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Wouldn’t It be Nice if the World Were Flat? That Way We Could Push Off People We Didn’t

The BDS movement is alive and well in Montreal. In case you’re not sure what that movement is, we will enlighten you. It stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel and the diaspora.

Over the past couple of days, unbeknownst to anyone not living in the Plateau area of Montreal, specifically in the very obviously observant areas, posters have been put up depicting dead arab children with the headline: Israel kills children and Harper applauds. The police have refused to allow anyone to take down the signs.

Couple this with the community alert we just received that on Wednesday, which is Yom Kippur, a BDS pro palestinian group is planning a protest on Park Avenue between Bernard and Van Horne. The community was asked to ignore the protesters as they would like nothing more than an altercation.

Guess what? Harper is right and both Trudeau and Mulcair are dead wrong on the syrian refugee issue. Harper is treading slowly and carefully as one has not a clue what they are getting. Unless people are vetted and have family here (legitimately), they should be taken in by Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.

Yesterday an eight-year old girl was playing in the park when she was suddenly attacked by two dogs, one ostensibly a pitbull. She will be fine. Blanche has her own story about vicious dogs. We were out for a walk last week when we saw a man and woman each holding a dog on a leash. As we approached each other, we saw that they reigned in the dogs very close to them, holding onto the leashes for dear life. As we passed them the dogs began to bark in a way that said if they got loose they would have eaten us for supper. No joke. We have never heard such vicious barking in our lives.

After they passed and we came to ourselves, we thought what is the point of having ‘pets’ who, if not held extremely tightly with a leash would no doubt attack someone. These are not house pets. These are nasty animals who belong in a place where they cannot harm anyone.

By now you have no doubt heard that the Pope was in Cuba yesterday. He’s coming to New York (where they will endure the mother-of-all gridlock for two days) and then visiting Washington on Wednesday. Oh wait. Wednesday is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. And that’s the day that was chosen for the visit?

Everything happens for a reason. Over the millenia the catholic church did more to foment pogroms and hatred of Jews than any other religion. It is no coincidence that most Jews will be fasting and asking G-d for forgiveness that day, rather than going to see the Pope. While Pope Francis may be one of the ‘better ones’, he still represents a religion that caused the Jewish people untold misery. Now we have an out not to go and pay homage to him.

Europe got itself into a mess that is going to take a miracle to get out of. Those syrian refugees or economic migrants have become too much for Germany who offered to take no less than 800,000. Angela Merkel has rescinded her offer, lowered the number and shut the door via barbed wire fences. Hungary doesn’t want them. So where are they? Stuck in Balkans between Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. They have nowhere to go and no one wants them.

Couple this with the fact that it seems that for every 100 that get in, 2 belong to isis and are using the refugees to sneak into Europe. Add to this mess the fact that the Germany has observed a disturbing new trend that combines two threats. Radicals already in Germany are increasingly trying to penetrate the shelters that hold desperate and increasingly volatile refugees who made it to Germany to recruit people who have absolutely nothing to lose.

Yet again Margaret Thatcher looks like a genius. She did not allow Great Britain to enter the EU. Those countries who did join are now looked upon as one unit. No one can really make any unilateral decisions. Had the countries remained autonomous they could have rejected the syrians outright. Now they all agreed to take them in and they will all have to get to together to build a very big boat to send them elsewhere.

The Canadian election campaign his humming along. Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP is saying some pretty silly things and it’s going to come back and bite him.

He stated that Stephen Harper is “playing a very divisive game” with his government’s effort to impose a ban on niqabs during the citizenship oath. A niqab in case you didn’t know covers the entire face except for the eyes. Now you tell us, how exactly can one see who is becoming a Canadian with their face covered. Who is that masked person? The same person as the name on the form? Her aunt, sister, cousin, terrorist disguised as someone becoming a Canadian able to hide behind a scarf? Blanche, did you say that? You know it’s politically incorrect.

If anyone is ‘offended’ by this question they are not being honest with themselves. We have a suggestion for Mulcair: go home, cover your face with a handkerchief until only your eyes show and then go out in public and see who recognizes you. We would venture a guess that less than 50% of the people would know who he is. We may not be politically correct, but we are correct that ya don’t know who’s behind the mask.

Have an easy fast. We’ll talk…

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