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End of the Great Bathroom Debate

So Montreal is now a sanctuary city. In case you don’t know the definition of such a city, Blanche will enlighten you: It allows those without identification or documentation to use city services. While this sounds very touching, it is also very opportunist, pandering to the left, plow-the-bike-paths before the cars people. You do know of course, that your car is a curse on humanity and is going to destroy our environment?

Of all the items we read about the new rights for undocumented illegal aliens, the following caught our eye: A call on the Quebec government, which is responsible for the provincial immigration, to ensure access to health care, emergency services and lodging.​

Oh really? What exactly does that mean? They get an appointment with a doctor in less than the two years we have to wait? They get pushed to the front of the line in the emergency because they are the ‘poor refugees’? Unless these people are properly vetted, which they are obviously not if they are illegal, how the he.l does anyone know who they are?

Did they come to their ‘sanctuary city’ with a criminal record? Are they truly refugees or have used the system to get into Canada and then stay here illegally or did they sneak in across the border to avoid criminal prosecution in their own countries?

This edict is born not out of thoughtful, insightful decision making, but from trying to make sure Coderre’s government stays in power in the upcoming election in…when Blanche? What? This November? How convenient.

Marie Le Pen, the ultra right wing politician running for president of France in their upcoming April 2017 election made headlines yet again. This time for refusing to put on a hair-covering when meeting the Sunni leader. As she knew from the moment she made the appointment that she would have to cover her hair to meet this dude, it seems her very public refusal was outright pandering to her far right constituents.

We will not bore you with Le Pen’s background. Suffice it to say she’s pretty much like Trump on many levels, but makes his right-wing stance look weak to say the least.

Lest you cheer her on for not donning the head covering, think again. She also is making noises about people living in France having one citizenship. So, if you have dual citizenship, like an Israeli passport, you have to choose which country you belong to.

According to the polls, she is supposed to win only the first round in the French election. Blanche, remember what the polls said about Trump and Brexit? If we were a betting woman, we would not put any money on what the polls say.

While you may not like Trump and think him a buffoon, he is moving things along in Washington so quickly that people in that city can’t catch their breath.

His latest repudiation of Obama came yesterday when he rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. Obama’s position was that transgender students could use the bathrooms of their choice. Remember the great bathroom debate? Remember how involved the president of the United States was at the time? Busy with bathrooms…

Trump overruled Betsy Devos, his education secretary on this one. Good for him. It was a debate designed to cover up other much bigger issues in the Obama administration and now it’s dead in the water. End of the bathroom story.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday night. So Blanche, ya think the actors are going to make political statements? After all, they are such smart people and have so much to say, right? Wrong.

As we said recently, their claim to fame is that they are able to pretend to be someone else and memorize text. Criticizing the president is part of democracy. Getting air time in front of millions of people when all you are doing is accepting an award for acting is not your mandate.

If they don’t like the system, they should quit acting and go into politics. In case they didn’t know, that’s how real change happens. Fear not Blanche, the spoiled, entitled actors will never leave their cushy homes or get their little hands dirty. It’s much easier to beat up on Trump from their ivory towers.

File this name: James Okeefe. It seems he is about to expose CNN’s interesting journalism practices. He has hundreds of hours of raw tape which he gleaned from someone on the inside. If this story is true, CNN, as big as they think they are, could wind up like humpty dumpty.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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