airport floor will not receive one cent of compensation. Oh, maybe you'll get a restaurant voucher or even better, another trip on Sunwing. Can you wait for that one?

Here are two other reasons why nothing will ever come from that committee:

...I do think that the passenger rail context is different from the air travel context, so it likely deserves a different approach. Or this next sentence:

...The circumstances we saw just before Christmas were clearly a case of inadequate emergency response on the part of Via and inadequate customer care.

Can we talk? Is this the first time people have been stranded by Via rail or Sunwing? No. Was anything except talking done before? No. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

If you must travel during the holiday season, go early, take an airline that has an agreement with other airlines ergo you might get on another flight and don't get on a train if there's a snowstorm.

We'll talk...

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