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Who doesn’t remember where they were on 9/11? We don’t have to look at a calendar to know it was a Tuesday morning. Our computers were not what they are today so the only information we could get was from a TV which was located in a gym near our office.

One of the things we remember most of that day is the silence. No one could speak and there was nothing to say. And never, in our lives, will ever forget watching people falling from the side of the building.

Makes all the ‘politics’ going on today appear trivial and foolish. BTW – the 20th anniversary falls out this coming Saturday or for some, Shabbos. Which means those who observe the Sabbath will not see anything on social media or television. It’s almost a blessing.

The walls are closing in on Prince Andrew. He, together with his ex-wife Fergy, made a run for the safety of Balmoral and the Queen to avoid “multiple attempts” to serve sex assault legal papers at his Windsor mansion.

Will this man ever grow up? He’s running to his mother? Get a grip dude. You couldn’t keep your pants on and kept company with one of the most disgusting human beings around. Now you’re trying to avoid facing the music? T’wont’ work.

There are pictures showing him in Epstein’s house in the company of a very, very young girl. Let’s see…he was giving her stock market advice? Or maybe showing her how to make scones? Or wait. He was teaching her how to take the crust off the bread to make cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for high tea. Not.

In the end, he will get served, have to testify and his poor mother at the age of 95 will still have to take care of him.

In last night’s second French debate, Trudeau was asked why he called a totally unwarranted election during a pandemic: “It’s precisely because Canadians need a say on how we get out of this, and should have a say.” Oh really? Since when do we have a say in anything?

O’Toole looked like white bread with a bit of mayonnaise. He needs a firecracker you-know-where. Wake up dude!!! Yes, it is definitely better than making a mistake. But people want a change and with a bit more personality, he could win as pretty well everyone is sick of Trudeau and his holier than thou minus the brains attitude.

And who exactly watches these debates? Aside from the media, political junkies and pundits, we’d say about 10 people in Canada. It’s a royal bore.

On another 9/11 note, technicians in the medical examiner’s office have been working for years to match thousands of body fragments recovered from the Trade Center rubble with known victims, but haven’t been able to extract useable DNA in many cases.

Believe it or not, the remains of two people were positively identified this week. The identifications announced Tuesday were the first since October 2019.  Dorothy Morgan, of Hempstead, New York. Morgan, was a broker for Marsh & McLennan and became the 1,646th person to be linked to a set of remains using the latest DNA technology.

It is also clear that some of the remains will never be identified. We won’t elaborate.

Can we talk about the vaccination passports? Wait. Take a deep breath before you read this. We’d love to know who decided which places need a passport and which don’t. So a restaurant, where you sit at your own table with your own little bubble you need a vaccination passport. But going to a hairdresser where the person stands six inches from your face while washing your hair – no passport. Or you need one for a gym but not for Costco where when it’s crowded people are literally bumping into each other. Or try Ikea on a busy Sunday. You can’t walk in the aisles.

In a gym, yes you are sweating but they can put a person on every second machine. Problem solved.

Here’s our guess: It’s a political decision. Yes, Papa Legault asked the medical people, but the science here makes zero sense. If we are double vaccinated and go to a restaurant, the likelihood of us getting covid is very low. If you are not vaccinated then you definitely could get it but guess what? It’s your problem.

Here’s a better one: What about tourists? Our technology doesn’t recognize another country’s vaccination certificate. What are restaurant owners supposed to do? Stop everything and call an embassy?

It’s time to live people. We were told for months that once the vaccination comes we will be good to go. Yes there is a variant or many variants but there will always be variants as a virus mutates all the time. So who do you believe? Are we ‘safe’ with the vaccine or not? It appears that in this province Papa Legault does not think so,  in which case we will never get out of this. Until…his popularity starts to drop.

Look for The Blanche Report next Monday as Tuesday night is Yom Kippur.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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