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Ever Hear of Nakba Day? Time to Find Out About It.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The number of people who had their information stolen from Facebook is up to 87 million with about 620,000 of those Canadians.

Here, yet again, is our suggestion of what to do if you do not want your information open to the world for the taking: buy a pen or typewriter, some paper, an envelope and some stamps. Go old-fashioned. Just know that if it’s on the internet, consider it open season on your information, emails, purchases and posts. Nothing, zero, zip, nada is ‘private’.

Tomorrow, Friday, on the second to last day of Passover, thousands of Palestinians are again expected to gather at five locations near the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel, while Israeli soldiers and snipers will take up positions on the other side of the fences.

So why are these demonstrations happening and how long will they last?

They will go until something called Nakba Day on May 15. Nakba in arabic means disaster. May 15 is the day after Israel Independence Day. Got it Blanche? They are revving up for six weeks so that on Nakba Day the demonstration will be outstanding with the hope of garnering support from the rest of the world for their plight.

Lest you think the Palestinians are not organized, think again. Social media in the Gaza Strip have posted photographs of young men collecting tires to burn near the fence so the resulting thick smoke will impede Israeli sharpshooters and other soldiers. Some photos also showed people holding mirrors that they were apparently planning to use to blind the soldiers.

Israel is the size of New Jersey. Their contribution to the world is totally disproportionate to their size and population. Aside from oil, ask yourself what contributions the arabs have made to the world when you go to an airport.

In case you wanted to know more about where your tax dollars are going, we will enlighten you and it’s not a pretty picture.

Spending on entertaining at the UN general assembly in New York is up 50 per cent. Oh, Blanche, you want numbers? Ok, here ya go:

Diplomats at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. are spending twice as much on hospitality, from an average of $135,000 per year up to $274,000.

At the consulate general in New York, it’s almost three times as much, from about $67,000 to $170,000. And at the Los Angeles mission, four times as much from around $28,000 annually up to about $99,000. Nothing much more to say on this except Trudeau is on a spending spree second to none.

For those people who are not cyclists, time to batten down the hatches. Those lovely bixi bikes are starting to emerge, taking away hundreds of parking spots.

While those on bicycles are indeed saving the world, they are at the same time helping to kill stores downtown and in other neighbourhoods who rely on walk-in customers to stay alive.

Our ‘green’ mayor, Valerie Plante, has announced that next year there will be way more bixis in Montreal. We can’t wait.

We know you won’t believe this, but it’s true. Hillary Clinton is still whining about losing to Trump, this time spinning her loss in a positive way. Seriously?

“In an alternative reality, if you were president today in 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would’ve still happened?” a Twitterer posted.

Clinton: “I believe that it was a wave that was building and building and building. I think my losing probably accelerated that wave, but the wave was coming.”

Let’s just say she’s treading on thin ice as her darling husband Bill could be the poster boy for the #metoo movement. She’s obviously very bored.

We’ll talk…

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