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Air-Head Cyclists ‘Sharing’ the Road

It’s ok if you omitted the vanilla from your cake batter. Mistakes happen.  It is NOT ok if you are the government of Quebec adding 12 COVID fatalities that happened last spring. That oops shows the incompetence of the government once again. 

On Tuesday of this week, the health department incorrectly categorised those 12 deaths as active cases. The very next day they said they made a mistake. What other ‘mistakes’ have they made that we don’t know about?

The Quebec government has said for the past two weeks that they are dealing with a software problem. Here’s a headline:

Hire someone  who speaks English or French that can fix your problem, if one actually exists at all. We are beginning to think that they are hiding behind that excuse so as not to scare the population with real numbers.

If you have issues pronouncing Kamala Harris’s first name, we’ll help you. It’s Kamala like mamamala. 

In case you had nothing to worry about in the next ten minutes, we will give you something. This past week, a person by the name of Marjorie Greene won the Republican nomination for there congressional district in Georgia. So what you ask. So she’s a QAnon supporter. That’s a huge issue and not a good one.

Here are some facts about this organization:

…Adherents follow the anonymous Q, and believe world governments are being controlled by a shadowy cabal of pedophiles. They believe only Donald Trump can save the United States.

…The QAnon theory includes antisemitic and anti-government elements; its adherents actively sow distrust in democratic institutions.

…QAnon is a global, wide-reaching and remarkably elaborate conspiracy theory that has taken root within some parts of the pro-Trump movement.

…Despite a profound lack of any supporting evidence, QAnon has successfully made the leap from the paranoid depths of online subculture into America’s mainstream conservative movement.

…They believe in conspiracy theories, like the faked death of JFK.

Now are you nervous? These people have no business running for anything and should be banned from running despite freedom of speech. They are dangerous, off the wall and need to be quickly put back under the rock where they came from.

So Blanche, ya think WE charity needed the over $40 million Trudeau was going to dole out to them? Yes because now that they are not getting the money they are selling off some Toronto real estate and laying off dozens of people.

Here’s something to chew on: If the Conservative party were not in a leadership race, Trudeau would have been toasted and we very well might be having an election in the fall. You can be certain that if there is even a whiff of another scandal  insider Liberals will make sure Justin is back teaching drama before he knows what happened to him. Pretty face, nicely dyed hair and all.

The US Canada border is slated to be reviewed for opening on August 21. Unless the news drastically changes, you can put your suitcases away.

Today the US reported its highest number of deaths in a single day since mid-May, at nearly 1,500. The country has seen its seven-day average of newly reported deaths hover above 1,000 for 17 consecutive days. Who wants to go there?

It took a long time but finally businesses in Chicago have had enough. They are warning the city’s mayor that if Chicago does not take greater measures to curb crime and civil unrest, they will leave.

The last straw  ignited a social media post went viral accusing the Chicago Police Department of shooting an unarmed 15-year-old boy in Englewood, a mostly black neighborhood on the city’s south side. It turned out to be false.

Chicago police say they were involved in a shootout with a 20-year-old armed male who threatened neighbors and is now being held without bond on attempted murder charges

Rioters and looters caused an estimated $60 million in damages. How those stores remain there with nightly shootings, looting and rioting – for months – is beyond the pale.

New York City is reportedly suffering from a “mass exodus” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and the city — as well as other major cities like San Francisco, California — may never recover financially from the loss. Governor Andrew Cuomo was taking a tour of the state, begging New York City residents to return from the Hamptons and in nearby states like Connecticut. Most of those residents are planning to make their moves permanen, our children included.

“People are fleeing the city in droves,” one moving company head reported. He added that “90 percent of the moves are to the suburbs and mostly families with kids worried about the school year. He’s packed people out of neighborhoods all over Manhattan.”

Indeed he has. Many former residents are done with lousy governing by Cuomo and even more by NY’s worst mayor ever, di Blasio. So, if you are looking to rent an apartment in the big apple, now’s your chance. Take note however… the tax base is leaving in droves so you best be prepared for a very large tax hike to make up for the shortfall.

In Montreal, the headline on every news cast and newspaper, English and French is that the Montreal Canadiens coach, Claude Julien was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. In talking to the media they said that the interim coach, Kirk Muller will be taking over even though he doesn’t speak French. What a comment.

We are guessing that is code to the French press to get a life and speak to him in English, even though it may offend the delicate sensibilities of their French Canadiens fans.

Harry and Meghan have bought a house that allows them to live in the style to which they have become accustomed. The Santa Barbara California $14.7 million mansion has a library, cinema and spa, as well as nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.

Wait a minute. 16 bathrooms? Ok. One for each bedroom, that’s 9. One in the basement, that’s 10. That leaves another 6 bathrooms unaccounted for. We hope the reason they need so many bathroom is not because they have stomach issues. If that’s the case, one can never have too many loos.

Oh yes. We were wondering if anyone told them about the yearly forest fires caused by the Santa Ana winds that destroy even homes that cost $14.7 million.

Our last piece is a rant with some advice. Take heed. If you are riding a bicycle, do not assume that drivers see you. Unless you make eye contact, assume they do not. 

A woman was merrily riding her bicycle, clearly proud that she was saving the world, whales and trees, humming along with a couple of bags on her handle bars. That of course makes sure that your bike is not balanced. But we digress.

We were turning right and saw her in our side-view mirror happily peddling along, oblivious of anything around her, clearly paying zero attention to the fact that my right indicator was flashing. She calming drove by very close to me on the right side.

Had I not seen that she was a complete air-head, she would have been crushed. Seriously? Bike lanes to do not make good bike riders. Bike lanes give them a false sense of security. Learn the rules or get off the road.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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