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There was a horrific fire in old Montreal last week. A historic building called the Heritage House burned beyond recognition, along with 7 people, five of whom are yet to be found.

For starters, the building was advertised on the airbnb site in Montreal when, for the most part, airbnb's are illegal here. More than 90 per cent of short-term rental units in the city listed on Airbnb are not authorized.

Next - Short-term rentals are not allowed in that part of the city, with the exception of those that were already active prior to 2018.

In Quebec, there are rules for short-term rentals. But there are also concerns about a severe lack of oversight and enforcement for thousands of properties that could ultimately be unsafe.

Now this: There were no smoke detectors in that airbnb. Property owners don't need to show proof that they have functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in order for their listings to be approved.

Ok. Now you have a lot of information so who dropped the ball here? the czar legault or the mayor of montreal, valerie plante? Both are to blame, along with the sleazebag owner and his partner who subdivided that heritage house creating windowless rooms that turned out to be death traps.

This part is for sure: Plante will run for the hills from this one. She's way to busy saving the world from climate change by eliminating every parking space known to man in downtown Montreal. She's going to worry about thousands of illegal airbnb's in her city? No time for that as it does not fit into her agenda.

Her minions are way to busy making sure we don't get a plastic bag when buying our eggs and tomatoes.

Next is the czar legault: He is completely overwhelmed making sure you speak french when you go to the terlit by yourself, like those geniuses who are still wearing masks when walking outside. But we digress.

Not speaking english in quebec is his obsession. He doesn't give a rats about making sure that the laws in place regarding death traps such as this airbnb, which are also under his jurisdiction, are followed, even to the minimum like installing smoke detectors.

It is not only the owners of this building who should go to jail for this. The arrogant czar legault and that grinning idiot plante should also be held responsible. Shame on all of them.

There is also a lot at play with the latest Donald Trump fiasco. But guess what? Nobody cares, nobody wants to know that he slept with someone and then paid her off through his lawyer. Except those totally obsessed with 'getting him' and they will never get what they want - Donald not allowed to run for office again.

Trump himself thrives on attention and this is attention at its finest. It is interesting to note that what is now going on in New York regarding payment to the porn star is not what will get him in the end, if they ever get him. Nope. It will be what is going on in Georgia.

Here's what they are looking at there: election fraud; tampering with an official proceeding; criminal solicitation (ie, asking others to commit election fraud); a number of crimes related to their run-of-the-mill lying; and even violating RICO, the law created to catch mobsters who order crimes but never do the dirty work themselves.

Donald Trump will not spend one minute in jail. Rather, he will spend gzillions of dollars fighting these charges basically forever.

The only thing that may happen, and we highly doubt even this - is that his 'base' or whatever is left of it, will a) stop giving him money and b) not show up to his called-for protests. And that peeps, is his worst nightmare. That means they don't like him anymore and that is what will kill him.

Justin is under the mistaken illusion that he is master of not responding to direct questions. He is fooling no one.

Here's a headline for him: The only one he's fooling is himself. Nobody with half a brain is being duped by his dancing around questions like this: What color is an orange? His answer: The train is coming in on time. Get it? Nothing remotely connected to the question. That's how he operates.

He has yet to respond to who stayed in that $6000 USD penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel in London during the Queen's funeral. If it wasn't him, then he would have said so from the get-go. Not answering means 100% that it was him.

Now he won't respond to another simple question: Was he aware of election interference by the Chinese during the 2019 and 2021 campaigns. This one he could answer without compromising national security. But he won't because how would that look? Like there was election fraud and he knew?

Today he is meeting with Biden who, even though appears like a doddering old man, is a seasoned enough politician to know a prima donna when he sees one. But because he is so seasoned, Biden will go with the flow and allow our drama queen of a leader to make himself look like...a drama queen. Your tax dollars at work.

Well, it looks like some people are finally waking up from their woke-induced coma.

World Athletics has banned transgender female athletes from competing in the female category at international events.

In plain English, if you were born a man and now say you are a woman, you cannot compete in any female category are a man and not a woman.

The governing body's president said no female transgender athlete who had gone through male puberty would be permitted to compete in female world ranking competitions from 31 March.

Good morning America. Now for the kicker and hold onto your hat: This decision was guided by the overarching principle which is to protect the female category. That peeps, is a mouthful.

The fact that he used the words female category means that the president of the World Athletics is not buying into this whole transgender business. Before some people come after us with a sledgehammer for saying something about transgenders that upsets their delicate sensibilities, read on.

There are and have been people - few and far between - who have trouble identifying with the gender they were born. That however has nothing to do with 8 year old boys who like to play with dolls having their teachers and parents ask if they identify as a girl. Seriously? That's a question? No. It's not.

At 8 years old the kid can barely find his way to the terlit. Asking that question is absurd, foolish and borders on the worst parenting possible.

In fact, those parents need a good smack. Let the kid play with dolls. It shows he's kind and tender, not that he's a girl.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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