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Ok. Who, except for the 70,000 or so people who were there, ever heard of the Burning Man festival? It's quite the event if you are into the ultimate wing-it few days.

Burning Man is what is termed a counterculture festival. It's held in the middle of nowhere in the northern Nevada desert. Clearly five-star hotels are not what the attendees are looking for. Not even a 3 star motel for that matter.

People get there by car or RV or maybe on a horse. Turns out that during the festival, the Nevada desert got 2 months of rain in 2 days which turned the entire place into a massive mudhole. Walking was almost impossible and driving - ergo leaving the site was and still is not happening.

All we keep thinking is where do 70,000 people go to the loo?

Even if there's a port-o-potty - they can't get to it. It appears that nobody except us cares about this. People seem to be happy sharing their food and whatever else they have to keep them, shall we say very happy so they don't care or know where they are. Seriously?

Why is it when someone puts on a uniform, they automatically think they have ultimate authority over everyone else?

Somehow, it's in airports that this is really in your face. A few days ago flight attendants exercised their ultimate power by kicking a couple off a plane. Why?

Because said couple were asked to sit in seats where someone had just lost their cookies. Gross. The couple tried covering the seats but one can only imagine the smell. One would think that the uniformed flight attendants would try to find said couple another set of seats. That Blanche, would be the kind, nice thing to do.

Nope. As the couple wouldn't sit in those seats, the uniformed attendants told the couple to leave the plane immediately and if they didn't they would be put on a no fly list. Why? Because the flight attendants claimed the couple didn't speak to them nicely. Boohoo.

Air Canada apologized for the behavior of the employees in record time which clearly means the corporation knows their peeps were dead wrong.

How about before giving out uniforms, companies 'splain to their employees that donning the uniform isn't like superman changing his clothes in a phone booth and coming out with super powers. Nope.

It means they are the same ordinary, (often lower IQ) people whose job requires them to wear a uniform. It gives them a) no super powers and b) doesn't give them the right to push paying customers around complete with threats.

In the here-we-g0-again department, United Airlines had to shut down it's entire fleet worldwide due to a computer issue.

United Airlines, which is one of the largest airlines in the world, had estimated that this Labor Day weekend would be the busiest in its history with approximately 2.8 million people traveling.

Now imagine you're in an airport, cheek to jowl and the biggest airline cancels all its flights.

On the bright side, at least there are loos in the airport. Makes driving look like a much better option, eh Blanche?

We are very happy to report that Paris has become the first city to ban rented electric scooters. We are hoping that other cities will follow suit and ban them completely.

Never mind looking for bicycles, cars, buses and trucks when crossing the street. Electric scooter riders have less than zero road manners. They - pardon the pun - scoot in and out between parked cars, between people, in bike lanes, on sidewalks and between cars in a traffic jam.

Half the time people using them are going very fast and not wearing a helmet. You hit them and you're the one at fault even if they cut you off or you didn't see them coming.

Hip hip hurray for Paris.

Many may not like reading this, but it's what's happening and they can no longer hide from the truth.

As we have said on more than one occasion, the democrats have become Trump's campaign managers. Like it or not, every time they open their mouths or indict him or give him a chance to splatter his mug shot all over the world, he goes up in the polls.

In the latest poll, Trump was the choice of 59% of poll respondents, while DeSantis was the choice of 13%. Bringing up the rear are Nikki Haley at 8% and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy at 5%. As an aside, with a last name like Ramaswamy - he has as much chance 0f becoming president as a sleet storm in July. But we digress.

In case you think we are exaggerating, in April, Trump led DeSantis 48 to 24 — a 24-point lead. Now, it's 59 to 13 — a 46-point lead. Now look at all the indictments etc between now and April. Get the message?

In about a year, Trump will be fighting for his life on many fronts in many courts. Campaigning in and of itself is a full time job, so that's out of the question for him. Are people supporting him because he's being railroaded? Because they feel bad for him?

Clearly Trump is being targeted by the democrats who, for some weird reason, can't see how they are shooting themselves in the foot. They would have done a lot better by leaving him alone. He lost the last election by just being Donald.

One has to wonder why the czar legault keeps his education minister Bernie DRAINville. Every single time he says something - and we mean every single time - he sticks his foot into his mouth.

We are now in an unusual heat wave. )Well, not that unusual. We often have heat waves in September but climate change peeps get hysterical over everything these days.) Quebec public schools are not air conditioned. Why? Read this beauty:

DRAINville said the government prefers mechanical ventilation systems, which he believes will provide a certain comfort zone. In case you didn't know, a mechanical ventilation system is a fan which does nothing but blow hot air around. What is he talking about?

Let's guess that his office doesn't have any kind of mechanical ventilation system. That his office is fully air conditioned and it's going full blast.

These are czar legault's own people he's punishing. How do they keep voting for him? It boggles the mind.

We'll talk...

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dear joan, another GREAT column, very funny,

your sarcastic wit is brilliant,


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