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Don’t Cry for the Dairy Industry.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the very popular and new face of the Democratic Party is quite the piece of work. It appears that she will say or doing almost anything to garner attention.

If you are looking to put a socialist government into the United States, she’s definitely your gal: I think a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong.

Or how about this one: When freshman members of congress were told by senior politicians to “wait your turn, go slow,” Cortez basically gave them the finger.

When asked about what the senior politicians had said her response was: “On a scale of zero to some, how many f…s do you give?” “I think it’s, uuuh, zero,” she replied.

Of course Blanche always likes to save the best for last: …All these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Got that? She has given her very intelligent, well-thought out and extremely researched opinion. If the US thinks Trump is bad, just wait till she or one of her ilk get close to the White House. As the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

So we erred in saying that Prince Philip was driving at 93. He’s still driving at 97. After his accident last week, guess what? He’s still driving. Without a seatbelt. Hey, at 97 who needs a seatbelt? Plus of course he’s married to the Queen so for sure he doesn’t need a seatbelt.

Can we talk? Someone needs to take his license away, before he kills someone.

Canada’s Dairy Industry is having nothing short of a temper tantrum after the latest Canada’s Food guide was unveiled – without a trace of dairy save a tiny serving of yogurt.

The Dairy cartel is insisting that two to four servings of milk products daily can help promote bone and muscle health. Of course there is another, unsaid underlying reason why they are rather ticked off.

They fear that any drastic change to the food rules would harm their tight and very strong dairy cartel, still reeling from concessions granted in recent trade agreements. Now that’s the real reason. It won’t help them. Life, as they know it, is over.

Remember those $40 million or so lights installed on the Jacques Cartier bridge for Montreal’s 375th birthday? The ones that were much ado about nothing except the cost?

Well, it appears that in this province, where everything is still done with bribes, lights can now be added to that list.

Since Saturday, said $40-million light installation has not been working due to recent temperature fluctuations. “Da structure of da Jacques-Cartier Bridge la, expands and contracts with da temperature changes, and dis is completely normal.” Ok. So what’s that got to do with the lights?

“Since dee electrical equipment for da illumination behaves differently la, den da steel structure, dis caused an outage. Our teams are actively working to restore da colours la to da bridge.” Your tax dollars at work.

Gilles Duceppe is the former leader of the Bloc Quebecois. He was lucky to have his mother still alive at 93 years old, living in assisted housing. It seems on Sunday a fire alarm went off and his mother thought it was in her building, which it was not.

She donned her coat and left the building via a side door that locks behind you with no way of re-entering – in a raging, freezing snowstorm. One would think that after a fire alarm or any incident, those in charge of the elderly – often confused and at least slightly deaf, would do a simple head count. Not so this place. This poor woman froze to death. No one found her until many hours later.

Those running this institution should be fired. Then, all the rest should be retrained. And then the corporation should be sued.

Quebec’s Minister Responsible for Seniors Marguerite Blais, said, “We will wait, for the coroner’s report before doing anything.” Seriously? One would think heads would roll now to prevent anything like this ever happening again. Quebec c’est faire.

Otisville, a prison in upstate New York where Michael Cohen, Trump’s erstwhile lawyer will be spending some time of his three year sentence is known as the Jewish prison. Lest you think we are kidding, get this:

There are kosher vending machines in the visiting room and the prison commissary sells skullcaps for $6 and offers a kosher selection that includes matzo, gefilte fish, rugelach and seltzer.

It gets better. They have a rabbi as a chaplain, the men, many of whom are Orthodox, wear tzitzi’s under their jail garb and they have a minyan three times a day. Let’s bet Cohen comes out a practicing Orthodox Jew.

We’ll talk…

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