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A Black Woman Leading Quebec’s Liberal Party? When Pigs Fly.

A Haitian born woman by the name of Dominique Anglade has said she is running for the leadership of the Quebec Liberal party. We saw a picture of her and frankly, she doesn’t look that black. Must be her Haitian heritage that is putting people off, eh Blanche?

Suddenly there’s a poll that comes out this week saying that the majority of Quebecers would prefer Denis Coderre, former Mayor of Montreal and non-candidate to lead the party.

The big story here is that people are surprised. Come on. Who exactly is surprised at this poll given Quebec’s, shall we say, lack of love for anyone not white, a pure Quebecois and catholic. A black woman as leader of the liberal party? When pigs fly.

The province of Manitoba put a full page ad in Le Devoir, one of the French newspapers in Quebec, telling ‘ethnics’ to move to Manitoba to find jobs. Wait. In the ad, a la Bill 21, they gave 21 reasons why hijab and kippah-wearing men and women should move there. That they don’t care what’s on your head, rather what’s in your head. What a revelation. Quebec’s premier had his shorts tied up in knots today, trying to make light of this ad, but failed. He’s being made fun of right to his face and he doesn’t like the heat.

Personally, we would not be running to Flin Flon or Winkler Manitoba. Aside from the brutal cold, it’s a tad on the boring side there. But hey, ya never know. Maybe some people will bite.

The main take-away from this is that the Quebec government is being made to look ridiculous, which they are.

Could the Queen actually be thinking of retiring on her 95th birthday?  It seems that Prince Charles, king-in-waiting for 71 years, is making most of the decisions these days, including dumping his brother Andrew from the Firm.

Unfortunately for Charles, he cannot actually become king until his mother dies. According to royal succession rules, Queen Elizabeth II can’t retire without abdication, but she can stop all of her royal duties and responsibilities should her health become a concern.

In the event that Queen Elizabeth II is too sick or weak to carry out her duties, a regent would step in as a placeholder. If this were the case, the queen’s regent would likely be her heir to the throne, Prince Charles. William, Charles’s son, would be his hands-on helper.

Lots of busyness in the palace.

Pete Buttigieg, one of those running for the democratic presidential nomination has not been doing well with the black vote. How not well? Polling at basically 0%.

As it appears he’s pulling ahead in the polls, Mayor Pete, as he’s called, is going to visit a black church in Raleigh North Carolina. Nothing like pandering to black people, eh?

Buttigieg was given some sage advice before his visit: If a candidate expects to show up to a black church at election time and wave their hand for a photo op, that’s “using black people, and it’s ridiculous.” Time will tell.

This just in: After Buttigieg’s campaign found out that donations to their campaign came from lawyers who had represented Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his confirmation hearings, they stated they would return the donations.

Here’s a headline for Mayor Pete: This crap is why Trump will be re-elected. Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford was set up or set herself up. Democrats never got over Hillary’s loss and have attempted to get rid of Trump to no avail. This time won’t work either.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the most insane shopping day in the year in the United States. We are guessing that as usual, there will be huge fights and perhaps some people shot. All for a big screen television or a few pair of running shoes. If you go, don’t wear your best clothes.

We are not hockey aficionados, but the Montreal Canadiens need something done very quickly if they are to even survive the season.

Let’s start with the fact that the coach doesn’t have to be a French Canadian. What? Heresy. An English speaking coach for les Habs?

Yes dearies. If you don’t want to lose 5 games in a row, one of them going from being ahead 4-0 to losing 6-5, then get a good coach. Who cares what language he speaks? Punjabi, Chinese or, perish the thought, English. Just add this to the rest of the dumb things going on in this province.

Hey, maybe the Journal de Montreal should be putting an ad in the Manitoba Herald looking for a coach for the Canadians. Tit for tat and all that rat.

This week is the anniversary (November 2008) of a coordinated terror attack across Mumbai, when terrorists stormed Nariman House, the Chabad Center in Mumbai, where they holed up for nearly three days.

When Indian forces finally entered the building three days later, they found that the terrorists had murdered six Jews, including Rabbi Gavriel and his wife Rivka Holtzberg, the Chabad emissaries to Mumbai. During the attack, the Holtzbergs’ two-year-old son, Moshe, was rescued by his Nanny, Sandra Samuel, who courageously escaped the building with the child in her arms.

May their memory be a blessing.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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