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Goodnight America…Forever

Walking to shul this past Shabbat morning in Miami, just in front of his grandsons and son-in-law, an obviously religious Jew was shot to death by two black men. One fled on a bike, the other ran away.

Obama has not said a word about this. You can be 100% certain that if an imam was walking to a mosque and shot dead like that two things would have happened: Obama would be on national television and every media outlet decrying the murder and there would be riots all over the United States.

What do we have instead? Silence from the White House and dignity from the Jewish people. We have just returned from a conference where we heard the story of a woman by the name of Devorah Halberstam. Her son was shot by terrorists on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994, before the word terrorism or muslim was in anyone’s language. It took her almost 10 years to get the authorities to change the charge from a simple homicide to a terrorist attack, which it was.

Make no mistake here. Even if those men were high on drugs, they knew exactly who they were shooting at. There has not been a robbery of a visible Jew on Shabbat in Miami in decades. The authorities are not ready to classify this murder as anything but a homicide. The family has lost their patriarch and if that is not enough, once they get up from shiva they will have to begin the long road taken by Mrs. Halberstam.

The headline in the Washington Post this morning was telling: Obama vacations as the world burns. On Saturday Obama stood on the South Lawn updating Americans on the new bombing campaign in Iraq — and then he boarded Marine One for a two-week trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Over the weekend, his ex-secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, publicly chastised him for his timid foreign policies. “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

Even if he’s only golfing once a day (for the next two weeks) and working the rest of the time, the visual of him at an 8,100 square foot vacation home doesn’t look good. Ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.  We would venture an educated guess that 2016 cannot come fast enough for obama.

We don’t usually write about movie stars who pass away. Somehow though, the tragic and sudden death of Robin Williams is different. He was not part of the glamor Hollywood scene, choosing to live with his wife quietly in San Francisco.

He spent much of his life making other people laugh. Sadly he suffered from depression for many years. Often depression is not something that people pick up on. Or those who suffer from this ‘hidden’ illness are reluctant to come forward. If nothing else, the untimely passing of Robin Williams will, for the short while, bring this illness out in the open.

Last weekend, a young black man was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, a St. Louis Missouri suburb. Since then there have been nightly riots all over the area. An upscale mall called the St. Louis Galleria was looted last night. Anonymous took down the website of the town where this happened. And today Obama called a press conference about the shooting.

Here’s part of what he said: “The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time.”

We have a question for you. Send in your answers and we’ll post the poll on Thursday night: Is Obama the president of only black America or all of America?

We ask this because as stated above, he has not uttered a word about the cold-blooded shooting of the rabbi in Miami last Shabbat. There is no doubt that black youth is targeted by the police. We don’t want to get into trouble here, so we’ll leave it at that. As we have stated here on more than one occasion, Morris the accountant is out at night to buy his wife some ice cream. We cannot always say the same for the black youth of America.

We hope that this next piece is not true and was published in error. It appears that Netanyhu is preparing to give large concessions to hamas. The truth is, some of those concessions will make the lives of the gazans, who simply want to live their lives easier. The problem is that hamas never allows them to do so. It is in their interest to keep the gazan people as pawns for the world media stage.

hamas has recently bragged that even if a truce is reached, it would only be so as to prepare the next terror war on Israel. This is what they have done in the past and we can’t see any reason why they won’t continue. After all, their mandate is the destruction of both Israel and its people and that hasn’t changed. Pray. That’s all we can do.

Blanche, in case this report isn’t depressing enough, here’s one more small ditty. Today is the anniversary of the baseball strike in 1994. After that strike, the Montreal Expos were history.

We’ll talk…

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