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Where is Justin Trudeau? Personal Days? In the Middle of yet another Scandal? What a Coinkidink.

Justin Trudeau is very lucky Chrystia Freeland, our deputy Prime Minister was born before him. Not long before him, but clearly those three years make a huge difference. She has kahoonas whereas somewhere down the line he misplaced his. But we digress.

Yesterday, during the very seldom held question period in the House of Commons, wouldn’t you know punkt Justin took a ‘personal’ day. How convenient not to have answer any questions about the We scandal. There’s no question that Justin has a horseshoe because many Canadians are not really paying attention to his latest misstep. Thank goodness the media doesn’t go on vacation.

The latest tidbit to come out of the We organisation is that they are serious landowners – like they have a $50 million real estate empire. Turns out that while We was trying to pass themselves off as an altruistic, save-the-world organization started by two ‘simple’ brothers, their charity is one arm of a very large corporation. Who knew?

Yesterday in parliament, Freeland admitted that giving We $1 billion of taxpayers money was a mistake. She went on to say…nothing because she is obviously going along with the party line which is Justin’s I’m sorry. But wait. Not only is Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Justin, his mother, wife and brother involved in We,  it turns out so is our Natural resource minister Seamus O’Regan (what a great Irish name), who raised $400,000 for We’s projects.

The main issue here is that all of these people voted to give We the billion of our money when they all had skin in the game. Kind of like insider trading eh Blanche? Stay tuned,  this ain’t over by a long shot.

Anyone want take bets if schools will open in a few weeks? We say in the best case scenario very partially and that will depend on how bad the virus numbers are.

Our take is to let kids under 12 back to school. Over 12 they can handle online schooling. Under 12 and the parents are sitting in front of the computer with their kids.

Last week we heard an interview with one of the leaders of black lives matter. He was asked, point blank, what does black lives matter want? Better treatment from the police? More funding? More community activist groups? His response…liberation for black people. And herein lies their problem. No leadership and no coherent cause.

When the interviewer pointed out that Obama had been a black president for 8 years, that Oprah Winfrey is perhaps one of the most known people in the world, that the world mourned Koby Bryant, the black lives matter person passed at all those examples. He did not think a) that they represented him and b) never said that perhaps one of the more out-there black people become a leader in the organization.

If they don’t know what they want, then for sure nobody else does, especially not whities who stand shoulder to shoulder with their black bros.

Here’s a headline for those whities: Stay in your own lane. You’re not black, you will never know what it means to be black and your pandering is self-serving. Go pet a dog or better yet, buy one and take care of it. That will keep you very busy. Allow black people to find their own way.

To make the above point even stronger, here’s what happened this past week:

The “Strike for Black Lives” said tens of thousands of people walked out of work to push for an end to racial injustice and economic inequality.

The protests – organized by unions and racial justice groups – were in 160 cities. Strikers called for government officials and corporations to raise workers’ pay, provide health care, and guarantee the right to unionize. All of the above makes sense except the part where they pushed for economic equality.

That ladies and gentlemen is Russia in its heyday of Communism. Economic inequality is part of a democracy, part of capitalism and part of the reason everyone is able to walk around with the iPhone 11x or whatever the lastest phone is.

Blanche, don’t you wonder what would happen if all those ‘protesters’ had to give up their phones due to inequality? They would have to hand them over to panhandlers who have no phones. That of course evens the playing field.

This is another case of nimby. Until nothing really touches the ‘protesters’, they will continue to protest. But the instant something they like is taken from  them, you’ll see how fast they will find another tune to sing. Just be patient.

Picture this scenario: You’re sitting in your den watching Netflix in your beautiful home in a gated community. All of a sudden you hear a massive commotion aka a large mob on your front lawn. Lo and behold, ‘protesters’ are outside your house. They don’t like that you have money. What, you worked for it and earned it? Doesn’t matter. You have it and they don’t and that’s now the problem. The United States constitution’s second amendment is the right to bear arms. Ergo, the owners of the mansion, both lawyers, took their guns and went outside to confront the protesters. So guess who got charged? Of course the lawyers who were protecting both themselves and their property.

It appears that the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her ilk are going to be very happy if Joe Biden gets elected, as this is what the United States is heading for.

People are bending over backwards, doing somersaults and turning themselves into pretzels to appease black Americans and anyone else who ‘protests’ with them. This has zippo to do with that. These are socialists who want everyone to be ‘equal’. Move to Cuba.

Here’s a surprise…Biden’s short list for Vice President includes four black women. Does anyone in their right mind think he would choose the mother-of-all-scariest-people – a white man or woman? Not on your life.

We’ll talk…

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