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Yom Kippur begins Wednesday night, September 15. Sorry for that. Now for the English debate tonight…In a word – awful. Out of touch with reality and how people are really feeling after being cooped up for over 18 months which is frustrated.

The moderator was terrible, mixing in, debating, not able to control things. The questions were ethereal, bland and general.

Annamie Paul would be the Prime Minister if she was head of the NDP. She’s smart, sharp, clear, and doesn’t lose her cool.

Justin was angry and sweating above his lip. What’s his problem? He’s losing and having a temper tantrum?

O’Toole was much better than the French debate, but still stiff white bread. He’s very hard to connect to. We heard he’s a nice warm guy. It doesn’t come across at all. Given that, we’d much prefer him to the king of arrogance, Justin Trudeau.

Singh is irrelevant unless he’s supporting the minority Liberal government.

Blanchet got the zinger of the night from Paul and didn’t have a comeback. She told him she would teach him about being a minority. He had a silly response and Paul nailed him again, shutting him down. What’s he there for if he only cares about Quebec?

HURRAY FOR LEYLAH FERNANDEZ going to the finals of the US Tennis open.

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