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Why is China and Xi Jinping, who is supposedly Putin’s bestie in the world, now calling for an end to the war in Ukraine? For starters, one of the unknown consequences of this war is that for the first time in many decades, all the NATO nations are united thanks to a colossal miscalculation by Putin. For a long time all the countries did was bicker amongst themselves. In one fell swoop, Putin has put them all on the same page, united against him, isolating him completely from most of Europe. And trying to take over Moldova or Poland or any other country is now basically off the table for Putin.

Jinping has been itching to take over Taiwan for years. No doubt Putin assured Jinping that he would waltz into Ukraine and poof! just like that the Ukrainians would bow down to him. The resistance  the Russians  are exhibiting, bolstered on a daily basis by Zelensky’s speeches, has China on high alert.

No doubt they are having second thoughts about taking over Taiwan, as the Taiwanese are no doubt just as stubborn and love their country just as much as the Ukrainians do.

As well, the Chinese do not like to be associated with losers and right now, Putin is a loser. Their international reputation is very important to them and Putin is ruining that. While Putin can spout lies until the cows come home, the Chinese are watching what is happening very closely and are definitely not happy.

Then there’s Vice President Kamala Harris. It seems that no matter where she goes, no matter how dire the situation, she is out of her league. 

This past week she was in Poland to see the refugee problem firsthand. Later at a press conference with the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda she was asked if the US would take in refugees. While the reporter was asking the question, Harris was busy looking at papers on the lectern. Then, instead of responding, she had a laugh with Duda. People are incensed. Again she flubbed it?

Here’s our take: She’s so far out of her comfort zone that she is simply never in the room. The question of America taking in refugees is a serious one. It does not deserve even on second of a flippant reply.  Bad pick by Obama.

We heard that one of the suburbs in Montreal, Cote St. Luc, is trying to extend the mask and other pandemic mandates after the provincial government declares them over next month. Not only that, but if you were exposed to covid, you no longer have to isolate. Just wear a mask. Can we talk? Why do people have to be more religious than the pope? Who appointed the mayor and his council in Cote St. Luc the health safe police?

We, for one, will not abide by their edicts should they decide to pass them. If the federal and provincial governments drop the mask and other mandates – which they should have already done – then that is who and what we will  follow.

While the lucky ones,  as one writer said, can sit alone in their cottage in the country with their MacBook, for the vast majority of people who actually have to work for a living, that is not possible. How wonderful to be able to remain blissfully unaware of the economic ravages the pandemic had on people. We call it Lala land.

Emperor legault must think people have half a brain. Well, maybe some do, but not everyone. People are losing their shirts – and money – paying for gas. Yes, many things are going up in price, but gas is insane.

So instead of lowering the gas tax,  his royalness is promising those he deems needy enough a check for $500. When will this happen? Our guess is that he’s aiming for just before the election in the fall.

Here’s the scoop peeps: if gas prices don’t go down very soon, $500 will be a literal spit in the ocean. We really, really hope that the emperor’s loyal subjects wake up from their deep coma very soon and see what kind of person they are allowing to run their lives. It won’t be a pretty sight but it might help to get rid of him.

Zelensky keeps asking, begging, for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. For starters, a no-fly zone won’t stop missiles from hitting their targets.

But more importantly, a no-fly zone would draw the U.S. and its NATO allies into direct combat with Russia, as fighter pilots from the two sides in theory would try to shoot each other down. And that, as Putin knows very well, could escalate this into a full out world war. And nobody wants that.

And then there’s Justin running around Europe pretending to be some kind of statesman. Can we talk? It’s Justin doing a week-long photo-op. He’s out of the country and therefore doesn’t have to deal with silly things like dropping ridiculous covid travel restrictions or the pipelines he refuses to allow. Nor answer any questions about what’s going to happen to people regarding the price of gas.

Taking a picture with the Queen? Seriously? That’s going to help Ukraine?

Jean Charest announced he is running for the leadership of the Conservative party. Firstly, he cut his hair. Secondly he needs either some makeup or a suntan. He looks like a ghost.

We saw his rather stark Facebook question and answer segment. It was him in a room with a white wall. He looked a bit like a scared rabbit.

The field of candidates is growing daily. Here ya go: Pierre Poilievre who did not run in the last leadership race, is the front-runner right now. He’s social media savvy. Leslyn Lewis who placed third in the 2020 leadership race and doesn’t speak French, Roman Baber – who? Exactly. Another Scheer or O’Toole. Forget it.

We really hope that the Conservative party can get their act together this time around, otherwise we are doomed to another minority government, most likely led by Justin as we heard he doesn’t want to leave. We are guessing he likes the decor office.

Going back for a moment to those who insist that the government must continue their edicts to ‘keep us safe’. We had a short conversation with a woman  in the bakery today. We were saying that although weddings, bar mitzvahs and any other kind of celebrations are starting to happen, the pace is painfully s.l.o.w.

“Well”, she said, “they should keep all the restrictions.” What is it with these people who want masks and vaccine mandates to stay forever? Did it ever occur to them that at some point we are all going to have to  grow up, be adults and actually take care of ourselves and not rely on the government?

If you want to  wear your mask for the rest of your life, go ahead.

After all is said and done, actions really do speak louder than words. Perhaps it’s time for the woman in the bakery and everyone else afraid of getting sick to move to the country permanently. That way they will be cut off from all social interactions and be safe forever.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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