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Free Uber Rides

So guess how much Obama’s christmas flight expenses cost? $3,672,798. How does one come up with that number? 17.8 hours in the air round-trip at $206,337.00 per hour. Seems the Obamas are treating the Air Force One like an Uber ride. Special, eh? They certainly learned how to play the system…and the game.

We happened to be in the car today and heard most of Hillary Clinton’s press conference regarding her email controversy. Remember that she used her own private server, located in her own private home for all emails when she was secretary of state? That means of course, that she decides who gets to see what emails and also which emails get deleted.

Today she revealed that about 32,000 personal emails, which amounts to half her inbox were deleted. Of course we will never know if she deleted anything to do with her job or with Benghazi.

She claimed a few times during the press conference that the reason she didn’t use a government email address was that she didn’t want to carry around two devices. And then admitted that decision was not a good one. Can we talk? What exactly is the big deal to throw an extra phone into your purse or briefcase? We’ll tell you. No big deal. She’s good though, diffusing the situation by zeroing in on the crux of the matter.

Rumor has it that she will be announcing her candidacy to run for President on April 1. One thing we can say – don’t mess with her. She commands respect when she speaks, and speaks very well. No um, uhs, no static talking. She sounds almost presidential… This whole apple watch business is, to say the least, overblown. Here’s our question: Everything that’s on that watch is on your phone, which mercifully you can see. Try looking at the weather on your watch. Are they giving out magnifying glasses? The font size will most likely be 2 or at best 3. The cost is also crazy – between $350 and $1100.

Here’s the bottom line: People who like to have the ‘first’ of anything will be running to buy it. In a few months Apple will come out with a ‘better’ version of the one they launched yesterday. And finally, Apple will undoubtedly make gzillions of dollars on this because people who are ‘Appler’s’ buy anything Apple that puts out. The Boston marathon prosecutors are showing some very gruesome videos. One can only imagine how hard they are to watch, especially for those who were there. There’s no choice however, as the defendant is pleading guilty with a big but. He is claiming his brother made him do it. He was either mesmerized or hypnotized. Get a life.

On one of the videos you can see him calmly walking in the crowd, dropping his knapsack filled with a deadly bomb and then slowly walking away. This trial will be interesting because Tsarnaev is very good-looking and often good-looking people get away with murder – literally. We don’t think that will happen here. We hope the jury will not be blinded. If you leave valuables in your car, say like your wallet or computer, think again. It seems that some ingenious thieves have a new device that somehow reads through your codes and in less than a few seconds, can open your car door. No alarm is triggered and they don’t want your car. They want what you brilliantly left, maybe in the glove compartment, thinking that no one could see it. Hallo. Take your stuff with you and leave them your old, moldy and smelly cheese sandwich.

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