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Foggy Vaccine Roll-Out in Quebec.

If you were born before 1936 you got lucky today as you will be the first to be vaccinated in Quebec. No information for 75 years old and under yet. ‘It’s coming’. Sorry to say this doesn’t give us much hope that the vaccination roll-out is anywhere near organized.

When asked if people with pre-existing conditions can get vaccinated earlier, the response was ‘they will be invited’. What does that mean? Will be getting the second vaccine in three weeks or three months? Will we only be able to access the website when our age-group is called?

Clearly this is nothing like Israel where the roll-out of vaccines was run like the army. Foggy would be the operative word here.

In the you-think-you-heard-it-all department, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is co-writing a political thriller about a fictitious secretary of state who joins the cabinet of a political rival and fights terrorist attacks.

And in case that hasn’t made your day, maybe this will: Barack Obama he will be rolling out a new podcast with Bruce Springsteen. Whoopee.

If you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, perhaps it would be a good idea to hide the name of your vehicle. Seems that the Cherokee nation has woken up from a very deep slumber and decided that Jeep should drop the name of that model.

Blanche, don’t you find it strange that the first Jeep Cherokee went on sale in 1992 and now the Cherokee nation is speaking up?  It took them 29 years to figure out that the name of the Jeep doesn’t ‘honor’ them? Welcome to the woke nation of the United States.

One has to feel sorry for Tiger Woods. After five surgeries on his back, he was in a single-vehicle bad car accident today. Seems his car rolled over a few times and he sustained very bad leg injuries. They had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car.

We know that Sydney Australia is on the other side of the world but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s flying.  The Sydney Morning Herald mistakenly published, online, the obituary of Prince Philip, who is currently in the hospital for ‘observation’. That’s a pretty serious faux-pas and we are pretty sure it didn’t make Phil very happy as he’s very much alive and maybe not kicking but certainly able to put on his slippers.

The article was spotted by an eagle-eyed reader who took a screen shot and tweeted it. Within half an hour of that, the newspaper took the article down. Oops.

What happened in Texas is the fault of poor management, poor governing and incompetent people. Those in charge did not heed warnings in a federal report that examined the 2011 winter storm and offered recommendations for preventing future problems.

The report concluded, among other things, that power companies and natural gas producers hadn’t properly readied their facilities for cold weather, including failing to install extra insulation, wind breaks and heaters. Everyone saw the result of a total lack of heeding advice in the past two weeks.

After the fact, Governor Greg Abbott has called on lawmakers to mandate the winterization of generators and power plants, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said he was launching an investigation into almost a dozen power companies.

An investigation was done in 2011 and again in 2014 and none of the recommendations were done, ergo that massive and almost complete breakdown of the electrical grid and the resultant lack of drinking water – to this minute.

As of nine hours ago, the majority of Texas are still without proper drinking water. To add insult to injury, Texans have been receiving electrical bills of thousands of dollars recently, which mercifully will not have to be paid, or so says the governor. Those running that state, since 2011 – should all be ashamed of themselves. Giddy-up.

Blanche, can you see the puff clouds forming today, creating a lot of hot air?  Justin is meeting with President Biden via zoom today, along with a retinue of people. What will they be talking about? A partnership roadmap.  So you ask yourself, what does this partnership roadmap consist of? We will enlighten you:

How the two countries will work together to fight COVID-19, rebuild the economy, tackle climate change, advance diversity, improve national security measures and build international alliances.

Can we talk? Fighting Covid-19 together? The US won’t part with one drop of their vaccines they have until their entire population is inoculated. That’s a partnership?

As for climate change and advancing diversity – can you see the smoke from the puffing of air?

Building international alliances? The United States needs Canada for that? We think not.

The hot air is billowing like a balloon let go to fly endlessly in the sky. Both are made up of hot air.

We’ll talk…

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