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Bernard Drainville is back. He's like a microphone with loud feedback screech or maybe fingernails on a chalkboard. Either way, all you want to do is shut him up.

Wednesday night he issued an edict, always of course with the blessings of the czar legault. If your school is funded by the quebec government, there is no longer any prayer allowed inside that establishment. G-d has left the building. Why?

Simple. czar legault has deemed quebec a secular state. What about the Canadian charter of Human rights and freedoms? Irrelevant in their world.

Quebec is a secular state like we are an endangered frog. Never forget this: Quebec is a catholic, white, pure-laine province and always will be. The so-called language issue is 100% a fabrication. So what's the real deal here?

Seems Drainville found out that some schools had committed the appalling crime of setting up rooms for students to pray. How dare they? Now ask yourself who will be affected by this latest proclamation? Muslims.

czar legault wants a secular society? Here's what comes with a secular society:

When you forcefully try to remove G-d from people's lives you also remove morality and purpose from their lives. And nothing good happens from that. Just look at all the young men doing mass killings in the US. They have no reason to live because they have no purpose in their lives. Nothing matters. That's what they want in quebec?

czar legault, drainville and all the other now openly, unchallenged, separatists are treading on very dangerous waters. Speak out even if you think no one is listening.

Remember we wrote about those mobs of teens looting, beating up people and destroying everything in their path in Chicago and California?

One result of the out of control mayhem is that major retailers in the US have made a decision which they were forced into. Walmart is closing 17 stores with Target and Best Buy not far behind. Why? Teenage crime and uncontrolled shoplifting - from both shoppers and employees.

Walmart decided to shut 17 of its stores across nine states after in December because theft was the highest it’s ever been around the country.

Walmart announced on Tuesday it would be shutting half its Chicago stores, mostly located in the crime-ridden south and west sides, because they are losing tens of millions each year.

We will remind you that they closed their one and only store in Portland Oregon.

So who is really going to suffer in the end? Low income 'folks' as Barack Obama would say, living in the neighborhoods where these crimes is taking place.

And speaking of Obama, one thing we didn't notice in any article we read was who were these teens. Who are the majority of teens taking part in these mob scenes? To expose the elephant in the room, what color were they?

Turns out most of them are black and if any high profile news media writes that, they will be accused of being racist. So guess what? Nobody writes it. Nobody acknowledges it.

The part we don't get is that except for Chicago where mobs were also in the loop - the tony downtown area, most of the other lootings are taking place in lower class areas. These geniuses are looting their own stores. They are stealing from their own people.

As we wrote not that long ago, stores that are needed in those areas - Target, Walmart, Best Buy, mom and pop grocery stores are simply closing. Another thing to notice is punkt - would you look at that - most of the areas where this is taking place are in democratic states where defunding the police is the hot thing to do.

We can assure you that in Florida DeSantis wouldn't stand for this. Add to that half the population there are carrying guns and mob scenes are pretty well non-existent.

In one place a white woman was trying to get into her apartment and was severely beaten by a mob of black male teens. Was this reported? No. Is she alive? Who knows? Does Biden say a word? Nope. And did you notice that his erstwhile vice president Kamala, who identifies as black when it is convenient, is also silent.

We heard one black woman interviewed who said she has nowhere to buy food for her children as most of the stores in her area closed. They couldn't afford the security.

Where are the black leaders? Why aren't they speaking out? Why are they avoiding this issue like the plague? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Barack Obama? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Kamala Harris? It is their own people doing this, creating misery again for their own people and these so-called leaders remain silent?

When it comes to a total lack of foresight, creativity and common sense, the czar legault and his band of morons take the cake.

Their latest 'inspirational' move is to ban all private clinics in Montreal and Quebec city by 2024. Why? To force nurses back into hospitals. Can we talk?

Unless conditions vastly improve, the nurses who left are not going back into hospitals. For what? Mandatory overtime? Working weekends? Low pay?

Here's a headline for the czar: Start treating the nurses like human beings and do not give them ultimatums. Perhaps, just perhaps, they would consider going back to work in public institutions if they were treated with a modicum of respect. He talks a big game then turns around and does nothing or worse, lets his health minister lacky shell out bad news.

As for private clinics, did it ever occur to him, even for a fleeting moment, that people who go to private clinics take some of the burden off the public hospitals? Does he think that closing those private clinics will magically put more nurses into hospitals? No it won't.

Instead everyone is being punished and it will not solve the nursing shortage problem.

This is ridiculous, small-minded idea was done to punish Montreal because you can be very sure his base in the 'regions' have zero private clinics. Nor for that matter do they have doctors, nurses or any clinics.

And then, when he's gone from office he will leave us, as Barrette and his ilk, holding the bag. Gross.

Would you look at that? Yesterday, Martine Richard, the sister-in-law of a Liberal cabinet minister stepped down as the interim ethics commissioner a day after a House of Commons committee agreed to investigate her appointment.

Blanche, can you say nepotism? You know, when those with power or influence favor relatives, friends, or associates, by giving them jobs. But we digress.

It gets much better. Martine Richard is the sister-in-law of no less than the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc, who himself was found to have breached conflict-of-interest rules in 2018 for approving a lucrative fishing licence for a family member while he was fisheries minister.

Is nobody home in Justin's massive entourage to vet such an appointment? Things just 'happen'? Clearly they do and then the fan starts whirling again as things keep hitting it smelling up the room.

While this is a smaller scandal than the others, nonetheless, it shows the sense of entitlement and sheer stupidity of Justin and his minions.

You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Justin is just finding this out and it must be quite the revelation, even for his little self-indulgent brain.

Leaked Pentagon secrets showed 'Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately telling NATO that Canada would never meet the military alliance's targets for defence spending,' Really?

One document in particular includes the blunt assessment among other "widespread" military deficiencies in Canada that are causing friction with security partners and allies.

Here's a tip for Justin: Spending endless amounts of our money on hotel rooms, vacations and other lifestyle of the rich and famous toys is something we cannot control and even though people are incensed about it, we have to eat that crap from him.

But not living up to the promises you made to your allies when you knew very well you would be unable to do so is something entirely different. This is the big boys club, not farmers in Alberta. Those other countries are not going to take Justin's bs. Nor will they give him a pass if he doesn't answer their questions.

Justin looks exactly what he is: the emperor with no clothes. Naked and stupid. That people like Anthony Housefather continue to prop him up, support him and even defend him is beyond the pale.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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