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At long last the elusive election has been called. People are complaining that Justin is calling the election just to get a majority government. Duh. No kidding. Do people think he would wait to call an election when a motion of his would be defeated and he couldn’t think he would win a majority?  Not only does his government depend on winning this election, but his own job hangs in the balance.

People are upset that the liberal campaign signs went up so fast. Really? That’s called being organized. Get a grip. The question to ask is where are the conservative signs. They also knew this was happening.

O’Toole took a picture of himself in a black t-shirt, pumped up, much thinner and a younger looking. That’s good but really it’s the hair that gets people and Justin has the best hair we’ve seen in a long while. The truth is, O’Toole has only one way to go and that’s up as he’s polling at 11% in who would make the best prime minister. Trudeau polled at 29%, Singh at 10%. O’Toole even ran behind none of the above which is at 13%. This could, in fact, be an interesting election campaign.

We are not sure if what is happening in Afghanistan is going to effect the election campaign but Justin better already have his people over there to save the Afghanis who helped out at the Canaidan embassy. If not, they and their families will completely disappear thanks to the talibans.

That they didn’t prepare for this and have planes ready for these people is pure incompentence. This exit by the Americans was six months in the making and everybody knew about it. It’s time to cut the red tape and do the job. So far, it looks like Justin has abandoned them.

We’re far from taliban experts but we do remember one thing: It was always widely known that the talibans would wait out the 2, 3 or 4 generations until the Americans finally gave up there. To think, as Biden did, that the talibans were disorganized is to be politically deaf, dumb and blind. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. The taliban had all these years to become superbly efficient.

They are extremely organized and disciplined, as anyone watching the news or social media can see. It took them less than a week to basically take over the country and the Afghan president fled, leaving his people to fend for themselves with no national army – which is what the Americans were counting on to save the people there.

The chaotic, hysterical scenes at the airport with people hanging onto the wings of planes as they were taking off, then dropping from the sky to their deaths has to be rendering Biden’s people ready to hide under a rock.

Biden is way over his head and/or cannot grasp what his foreign affairs people are telling him. Either way, the United States looks weak, ineffective and having very poor intel from the ground over there.

After all is said and done, after close to 20 years in Afghanistan, 2448 American service members were killed as well as 3,846 American contractors. All of that so Afghanistan would be able to fend for itself, have their own army and fight off the taliban. Clearly, this nearly 20 year old mission was a total fail.

Not lost on anyone is that this year is the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

One year ago, Kamala Harris was chosen to be Biden’s Vice President. She was  in line to be the second coming with perfect slightly dark skin, ethnic parents, married to a Jewish man, nice hair and put together. Her fake laughter, the damsel in distress conduct around Biden, the car-crash interviews and the complete inability to succeed at any of the tasks she has been handed, from immigration to vaccination has rendered her now almost totally unelectable. She has been billed the most unpopular vice president in 50 years.

Get this one: She’s so unpopular that Hillary Clinton (of all people) staffers reportedly have been consulted for likability lessons. That is a stretch.

Her handlers are trying to blame ‘sexism’ for her unpopularity. Seriously? She’s annoying, boring and fake.

Lest you think we are exaggerating here, read on. When asked what she had to say to people who falsely believe she’s opposed to legalizing marijuana, she replied: “Half my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me? Hahahahahahah” – fake laugh.

If she wants to succeed Biden, she best lose the fake laugh, walk and talk and start acting real. Otherwise, she will keep the top 50 year old prize of most unpopular vice president.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has lost her mind. After one – you read that correctly – one case of covid, she locked down the country again for three days.

She told people to keep to their “bubble” and avoid speaking to their neighbors. What? Don’t talk to your neighbors? This woman is out of her mind.

Here’s a headline: Unless her people do not travel anywhere, nor let anyone into the country, she cannot avoid the delta variant. It’s either coming now or later. As soon as they open up someone else will test positive. Is she going to lock the country down forever? Be happy you don’t live there.

We’ll talk…

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