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Where is the Ire of the World While Israel Gets Pummelled with Rockets from Gaza?

Can someone please explain why no news outlets are reporting the unceasing rocket attacks on Israelis in the past three days? Only Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire had something yesterday.

While everyone in North America are nicely and comfortably sleeping in their beds, in the south of Israel, everyone is sleeping in their bomb shelters because the arabs in Gaza don’t know what the word ceasefire means. Did you know you have 15 seconds to get to the shelter when the sirens go off?

Israel has been more than patient. They have knocked on rooftops and called people in the Gaza Strip telling them that they are going to get hit with rocket attacks and to get out of their houses. They very often don’t listen because it looks much better on the news to say that arab children were killed by Israelis.

Again we will state what Golda Meir said: when they love their children more than they hate us, there will be peace. So far, that has not happened.

Now here’s something really juicy. Quebec’s embattled Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette’s car was broken into while parked in an underground garage. Guess what? Yup. He had government documents and a government issued iPad stolen. One minute here. As a cabinet minister, Jolin-Barrette is issued a car that includes a full-time driver. Where was the driver?

This guy is a walking Joe Biffelstick. No matter what he touches the little cloud over his head keeps pouring rain on him.

Of course he said the documents were not important and of course the iPad is password protected. Big whoop on both of those statements. What hacker can’t get into someone’s computer in, oh, ten seconds?

One thing we can say with certainty. Premier Francois Legault’s star minister is starting to look like more like a massive liability and is making Legault look like he was either sold a bill of goods by this guy or is a really bad judge of character.

Guess who’s back? Colin Kaepernick of I-won’t-stand-for-the-national-anthem or #takeaknee fame. It appears that the NFL was bored and called him.  In order for a team to hire him, he has to promise not to protest anything. Whether that is possible in his own little me world  is highly unlikely.

Looks like the NFL is another leaderless organization. Who wants this loser back?

The first of many innings of the impeachment hearings began yesterday. It appears that these hearings will be going on for a very long time and that cannot be good for those running for the democratic presidential nomination.

These were the most mind-numbingly boring hearings we have ever heard as we vividly remember the Nixon hearings, of which every moment was riveting.

In these hearings, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who actually heard or saw something. It’s all he told him who told me. Or he overheard something in a restaurant and assumed he was talking about that.

Imagine if in February, the month of the primaries, the impeachment hearings are reaching their climax? What’s a thinking liberal to do? Watch the primaries or watch their fellow dems try, and most likely fail, to get rid of Trump. Our bet is people will watch the primaries.

So what’s the essence of the impeachment hearings? Here ya go: The Democrats say that Trump made an attempt to solicit foreign help interfering with the 2020 election, by asking what Hunter Biden was doing as a board member in a company in the Ukraine, that was giving him truckloads of money. The dems are saying that’s a corrupt abuse of power, and they are now seriously considering impeaching Trump for it.

Trump and his defenders, meanwhile, have offered that the facts on certain matters, such as the withholding of military aid, aren’t clear, or simply asserting that even if Trump did do all this, he shouldn’t be removed from office for it.

We think that this goes on all the time in politics. That no country gets something from another country without not only paying for whatever it is monetarily, but also by doing something that helps the giving country. It’s just the way politics has been done for decades.

This is the Hail Mary pass for the Democratic Party. Not only do they have to impeach Trump, but they have to get him thrown out of office, something that most likely will not happen. This whole exercise is going to come back and bite them you-know-where. And the one person who needs the biggest bite is Adam Schiff.

Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante’s delicate senses were highly irritated when reporters asked her why bike paths are being cleared before sidewalks. 

She suggested the kind of equipment they have at their disposal makes it easier to clear bike paths and roads before they get to sidewalks. Oh really? Wait. When was the last time she walked on an icy sidewalk while watching the workmen cleaning the bike paths?

And who exactly is on those bike paths in a snowstorm? We’ll tell you. .00000001/2 of a person. In other words, no one.

“It is easier with the machinery to do the cycling path, just like they’re doing the roads. It’s kind of the same thing,” she said. “These questions have to stop.”

And this is why Madame Plante sounds holier than thou, arrogant and completely out of touch with the little peeps. Reminds us of why we got rid of Denis Coderre, eh Blanche?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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