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Exercise? We Thought You Said Extra Fries:)))

Like it or not, Justin Trudeau was on every news station, every media outlet, every Facebook and Twitter page in the world and the main headline on Drudge. Why? Because he did not know, or worse, did not remember that when you are in Buckingham Palace, the entire place is filled with  cameras and live microphones.

Not only did he verbally make fun of Trump, he made sure that his gestures got the point across.

At first, Trump called him two-faced which elicited even more jokes as many took Trudeau’s black-face picture and put it right beside his real white face. Get it Blanche? Two-faced. Trump then backtracked a bit and said he was a ‘nice guy’, but still two-faced.

Here’s the headline: Trump ain’t going to forget what Justin said and did. In fact, it appears that Trump is seething as he did not stay for the final press conference, choosing to go back to Washington.

Trudeau best get something bullet-proof because this little ditty of his is going to come back and bite him…badly. One of the pundits put forth that in front of Trump, Trudeau is, like we said, a wet noodle. Behind his back he’s Mr. Strong Man.

Justin Trudeau is so transparent that he could be the poster boy for shrink wrap.

There is no doubt that the Queen would be very happy if Prince Andrew disappeared for about a year. He can’t go away for a long time as she’s turning 94 and ya never know, eh Blanche? While she is definitely the picture of health, and her skin is still peaches and cream smooth, other things, shall we say, must be breaking down. Truth is, her mother lived to 101 so she still has a few years to go. But we digress.

Yesterday, Andrew had to haul himself 140 miles to the Queen’s Norfolk estate from his home at Windsor to see his older brother Charles, who is the next King. Charles wanted to make very sure that Andrew understood his duties as a royal were suspended until further notice. Last week he met with his 98 year-old father who no doubt had some choice words for him.

The woman accusing Andrew of serious indiscretions was interviewed on the BBC this past weekend. We were wondering if he would be watching and are still not sure. One thing is certain, his lawyers were fully engrossed, no doubt madly taking notes.

This woman wants justice, as at seventeen years old, she was still a minor when Andrew was supposedly busy with her. Unfortunately for her, unless there are actual, graphic pictures, it’s he said she said. Epstein is not around to finger anyone anymore. Which is most likely why he’s no longer around, if you get the drift.

The number of background checks on gun purchases for Black Friday reached the second highest total in history, indicating that gun sales reached their second-highest total for any day in history. On Black Friday, the FBI ran a staggering 202,465 checks.

How complete those check are is anyone’s guess. Most likely as accurate as the computer they are sent to, which begs the question, who is really checking these people out? Pretty scary.

The Dumb Outrage Hall of Fame is the newest liberal award. This was given for people who were ‘appalled’ at a commercial for an exercise bike. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly.

A man gave his wife an exercise bike as a present and the liberals lost their minds. The adjectives used to describe the ad were sexist, dystopian and disturbing, and creepy and bizarre. It was also deemed “unsettling,” “confusing,” and “perplexing”.

Can we talk? We are no longer asking if these people have lost their minds. They have lost their minds. It’s an ad for an exercise machine, which by the way, is a healthy present to get, especially if one’s significant other wants one. Sexist? Does that mean he bought the bike because he wants her to be thin? According to liberals, every man a gross pig.

Creepy? What the heck is creepy about a bike that goes nowhere? It’s boring if anything.

The only unsettling, confused and perplexed people are the ones who went after this ad. They need to get a grip and when they settle down, find a shrink.

Everyone can rest easy tonight. Greta Thunberg finally made it across the ocean in a catamaran, which leaves no carbon footprint. It took her three weeks to cross the ocean. Perhaps she should go and speak to the heads of the countries at the NATO conference who all came in their own private planes.

Joe Biden lost it again. This time on his ‘no malarkey’ bus tour. Malarkey, for all you young’uns out there, means drivel or balderdash.

A man challenged him about his son Hunter and his dealing in the Ukraine. Biden totally lost it, first calling the man a liar and then, get this Blanche, said the following: “Let’s do push-ups together here, man. Let’s run. Let’s do whatever you want to do. Let’s take an IQ test.”

If Biden thinks that this is going to make people worry less about his age and mental capacity, he’s wrong. As long as he keeps making gaffes, which people are now always waiting for, he’s going to have a hard time convincing people that at 77 years old, he still has all his marbles.

Well, he may have his marbles, but there’s a good chance they are rolling around somewhere in his head, not placed exactly where they should be.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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