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In the you-can’t-make-this-up-department, a friend went to the dreaded Passport office to renew her passport. She had made an appointment so was able to pass at least 50 people in line. They gave her a mask because of course covid knows the difference between waiting in a passport line and waiting in a movie line.  Then – get this one – a ‘supervisor’ told her to put away her cellphone.

She is actually able to think on her own (unlike the supervisors) and challenged the authorities, saying that was insane. Another genius ‘supervisor’ saw her arguing with the first genius about using the phone and said that indeed she could use her phone but talking is prohibited. In other words, zip it.

Last we looked, the Canadian flag is still flying in Ottawa. Russia has not yet invaded. Except of course if you need a passport. Then you will wait for days in line as they do in Russia. And then, if you are lucky and they don’t lose your forms, will  get your passport in a few months.  Your tax dollars at work.

So Justin has covid again, ostensibly for the second time since February. The first time he said he had it was during the truck convoy fiasco in Ottawa when he was hiding away afraid to meet with them. No one believed he had covid then.

Now he says he got it in LA at the meeting with the America’s – or whichever American countries were invited. Just to reiterate – he has had his third vaccine. So can we talk?

If he got it after three vaccines – as did many of us – and wearing a mask whenever he thought anyone was looking, what exactly is the point of keeping the travel mandates in place? We’ll tell you. No point.

UPDATE: It appears that the government has felt the heat of the travel industry and lifted some of the more than useless covid mandates. Effective June 20 domestic and outbound international travelers don’t need to be vaccinated. However  (isn’t there always a however?)  mask mandates remain in place as does the meaningless ArrivCan, which is causing the biggest bottle-neck at airports.

We read that people who are connecting and not remaining in Canada need to fill out that form. The problem is, they can’t fill in an address because they are connecting, not staying here. The result? Through no fault of their own, they hold up the lines in airports. Never mind Millie and Arthur holding up the line because they don’t know how to fill out their Arrivcan. Or their friends Bea and Moose who still have a flip-phone with no internet connection.

As well, the quarantines till remain in place if you are not vaccinated. Another useless mandate with less than zero medical reasons. Purely, 100% political. To save face. Your tax dollars at work.

At the risk of getting some nasty emails and incurring the wrath of a few people, we are wading into the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

To set the record straight before launching into our take on this…We were very happy when Trump won the election. Hillary was and is ruthless. Over the years, she stopped at nothing to get either her or her husband elected to any office.

We think that Biden is unfit to be the president and much of what is happening now in the United States – from the failed exit from Afghanistan to the shortage of baby formula to high interest rates to insane gas prices has to do with not only Biden, but the fools he has surrounded himself with.

The big elephant in the room is this: Was there election fraud in the last election which caused Trump to, if not outright incite the riots of January 6, 2021, then turn a blind eye to what was happening.

Our response begins with this… there has always been election fraud. Joseph Kennedy committed serious fraud to get his son, JFK elected. Obama gave poor black people gifts to vote for him. Go back to Chicago and Mayor Daley – his election was run by the mob. Election fraud is a given. However…

Once the ballots are counted and a winner is announced, the election is over.  A peaceful transference of power has always taken place until January 6, 2021. That is when the transfer of power from then-President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden was interrupted by a riot in the Capitol Building in Washington.

The question is did Trump encourage the riot because he believed that there was election fraud and try to stop the peaceful transfer of power on January 6? And once the riot started, did he try to stop it?

It appears that his own family is turning on him. In Ivanka Trump’s deposition, she was against the claims of election fraud posed by many in the Republican party.

She was asked what she thought about the role of William Barr, Donald Trump’s attorney general. who said that “to date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” Ivanka Trump said, “I respect Attorney General Barr. So I accepted what he was saying.” Clearly it’s now every man or woman for themselves now.

The other question to ask is what do Republican’s want to come out of this Watergate-type investigation, broadcast live? Our guess is to make sure Trump doesn’t run again – ever. He may have to make a deal – don’t run or we will prosecute you and you may wind up in jail.  We would personally be very happy if Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida ran. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and get things done.

He would have a serious chance against any democrat running. People are done with black lives matter, defund the police, the woke culture, rampant homelessness in all major democratic cities and wild crime sprees.

On the other hand, until the Republicans get some kind of handle on gun control, they look ridiculous. Unless you are in the army, there should be zero tolerance for anyone owning an AR-15-style semi-automatic assault weapons.

So there you have it. Don’t shoot the messenger. All we try to do is make sense of the news.

First a disclaimer: We went to a circus once and never went back and we never go to zoos to look at animals. Given that, when we heard that Happy the elephant is not a person, we had to shake our head.

An Asian elephant named Happy that has been at the Bronx Zoo for more than 40 years will remain there after New York’s highest court ruled on Tuesday that she is not a person, in a legal sense, and therefore not entitled to a fundamental human right. Guess what? She’s not a person in the legal or illegal sense. She’s an elephant.

The the Nonhuman Rights Group said that Happy is a depressed and screwed up elephant. Can we talk?

We are guessing that Happy doesn’t remember when she was in Africa over 40 years ago and that she is very happy eating leaves from the trees in the Bronx zoo. Plus she’s old and change is not good for older people or animals.

And one more little piece of information that we bet you didn’t know: The world’s most expensive cup of coffee comes from beans that have been handpicked from the dung of elephants in Golden Triangle, Thailand.

We’ll talk…

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