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Entitled Men, Courageous Women

We forecasted this last week. Men who thought themselves highly entitled because of the power they wielded are now falling like flies. The first few brave women who came forward and told their stories, gave courage to others to do the same. No matter how powerful you are, touching someone against their will is dead wrong, especially if that someone is underage.

This is the tip of the iceberg as we’ve only been dealing with Hollywood and politics. There are lawyers, accountants, doctors and, perish the thought, religious leaders of every stripe and colour who, we have no doubt, will be implicated in this web.

Right now, there are two men who stand out as shocking. One is Roy Moore from Alabama, running for the senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

There are now seven women who have come forward with detailed stories, most of whom were underage when he couldn’t control himself. Not only has he denied all of their allegations, he is still running for election and has tons of supporters. When questioned about Moore’s behaviour, his lawyer said, “Well, in Alabama things are different”.

The other one outed today was Senator Al Franken. Let’s just say he’s seriously disgusting in more ways than groping and taking a picture of a sleeping woman, putting his hands where they had no business being. He’s really dumb, thinking this picture would disappear. His apology left us speechless. He said he was sorry but didn’t remember what happened. Which of course leads us to believe that there are many other women who will shortly be coming forward.

What’s the answer to all of these men?  They will now have to face their wives, daughters, granddaughters and public humiliation at best.

Perhaps those in positions of power today will think twice about acting like they are entitled. Maybe they should think ten times because from the looks of things, women are not going to be intimidated by dirty, old farts or dirty young farts. Feh.

Montreal’s new mayor, Valerie Planet was sworn in today. She looked great and sounded even better. Upbeat with a huge smile, she called herself the happy warrior. The best line of her speech… Montreal doesn’t belong to me. What a breath of fresh air. One wonders what, if anything, she can do about the traffic and all the orange cones. She said she is as affected as everyone else. What? No chauffeur yet?

Coderre, our previous mayor not only thought Montreal belonged to him, he also thought all of our money belonged to him. Time will tell how well Plante does. One thing is for sure, she has a steep learning curve as she’s really a political neophyte.

Blanche, we gotta lose weigh or stop flying. Just when you thought your coach seat couldn’t get more uncomfortable think again. It’s getting smaller and the airlines are adding more seats to an already cramped plane.

United Airlines is the first to be the biggest pig in the race for airlines to make your trip as awful as possible. They will add 21 additional seats on some planes, which means there would be ten seats across.

So why do you think they are doing this? Bingo. It’s based on increasing revenue per flight, especially on long-haul routes. On long haul routes? We already sit like a pretzel with our knees in our chin.

Wait until the dude in front of you pushes his seat back. You could use the back of his seat for a front head rest. When is the government going to step in and stop this?

Ever hear of people working the room? Well, Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative party, is working the country.

While Trudeau was in the far east taking selfies in fast food restaurants, Scheer was plugging away all across Canada, finding out what Canadians think and more importantly, what they want.

Of late, we have been hearing that people feel Scheer is not ‘out there’ enough. Or not tweeting enough. Or, perish the thought, not taking selfies. We will allay your fears with some inside information. Blanche does have some good contacts:)

Scheer is laying the groundwork for the next election. He’s slowly but surely making his way across the country, meeting people (without the need of a selfie). It’s called grassroots politics. That’s how our new mayor, Valerie Planet got elected. Dogged, hard work, going door to door, meeting with small business owners, talking to people to find out what makes them tick and what they want to see from their government. We would venture a guess that taking selfies is not on the list.

Scheer is methodical, confident and has surrounded himself with the right people. Wait. He also has a brain and can say more than three words with uttering uh.

Anyone see the three genius basketball players from UCLA apologizing for shoplifting while in China? They were accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near their hotel in Hangzhou, China. They were very lucky that Trump was in town, spoke to Chinese President Jinping, and poof! they were released.

During their press conference, which we tuned into by accident, they sounded like they have basketballs between their ears and nothing else. Despite what they did, they will most likely be signed by professional teams raking in millions of dollars. Better they should get all this money than the brain surgeon. Not.

We were driving near Dawson College yesterday and stopped at the stripped yellow crosswalk in front of the entrance. There’s no light or stop sign. Crossing the street in front of our car was a young man who never once picked up his head to see if we were stopping. He was too busy texting.

Can we talk? As a pedestrian, if you don’t make eye-contact with the driver of the car coming directly at you, then assume he or she didn’t see you. They could also be texting or on the phone or just plain distracted and as the walker you would be one big splat on the road. Or, if you lived in Alabama, you would be road kill.

When you cross the street, look up and see what’s going on around you. Rant over.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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