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Listening to Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Finance minister and deputy prime minister speak at the Emergency Act inquiry, one gets a very different version of what actually happened last February during the trucker convoy in Ottawa. It's called revisionist history.

When U.S. President Joe Biden's senior economic adviser Brian Deese requested a call with her on Feb. 10 about the ongoing border blockades, Freeland said she knew the stakes were high. Really? It also didn't help that Canadian CEO's told Freeland that the truckers made the government look like a joke. Like they were incompetent. Oh wait. They were incompetent. But we digress.

"That was a dangerous moment for Canada, I felt. That one conversation was a seminal one for me. And it was a moment when I realized as a country, somehow, we had to find a way to bring this to an end."

Why did Brian Deese call her? Because the truckers had been in Ottawa since January 29 and not only were the Ottawa police completely paralyzed, but so was the RCMP, her boss Justin and she herself. Up until then, no one had spoken to anyone remotely involved with the truckers. Zero communication.

By mid February, the convoy had morphed from Ottawa to bridges and borders all over Canada. It was the closure of the Ambassador Bridge which connects Detroit with Ontario

that royally ticked off Deese and prompted the call to Freeland.

Can we talk? No one - not one person from Justin's government ever went out to talk to the truckers. Nobody was going to bite them. Nobody was going to shoot them. All the truckers aka little peeps wanted was someone to hear how their businesses had been decimated by the often useless government edicts during covid.

Instead Justin and his minions hid away like scared goats until they got that call from Deese. Once the real big guns came out from the US - well then Justin took action, ergo the Emergency Act - which was totally, completely uncalled for. It was done as a result of an incompetent government.

China is one of, if not the most oppressive countries in the world. Case in point, yet again, three years later, they are still locking down their citizens in their endless and never-happening quest for zero covid.

We are reminding you that lockdown literally means locked into your house - with a lock on the outside of the door. You can only leave to buy food - if that. And why are they doing this?

The government reported 31,444 cases of covid in a country of - ready - 1.412 billion people. Xi Jinping is an absolutely insane dictator. It was his country that gave the world covid to begin with. The cat's outta the bag dude. People are going to get covid no matter how many vaccines they get. Get a grip.

It's official. The United States has major screwballs on some of their networks. Case in point is a beauty by the name of Joy Reid from MSNBC. Not a surprise that she's there.

This genius said that Thanksgiving is a holiday that erases the “genocide” committed by white Americans. Guess what color she is? Correct. Black.

For some reason she is blaming all white Americans for everything that ails her country and of course all black people.

Here's one huge problem that she's not addressing which is a big part of what ails her people: The woke culture bs. Case in point: The white man who shot people in the lgbtq club last weekend identifies as non-binary and the judicial system is going along with that bs. He is a he. He uses the men's loo. And he is the one who shot and killed five innocent people.

Here's a headline for Ms. Reid: She is one of the main reasons that her country is out of control. She blames whities, especially republican whities, for everything from starting the country using violence to using the word vanilla as the name for an ice cream flavor.

Our suggestion is that she move, very quickly, to a country not founded using violence. Oh wait. That would leave no country in the world. She's yet another angry black woman blaming every white person for every issue in her country. Someone buy her a mirror. Happy thanksgiving.

Update on Covid: Fear not peeps - we have our own people here who hang on to every person who tests positive for covid. Journalist Aaron Derfel just won't let go.

He is now reporting that there are 1,785 cases of covid in Quebec - up by 27 from yesterday. Imagine?

Is he also reporting that many if not most of those cases are found after people enter the hospital for something else? No he is not. We will remind you that the population of Quebec is 8.5 million people.

According to him, the pandemic is "still far from over". We are certain given the opportunity he would bring back the mask mandate, lockdowns and curfews. Why?

Because his skin the game is self-serving - which is writing about covid. Everyone else's is actually supporting other people ergo the economy by going out and buying food, clothing, flowers, going to restaurants, movie theatres, plays, gyms, hair salons, pet shops, books stores - you get the picture.

He should get in touch with Xi Jinping of China. Better yet - move there. He could be in lockdown and wear a mask forever and ever.

In the good-morning-America department, Montreal proudly announced it was appointing an 'immigrant' from the Ivory Coast as the new police chief. We found it odd that they never said if he was black. When we looked at his picture, we found out why. He's white. Who knew?

If someone told you that a person came from the Ivory Coast your first thought was of course they are black. Everyone is hoping he will build bridges in the racialized communities. He may certainly be able to do that, but not because he's black. Because he is good at his job. Using the fact that he was born in the Ivory Coast is duplicitous.

And a final question:

Who stayed in the $6000 a night room in the Corinthia hotel?

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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