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Can Someone Please Find Justin’s Big Boy Pants?

Another one bites the dust. This week it’s Kamala Harris who has decided to end her presidential campaign. As always, it’s the money. She can’t raise any. What a surprise. She shouldn’t have been there in first place. Of course she didn’t leave without the sour grapes comment: “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign.” Ms. Harris – if you were a strong candidate, the money would have found you.

Imagine if you were one of her main supporters? How many thousands of dollars you dumped into her bank account? Who in their right mind would fund her campaign? Which leads us to believe that she’s a very good salesperson. And she’s a lawyer so she can now go back to her day job. Next.

Every time Joe Biden makes a gaffe or says something really off the wall, we say to ourselves, nothing can beat this one. And yet, lo and behold, he manages to say something more absurd than the time before.

In a speech he gave in June 2017 which was just revealed today, Biden talked about…ready dearies…his hairy legs. Yes, you read that correctly. He described how children would rub his leg hairs when he was a lifeguard at a Delaware pool in his younger days.

“I got hairy legs that turned blonde in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again.”

If he was saying this to his grandchildren in his backyard, even that would be bizarre. But he said this at a campaign speech. He’s weird.

Jeffrey Epstein was secretly an Israeli intelligence operative? And we’re the Queen of England. This is supposedly not just a conspiracy theory, as the revelation was bolstered by an interview with Epstein’s one-time handler for Mossad.

This is in the just released book about Epstein, whose death was certainly not a suicide. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction and this is mighty strange.

Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with US President Donald Trump. If body language is any indication of how Justin dislikes Trump, he couldn’t hide it. It was shreklach – nasty.

Trump feels that other countries are not paying enough into the upkeep of NATO. In their meeting, Trump asked Trudeau how much money Canada is spending on NATO.

First of course, Trudeau mumbled and didn’t know what to do with himself as he clearly did not have the faintest hint of a clue how much money we spend. He finally gave a number of 1.3 or 1.4. Is that millions or billions?

Sorry to say that Trudeau looked like a wet noodle when he met with Trump. You may hate the latter, but our PM should have put on his big boy pants for this meeting and not sit there like a child in the principal’s office.

Our hapless Habs are playing again tonight. If you’re not counting, they have lost 8 games in a row. The best was when one of the players came out after the last game and said they played well, but the other team scored when the Habs were shorthanded.

Can we talk?  What a genius statement to say they lost because the other team scored a goal. How else would they lose? And for this, these dudes get paid truckloads of money. No comment.

We’ll talk…

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