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From Drudge Today: Justin, Is That You?

Before beginning to comment on Justin Trudeau’s behaviour, we will give you two points to ponder: The first was that the picture of the ‘brown’ face (to me it looked pitch black – just saying) picturing him as Aladin was done when he was 29 years old. He was not 19 and an airhead teenager. He was almost 30 years old and a teacher in that school, not a student. So much for being a role model.

The second and more important point is that the picture was taken in 2001. Not 1971 or 1981 or even 1991. By 2001 the world was very well aware that a white person pretending to look like a black man or woman was just unacceptable. Except of course, if you grew up in a world where you were totally unaccountable for anything you did. Someone always covered up for you.

There are two other times so far that people have found him doing this, one, particularly nasty. It’s a video of him with a black face singing Day-O, the Banana Boat song made famous by Harry Belafonte, who, in case you didn’t know, was black.

We will cite the most recent times, the ones we know of, where Justin did or should have apologised and people had to cover for him. His behaviour, as Prime Minister no less, showed that he could talk a good game, but in no way played that game.

Let’s start with his accepting a paid vacation including a private jet to vacation on the Aga Khan’s island when the Aga Khan was doing business with the government, a total conflict of interest. Trudeau whined at the time, “He’s an old friend. I know him my whole life”. He was called out for that and apologised.

Then he went to India and embarrassed the entire country by dressing more like the Indian people than the Indian people. He was so out of touch with reality that he didn’t bother to see what people in India are wearing in this day and age. He apologised for that.

Then there’s the SNC-Lavalin-Jody Wilson Raybould-Jane Philpott scandal. For years, Justin has called himself a staunch feminist. All talk. The minute two strong women stood up to him he dropped them like a hot potato. Threw them under the bus. No apology here and his best friend covered for him by resigning at the time.

Then there’s the Vice-Admiral Norman affair. He totally ruined this man’s life and then, to shut him up, gave him money. No apology here. Again people covered for him.

So what’s the common denominator in all of these scandals, again, the ones we know of, the ones he couldn’t hide? Unaccountability.

Justin Trudeau has never been accountable for anything in his life. He’s a rich, entitled white man who is lucky that his father was born before him. Otherwise, he would simply be a rich, entitled obnoxious white man.

Personally, we prefer the latter. If his father were not famous, no one would give a hoot what he did, nor would he be given the privilege of running the country. He’s a fake in every sense of the word.

The organic, save-the-world bicycle-riding community, hell bent on killing (pardon the pun) the meat industry to save the poor cows, have started eating fake burgers. While this has been going on for decades, of late, Beyond Meat products have hit the big time.

Turns out, the fake burgers are way less healthy than first thought and one restaurant chain is dropping them. They are uber-overloaded with salt because whatever is in them has zero flavour. They are also loaded with fat.

Here’s a tip: Cows, like everything else in the world, serve a purpose and it’s not to fill the world with green-house gasses, aka farting. Cows give milk and yes, hold on to your chair Blanche, meat.

Are we the only ones who think the Liberal Democrats running for the presidential nomination, for the most part, have a screw loose somewhere?

Case in point is Andrew Yang. Never mind he wants to give every man and woman $1000 a month. Where the money is coming from for that is anyone’s guess. That statement looks normal compared to this one:

“Cattle is very energy-consuming and energy-expensive,” Yang said, adding that he wants to “modify Americans’ diets” by taxing ranchers that raise cattle, which will drive up the cost of beef so that people can’t afford to buy beef anymore”.

Blanche, don’t you wonder if this guy secretly eats hamburgers when nobody is looking? Kind of like Trudeau, making himself the spokesman of the world’s liberals and then having to apologise for making fun of black people.

And while we’re on the subject of Trudeau again, were we the only one who didn’t see him in that first picture? His face was so black that he disappeared. It was only when we saw the white teeth that we realised that was him. There are no words.

Next Friday there will be a massive global climate strike. High school students are being given the day off school to go and march. Can we talk?

This march is what is called ‘feel-good’ nothingness. Nothing will come of it except that kids will happily get a day off school. This is in the same vein as people putting candles and flowers on streets where shootings happen.

The climate issue needs to be addressed in third world countries – India, China, Pakistan and Russia to name a few. Until the climate change ‘leaders’ stop flying to Davos to talk about the climate in Switzerland on their private planes while hobnobbing with the rich and famous who want to save the trees, this march is like everything else liberals do. A lot of hot air.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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