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And So It Goes

We are taking our cues from our Prime Minister. Carry on. Be vigilant, share your emotions  but keep going.

While we were dealing with Ottawa yesterday, in Washington yet another brainwave jumped the fence near the White House. This person was especially brilliant as he was immediately caught and then proceeded to fight with the secret service dogs. Like he was going to win.

Every nutcase who has an inkling do to something that would garner them attention is coming out of the woodwork. Notice it’s always he. ‘She’s’ are rare in this venue.

We watched the video of yesterday’s terrorist as he hijacked a minister’s car and sped toward parliament. Chilling. What is incredulous is that he didn’t kill anyone on his way. He could have easily shot whoever was driving that car as well as many people on the street.

One thing we can tell you – nothing you do is private. We watched a few angles of the same sequence of events and found the footage on every media outlet.

Can we talk about the police in our city, specifically about their pants? Given the events of the past week both here and abroad, doesn’t it strike you as juvenile that our police force are wearing army pants as a protest against their contract talks? It’s time to get a grip.

Put on your uniform like big boys and girls and let the union leaders and government work out an agreement. They are demeaning themselves and are an embarrassment to our city.

Things in Jerusalem are quietly heating up. What is now termed the ‘silent intifada’ must come to an end, said Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat. He can’t be happy as this past summer’s tourist industry was basically nil and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t want to lose the Chanukah/winter season.  The city is basically held hostage by looting, rioting arabs.

Then today, the hamas leader (we won’t write his name) praised the murder of the baby Chaya. This is after Israeli doctors treated his daughter and some other relatives. Although it goes completely against our nature to allow people to suffer, obviously including our enemies, it’s time to pull the plug. Their families are sick and need care? Go to a hospital in Gaza or Syria or Egypt.

One of the means they are using to do this are observation balloons. The balloons, equipped with cameras, beam high resolution pictures of the areas to police, who can analyze them and take action to prevent small incidents from getting out of hand.

Sounds like we could use some of those balloons here. Imagine if we had them during the student protests a couple of years ago? Princess pauline would have been on camera marching with her pots. On second thought, never mind. That face? Feh. Remember that sick smile? It would have burst the balloon.

New York is slowly working itself into a tizzy as it appears a doctor who was in Guinea tending ebola patients is now in Bellevue hospital with some acute ebola symptoms. Could be he just has the flu but it could also be that he’s got the real deal. He said he put himself in quarantine but was seen in a bowling alley on Wednesday in Williamsburg. A bowling alley? When was the last time you went bowling? We digress. Besides bowling, he took an Uber car. For a doctor he’s not too smart eh? In a very quiet posting which we heard on a US radio station, Apple’s iCloud storage service in China was attacked by hackers trying to steal user credentials. They believe that Beijing is behind the hacking. After that Apple told users to never enter their iCloud password if they get warnings about invalid digital certificates when visiting Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Keeping you in the loop, the world series is happening. Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants. They are tied at one win each.

Keep safe. Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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