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Gotta Love those Vinyl Gloves

It appears that the ebola virus is highlighting the sad state of affairs in the US health system. Aside from New York and Los Angeles, most cities have cut budgets so much that their emergency preparedness is sorely lacking. This was blatantly evident in Atlanta when the late ground zero patient was initially sent home after stating specifically that he had been to Liberia.

In Miami, someone who been to one of those African countries affected breezed through US customs like he was coming from the supermarket down the street.

We saved the best part for last here. Guess who’s taking this very seriously? The airlines. And guess what that means for you? Longer lines.

The screening procedures will consist of targeted questions, temperature checks, and collecting contact information from travelers of affected areas. Targeted questions means they ask you where you were, with whom did you come in contact, did anyone have ebola.

Can we talk? If someone wants to get into the US all they have to do is say no to all of the above. It takes about 15 days for the symptoms to come out. So if some dude coming from Liberia or Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha answers negative to those questions poof! they’re in the US. Not sure what’s going to work here. Careful when you fly, visit people in the hospital, ride the subway – you get the picture. Maybe bring those vinyl gloves along with you. And of course don’t breathe in.

Even though Mitt Romney says he’s not running for the 2016 presidential elections – so far – he’s ahead in the polls. His nearest rival is Ben Carson. Who the heck is that you ask? He’s a doctor and Conservative activist. In case you think this is a fabrication, think again. The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee announced last month that supporters had donated nearly $10 million in the effort to convince Mr. Carson to run in 2016.

We have an idea. If he doesn’t run, can we be in the running for some of that money?

Did you notice that the korean leader, Kim Jong Un was MIA for about six weeks. Rumors abounded that he was dead, had a fatal illness or had some gout. Whatever happened, no one missed him or cared he wasn’t around.

A woman in Singapore went to buy some pizza and noticed when she went to pay her bill that there was a marking on the bottom to delineate her pizza from everyone else’s. It said, fat pink lady. Well, she got her knickers in a snit and of course went onto facebook. At first the company issued an apology. Then someone else posted something from the company that she’s doing this for free pizza. The best post we saw? It ain’t over till the pink fat lady sings. Or gets her free pizza.

People who text and drive need a big punishment. Demerit points and fines don’t seem to be working. We have a suggestion: take their phones away for a month. Toodles, tata, arividerici. You’ll see how fast they will obey the law after that. How many people drive after having their drivers license taken away? Lots. Nothing will work except the ultimate punishment for those people.

Those news tidbits about ‘that’ trial are nauseating, useless and a total waste of time. We wish someone would step up to the plate and tell those who are reporting to go find something else to do. Come back once the trial is over and just give us the verdict. Honestly, no one wants to hear any details. It’s not news and totally irrelevant.

Blanche is off for the final Thursday holiday. Next week back to our regularly scheduled events.

We’ll talk…

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