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CNN’s Seven Hour ‘Climate Change’ Insanity

Some people who read Blanche are ‘upset’ at the news. Here’s a headline: You have a choice. Ignore the news and pretend it’s not happening or read it and realise that some of our elected officials do not quite live up to their promises, to put it very mildly. In that vein, we bring you the ex-liberal candidate in Montreal, none other than the imam Hassan Guillet. How utterly surprised he was when the liberal party unceremoniously dumped him from being the candidate. “What did I do?” he asked incredulously.

In fact, he’s right and the liberal party, yet again, tossed someone under the bus. The imam is in good company and the list keeps growing – Jody Wilson Raybould, Jane Philpott, Vice-Admiral Norman and now the imam.

It appears that the liberal war-room knew about the imam’s comments regarding his terrorist ‘brother’ who was released from the Palestinian oppressors. Again we will remind you that is Israel.

The liberal party knew about this and asked him to be a candidate anyway? They didn’t think someone would unearth who this imam really is?

To their great chagrin, he’s not going away and plans to run as an independent in the election, making sure he’s a thorn in the side of Justin for the entire campaign.

Remember the JWR scandal when Justin’s best friend and brain, Gerald Butts threw himself under the bus for his friend? Well, he’s back in full force.

Seems Butts is going to work at Liberal headquarters in Ottawa for election campaign while his sidekick Katie Telford joins Trudeau.

One cannot function without all of our capacities and Justin’s capacity is rather limited. As we have said more than once, there’s pretty well nothing but air between his ears. Butts fills in the air holes.

Last night CNN held no less than a seven-hour event on ‘climate change’. Whoever subjected themselves to seven hours of people making totally inane remarks needs a pill.

What came out of last was nothing less than scary with Bernie Sanders suggesting mass abortions to control the population.

All of them want to ban the following: red meat, straws, incandescent light bulbs, gas-powered cars, off-shore drilling, natural gas exports, coal plants and the best – every candidate wants a”carbon-free America”. How America can become “carbon-free” as every living thing on earth contains carbon was never discussed or explained.

They also want all college loans wiped out, free medical care for all immigrants, no private insurance, free college tuition and housing.

Pete Buttigiege compared fighting climate change with fighting World War II. Should we repeat that? He obviously doesn’t know any history whatsoever.

No wonder Joe Biden is the front-runner. In his confused state, he still makes more sense than any of these other candidates who all sounded like they were on Saturday Night Live. It was simply too insane to be true, yet it was.

Do you have someone watch your house when you’re on vacation? No? Read on. 82 year-old Samuel Sabatino, a career thief, was caught outside an apartment building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His modus-operandi was remarkably simple.

He would slip into high-end residential buildings by making friends with the doorman or pretending to be an elderly confused gentleman. Once in the building he would go to the top floors carrying a black bag. Then he looked for signs of vacationing residents — newspapers or packages left in the hallway — and would fiddle with the doorknobs until he found an unlocked door. How easy is that?

Sabatino had skipped bail years ago and the police lost track of him. In the meantime, he continued robbing people, driving from his home in Florida to California or New York. And he did very well.

A couple living in an apartment on East 79th Street said that upon returning from vacation in May, they found jewelry worth $50,000 was missing. The same month, another couple in the building returned from vacation and also found that about $50,000 in watches and jewelry was missing. In July, a third couple, living on East 68th Street, returned from vacation and reported several high-end watches with an estimated value of $39,000 missing.

Blanche, you’re adding this up? He’s been running since 2001 and obviously able to live very well, completely unafraid of being caught. Unfortunately for him, it appears he will be spending the last years of his life in prison.

It didn’t take long for Meghan Markle, married to Prince Harry to figure out that living under the scrutiny of the Queen and the rest of the royal family was going to be, shall we say, suffocating.

Seems the dynamic duo is looking for a house in the Malibu area. While some media pundits have them moving permanently to California, where she is from, our guess is that they will spend six months in the USA and six months in England.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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