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Arrogance + Disdain=Liberals Out. CAQ In.

Being arrogant and talking to your constituents dripping with disdain does not work well. Such was the case with Philippe Couillard and the Liberal party. Had they listened and heard the rumblings in the province even six months ago to get rid of Barrette, perhaps things would have worked out differently. Alas, he kept defending his erstwhile health minister with the same disdain and arrogance they shared.

Quebec now has a new, unchartered look, with the election of the CAQ. We used to have to decide between the separatist or federalist parties. Now we had another choice. A right-wing party with a wealthy ex-separatist businessman for a leader.

Dissatisfied with the current government and unable to put an x beside the CAQ, only 66% of Quebecers voted. It did not help that the Quebec bureaucrats who run early election voting are dumber than a doornail. They couldn’t find a voting box if it walked over to them and ran the early voting as such.

Legault ran on a platform to bring in 10,000 fewer immigrants a year and to expel new residents who fail tests on French and Quebec values within three years. That will not sit well with Trudeau who welcomed with open arms anyone and everyone who wanted to come here. Of course he never thought through who would be paying for said immigrants to live nor how to keep track of them. An inconsequential detail to him.

Jean Francois Lisee lost his seat and resigned as leader of the PQ – one of Quebec’s separatist parties. We now have two including Quebec solidaire. They won only 10 seats which does not give them party status, translating into zero money from the taxpayers.

Time will tell what Premier Legault will do. One thing we already like is that the age limit for smoking pot in Quebec is going to be 21. While he may not call for a referendum on separating Quebec from the rest of Canada, you can bet your bippy he will be at loggerheads over many Quebec issues with our airhead Prime Minister Trudeau who, after October 17 when pot becomes legal will most likely be high much of the day. Hey Blanche, maybe then he will be able to speak four words without saying um.

No matter what happens with the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh, he will be tainted forever and possibly enough of a liability that Trump will drop him like a hot potato.

If the FBI comes out and says he didn’t do it, the Democrats will say the investigation was tainted and/or they did not speak to everyone. If they come out and say he was often drunk during his years in university, but have no conclusive evidence that he was the one who assaulted Ford, he becomes a major liability to Trump as the Dems will then try to have him impeached once he is sworn in on the Supreme Court. It’s almost a lose-lose situation for Kavanaugh.

We also wonder what other little tidbits of information the Democrats are holding on to. If it turns out that the FBI says Kavanaugh is innocent of the charge levelled against him, the Dems will not let go without some seriously dirty tricks.

The new NAFTA is now called the USMCA – United States Mexico Canada Agreement. So how did it finally get done after Trump’s remarks last week saying that he did not like Freeland and was ready to quit the negotiations? Enter Canada’s Ambassador to the US David MacNaughton. It was MacNaughton’s easygoing style and political acumen that proved invaluable. While Freeland may call herself the chief negotiator, it was her and her boss Trudeau who almost cost Canada the deal. Don’t worry Blanche, they will never admit it and take all the accolades for getting it done. Many people know better.

Now for the deal: We can now buy up to $150 (up from a measly $20) in the U.S. and bring back across the border without having to pay a duty.

The Dairy Deal: Quotas were cut by four per cent and the border opened to more foreign dairy products. Dairy farmers are saying this will cost the consumer more money. We cannot figure out how that is possible. It will cost the dairy farmers money. It will increase the products allowed to be imported into Canada and force some competition in the dairy industry.

It appears the dairy farmers will be handsomely compensated for their view of Trudeau throwing them under the bus. He needs their votes in the next election and will spend any amount of money (our money), to get those votes.

We would like to know who compensated the manufacturing industry when all the work went to China? What? No one? But we digress. The dairy lobby is very strong, but obviously Trump and the US is stronger.

And now for something insane coming out of Great Britain.

Clapping is being banned in the University of Manchester. Why? Because the noise could cause issues for autistic students and those with hearing and anxiety issues. The new “jazz hands” will be enforced at school-sponsored debates, panels, and talks and student groups will be encouraged to put aside clapping at more private and independent events.

So what is a jazz hand? Waving both hands in the air. Here’s our suggestion, taking into consideration that we are not in any way being callous to people on the spectrum (no one says autism any longer) or people with hearing or anxiety issues: Give out earplugs.

We’ll talk…

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