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Facebook is OOC – Out of Control

Remember when Donald Trump was running against 17 other candidates for the nomination and everyone said he was a joke and would never get said nomination? Well Blanche, now he’s president-elect of the United States of America and all those naysayers are eating their hats.

Believe it or not, we, in quiet little Canada have the same issue brewing. There are 13 candidates running for leadership of the Conservative party. They are all staid, boring politicians spouting the same lines in different guises. Then there’s Kevin O’Leary.

Lest you don’t know this dude, he’s Canada’s version of Trump, a loud-mouth businessman who played a key role in Dragon’s Den and now on Shark Tank. He hasn’t thrown his hat into the leadership fray yet, choosing to keep everyone waiting on their tipee-toes.

Watching what happened in America, candidates are starting to sweat here. They are calling O’Leary ‘an entertainer with no filter.” He’s saying what Trump did – that the country has to be run like a business and not by tree-hugging, pretty men and women, all of whom spent their lives slowly rising up the ladder, kissing all the right behinds. Stay tuned to this story cause it’s going to get very interesting once O’Leary throws his hat in the ring.

Chicago is completely out of control. Chicago is also Obama’s home town. What’s he doing about it? Nothing of course, choosing to focus on the Russian hacking issue. Why would he want to deal with murders – at least 2 per day and of late, four black men torturing a white, mentally challenged man live on Facebook?

Remember black lives matter? So do white lives matter? This young man could also have been Obama’s son because his mother was white. It could have happened. Obama is worried only about his own legacy and what people think of him. There is no fech big enough for him.

On the same subject, are we the only one questioning how such a video can get on Facebook in the first place? Is there absolutely no monitoring? And if not, then it’s time that Zuckerburg take some responsibility for his invention. It’s just gone too far.

New and very interesting statistics just came out regarding the US election. It turns out that registered voters who didn’t vote on election day in November were more Democratic-leaning than the registered voters who turned out, according to a post-election poll from SurveyMonkey.

The biggest reason given by non-voters for staying home was that they didn’t like the candidates and they obviously disliked Clinton more than Trump cause he won.

This next sentence is a bit convoluted but if you get it, you will understand how she lost: Of all voters who cast a ballot in the general election, 25 percent were black, Hispanic, Asian, or a member of another minority group. But those voters were 42 percent of those who didn’t vote. Drilling down a little further, black voters made up 11 percent of voters who cast a ballot and 19 percent who didn’t.

Got that? She lost mainly because ethnic voters didn’t believe that fake smile and the ‘I will take care of you’ mantra. So people may dislike Trump and can’t believe their beauty didn’t break the glass ceiling but the facts are the facts and he won. Get. Over. It.

 Did anyone see that video of a two-year-old pushing a dresser off his twin brother? The parents are saying that they used a nanny-cam and didn’t stage the whole thing. Really? Is their house so big that they didn’t hear the obvious screaming from the kid under the dresser?

The minute we saw that video we smelled a rat. And when we saw the family on CNN the very next day we saw the rat. Let’s bet they staged the whole thing and just got their five minutes of fame. No shortage of nutballs out there.

Did anyone ever shop in Macy’s? Weren’t you astounded at the exaggerated amount of stock? Racks and racks and racks of clothing that just sits there kind of waiting for a garage sale. We always wondered who does the buying there? And do they purposely choose ugly clothing?

Our thoughts were not that crazy as Macys announced yesterday that they are closing 68 stores and laying off thousands of employees both executives and store clerks. They are blaming online shopping and other issues.

We are saying that they have gargantuan amounts of costly, useless inventory with no one seemingly in charge. Often when such large corporations lose as much money as Macys did this holiday season, they lay off the bottom workers while those at the top, supposedly making the decisions, keep their jobs. Let’s see if there’s a shake-up at the top.

Here’s a scary thought: It appears that technical problems have apparently been solved, and now the idea of allowing passengers to use their cell phones on their flights is being actively considered. OMG.

Does this mean that the same person who uses their cell phone in a restaurant, yelling their conversation like they are on Mars and forgetting that there are, oh, about 50 other people listening, will now be sitting beside us and yelling in our ear Blanche? HELLO! HELLO! Guess where I am Bertha? 38,000 feet in the air and I CAN HEAR YOU. CAN YOU HEAR ME??? Oy.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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