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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Get Rid of Airplanes and Cow Farts

Ok tree-huggers, before you read this piece find a tree and give it a hug, you’ll feel better. Guess who’s back in the news? Pocahontas. Yes Blanche, it turns out that Elizabeth Warren, who is running for president, finally got caught in her web of shall we delicately say, made up information.

Did you ever ask yourself why would she endure the wrath of Donald Trump and why she took a blood test (at Donald’s dare) to see if she is a Native American Indian only to have to sheepishly admit that she’s 1/10024th Cherokee? Even the Cherokees dumped her.

The answer finally emerged this week. In 1986, when she was in university, she filled out forms saying that she was Native American. That gave her entry to places she would not necessarily be able to get into and who knows what else.

In order to cover that up, over the years she kept repeating that she was part Native American Indian, no doubt so that what she had written in 1986, would go unnoticed or wishing that it might be actually credible, which it obviously was not. Alas, the jig’s up as is her run for the presidency.

The party knows that should she ever win the nomination, Trump would literally make minced meat out of her. She would never, ever be able to shake the Pocahantas moniker. We hope she has plan B.

Maxime Bernier, the un-team player of Conservative party, could never swallow the fact that Andrew Scheer won the leadership race and eventually ran away to start his own party. While Bernier may think himself the quintessential politicians politician, he’s very far from that.

As one of his advisors, Bernier chose a man by the name of Martin Masse. Thankfully, there are Jewish organisations who keep logs on everyone who writes, speaks or disseminates anti-Jewish propaganda. Unfortunately for Masse, not only do these organisations follow people like him, they keep detailed records of anything they put out.

Amongst his writings and speaking engagements, Masse accused Israel of co-opting Zionism as ‘just another fancy justification for killing and displacing Palestinians.’ He accused Bnai Brith of being ‘ethnic barons’.

Masse has said that his opinions are controversial. Quite the understatement, eh Blanche? If this is what Bernier is choosing as his advisor and defending him after seeing, in black and white what he wrote, anyone who supports him is going to be in for a very rough ride. Bernier’s colours are not Canada’s colours – red and white. They are Bernier’s own colours, whatever they may be.

Ever see the bumper sticker Virginia is for lovers? Well, their new bumper sticker is now Virginia is for losers. Seriously, the people who are running that state look like they are making a three stooges movie with a bad ending.

There are so many top level politicians outed that you need a scorecard to keep track:

Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia was shown to have painted his face black in his university yearbook. He said it wasn’t true and then said, well, he once painted his face with shoe polish. Then in a news conference he was going to do the Michael Jackson moonwalk until his wife, heard on the mic, said it was not appropriate. Really?

The person touted to succeed him should he resign is Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax who would be the second African-American governor in Virginia’s history. Alas, on Monday, a woman came forward and accused Fairfax of sexual harassment. He denied the charge, saying it was consensual. She countered with a letter so explicit that we had to turn off the radio lest there were any children in close proximity. The wording was absolutely lurid and extremely explicit. If true, this guy is the mother-of-all-pigs.

Next in line is Attorney General Mark Herring who issued a statement admitting he wore blackface in 1980 to look like a rapper during a party when he was a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia.

All of the above are democrats. We would like to know why the media is not going after these guys like they went after Kavanaugh? Especially Fairfax who sounds like a slimeball of the first order.

The kicker of the whole thing is that because these three clowns are out, a Republican could become Governor, which would send the Democrats off a cliff somewhere.

All you tree-huggers can let go of the tree and kvell – enjoy this read. Ever hear of the Green New Deal? No? It was written by the left’s new idol Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Moronic would be a kind word to describe it.

What’s in it? Here ya go. Read it and weep because many people take this idiotic woman seriously:

…The full elimination of all fossil fuel consumption within the next ten years. This includes the full elimination of motor vehicles that operate on fossil fuels, including any vehicle with a combustion engine, be that vehicle a car, truck, boat, or plane.

…The complete elimination of air travel. Got that Blanche? Planning on taking a trip in the next ten years? Hope you like train travel, because the “Green New Deal” wants to invest millions in building the infrastructure necessary to blanket the country in “high speed rail,” thus making air travel unnecessary. Ok, they agreed that overseas travel would need airplanes.

…And finally, our personal favourite – cow farts. She and her cohorts would prefer to eliminate the consumption of meat altogether and press for the full extinction of methane-farting livestock. And after they get rid of the cow farts, their plan is to plant trees.

There’s no actual “plan” for this. Just that they plan to plant trees. Somewhere. For some people. At some point. All it says is “plant lots of trees.”

We wish Nancy Pelosi the best of luck in getting rid of this faction of her party. Like we keep saying, they keep talking and Trump keeps trucking ahead to another four years in the White House.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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