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Chunky Monkey

Princess Pauline could really be a princess! Who knew? The princess and her beloved live in a castle on Ile Bizard called La Closerie. It is 12,000 square feet, has seven bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 powder rooms and was sold for almost $7 million. Well, almost sold. It’s a long story, but in order for the wealthy European gentleman who has this money to actually purchase the house, he has to get himself immigrant status – without living here. For us little plebs, that would be impossible. Who wants to bet that somehow, someway, the princess and her husband will get around this by punkt! finding a loophole in the law.

And one more thing. How does this jive with her marching around with the poor, downtrodden students, pretending to be ‘one of the little people’. Not well, not believable and full of it. As she is.

It appears that the little missives from the office de la langue francais have been let out of some kind of solitary confinement. There can be no other reason for their inane, ridiculous and completely over the top behavior. What are they doing now? Going after Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream names! Really, we kid you not. Chunky Monkey is a threat to the French language. As are the words peace and love on their ice-cream cups! Can we talk? Not only do they sound idiotic, but they are demeaning their own mission. They are acting like brainless, robotic bureaucrats. Wait – that’s what they are! They aren’t acting. Now we’re in weal twouble Blanche. And speaking of stinking, yet another corruption scandal has been uncovered in La Belle Province. Ya know, we don’t need skunks here, we stink from the top to the bottom of this province. Anyway… there was a substantial amount of money in a fund set up to discreetly pay police informants or cover the cost of drugs in undercover operations. But some high-ranking officer – like the head of the Security de Quebec, authorized the use of money from that fund to pay someone’s retirement bonus. The name the individual who benefited from the alleged bonus was not disclosed.

Again, people in positions of trust cannot keep their little fingers off OPM – other people’s money.  It seems that every week another level of people in positions of authority are caught red-handed. Do they not think that they will get caught? Are they so full of themselves and their power that they think they are invincible? Apparently so.

Had enough of Quebec politics? Blanche, we’ve gone through most of the barf bags. This government and the one before it are taking what could be the best place on earth to live and making it into a mockery. Feh. Shame on all of them.

Two more items hot off the press: The offices of Laval’s newly appointed mayor have been searched by Quebec’s permanent anti-corruption unit, according to a report late Thursday. La Presse reports that officials with the UPAC unit and Operation Hammer showed up at the office of Alexandre Duplessis with search warrants in hand on Thursday morning. It is unclear what they were searching for. If you know of anyone looking for an interim position till next November, perhaps they could apply to be the mayor of Laval. Obviously, no one there is honest enough to keep the job. Our little princess Pauline spoke in New York today to the foreign policy association. Guess what she said? Yes, Blanche, that one day Quebec will be its own country. No surprise there. But get this – when that happens, things will be just the same as they are now. Again we go to Perry Como to bring us the real truth. Sing along if you know the tune: Dream along with me, we’re on the way to the stars…. Oh yes, she spoke in English.

And finally, the hockey talks, yet again, went nowhere. Dudes, drop the puck down the drain. Looks like the fat lady is about to sing.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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