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A New and Updated Definition of Incoherent

Omarosa Manigault Newman is living up to, and then some, her reputation for being the mother-of-all prima donnas. A nice way to say that she is the word that rhymes with witch. We will remind you that she was Trump’s communications director.

When this beauty got married in November 2017, she decided that as she was working at the White House at the time, she had full run of the place and brought her entire bridal party to take pictures there. Did she ask permission to do so? Of course not. She was and still considers herself ‘entitled’. Apparently, she was supposed to have seven bridesmaids, but four dropped out.

Blanche, do you think madame Omarosa bit off a bit more than she can chew by publicly and loudly showing off how she taped her co-workers surreptitiously? Oh, and one more thing: Trump has more money that she can dream about. If he decides to keep her in court with one lawsuit after another, at some point she may have to cease and desist her vitriol or she will be giving all the money she may make on her one-day-wonder book unhinged to her lawyers.

Imagine you are driving on a very, very long and elevated highway bridge when suddenly it collapses. G-d should help those looking for survivors, buried under tons of cement and steel, find them quickly.

We finally found the right terminology for our Prime Minister Trudeau’s foreign policy: Incoherent. Isn’t that perfect Blanche?

Canada’s commitment in Paris to fight climate change morphed into the nationalization of the Trans Mountain pipeline project, sending alarm bells off with environmental activists. His human rights promotion led to thousands of refugees coming to Canada – and our country’s inability to keep track of them. Remember the trip to India? Halloween and a Broadway show all rolled up into one neat event.

Of late there is the Saudi Arabia saga and hanging over their heads like a guillotine is being locked out of the NAFTA talks between Mexico and the US.

Now all of this fits perfectly with the fact that when Trudeau speaks, whatever message he is trying to convey is…incoherent. Uh..uh…uh…uh… and that’s with a teleprompter and a written speech. Neat little bow here, eh?

So why are the authorities in London not saying the name of the 20ish year-old man who plowed down cyclists and pedestrians this morning? They have already said it was a terrorist attack whether or not his name is Mohammed or Bill. It seems that the car was rented in Birmingham. We checked out the city and found this: It is one of “Britain’s terror hotspots” and “the jihadi capital of Britain”.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that either the person was a jihadi or influenced by where he lived.

Blanche, some good news. If you think that hackers are able to shut down the electricity all over North America, think again. Our electric infrastructure is full of both redundancies and regional variations — two things that impede widespread sabotage.So it seems that while the ‘bad guys’ are always trying some kind of cyberattack, the ‘good guys’ are one step ahead.

We’ll talk…

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