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Again and Again and Again We Mourn Together

Truthfully, we would rather not do a Blanche report tonight. Waking up to the news this morning of barbarians who call themselves arabs butchering men with axes, meat cleavers and knives while they were davening in shul is beyond barbaric and beyond words.

26 children now have no father.

Instead of showing some signs of remorse, the palestinians were rejoicing in the streets – in Israel. Those are the same people obama wants Israel to talk ‘peace with’. For those liberals who voted and continue to support obama, here are some of his remarks: Both sides should remain calm at this ‘difficult time’. Nauseating. He doesn’t care about Israel, doesn’t get that Israel is on the front line of the global war against the savages who want islamic rule worldwide. He lives with blinders and people who keep him supplied with chewing gum and a phone to take selfies. Certainly not the person who the democratic world can look to for leadership.

Israel is alone in this fight. Once they grasp that reality perhaps they will take whatever measures are necessary…whatever measures.  If they have to evict Israeli arabs, so be it. The Israeli arabs are ‘angry’ now. Oh really. If they’re so angry let them move and live with their arab brethren in say, Syria. Oh wait. No one is waiting with open arms for them? Pity.

Seems Israel is going back to evictions, which stopped a few years ago. They are evicting all of the families involved today and razing their houses. Not enough. The whole neighborhood knew. The whole neighborhood bears the responsibility.

In two days this will be old news if it’s not already. Until we defend ourselves with blocked ears to what the world has to say, we will continue to wake up to horror stories.

And finally, we must go on. We must take very serious precautions in our schools, synagogues and Jewish institutions. The ‘it can’t happen here’ syndrome is over. But we must not,  shall not, cower in fear or become paralyzed with grief.

We don’t have to wait long to see how obama will react to the verdict in Ferguson Missouri. It’s coming to a theater near him very shortly.

As the nation waits to hear whether a white Missouri police officer will face charges for killing unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, the FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country that the decision “will likely” lead some extremist protesters to threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents. Electrical facilities or water treatment plants could become targets. In addition, so-called “hacktivists” like the group “Anonymous” could try to launch cyber-attacks against authorities.

Good luck to him on this one. Wonder if he’s going to say Michael Brown could have been his son. He hasn’t yet, but the verdict is still not in. Let’s bet.

Bet you didn’t hear about this little ditty: A White House oversight committee demanded answers Monday about a suspected cyber-attack that has shut down the State Department’s unclassified email system. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly. The email system of the great and powerful state department has been shut down.

Hackers are believed to have broken into the State Department network in late September or early October, around the same time as a wave of attacks on other US government networks.

Cyber intruders broke into an unclassified email network used by staff of the Executive Office of the President, who make up President Barack Obama’s immediate circle of aides.

At the same time Chinese government hackers are thought to have targeted the computer networks of the US Postal Service and compromised the data of 800,000 staff. Someone is not doing their job properly down south.

Lucky internet researchers in Russia will soon get to test drive a state-created Wikipedia, which will serve as a counterweight to the “untrustworthy” open-source original. Got that? Russia doesn’t trust Wikipedia and is creating their own version.

The new and improved faux-kipedia will presumably spin Russia’s many quirks into positive developments. Faux-kipedia is only the latest part of Moscow’s plan to correct perceived misrepresentations by the international media. Let the games begin.

Ya think the weather’s bad here? Try Buffalo. Yesterday they got 3 feet of snow. And it’s the middle of November.

Here’s a dude that needs to get a life – and quickly. French (and of course Jewish) tourist Yonathan Souid is a 23-year-old who was caught trying to scale the Brooklyn bridge on Sunday — the third such attempt this year.

The NYPD quickly spotted Souid and ordered him down. His excuse: There was no sign in French saying he couldn’t climb the bridge. Honestly. With what’s going on in the world these days, this dude is really skating on thin ice. He may find himself thinking long and hard in a jail cell for about a year.

As Canadians, we are very proud of our prime minister, Stephen Harper. He may not be the leader of the biggest country in the world, but he is the biggest fan of Israel. He is also dignified.  Obama would be wise to take some lessons from him. Here’s what he said today:

Canada condemns the barbaric act of terror against a synagogue in West Jerusalem. Our thoughts & prayers are with the people of Israel. That’s it. Simple, to the point and honest.

We’ll talk…

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