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So how did Great Britain go from vaccinating 300,000 people a week to nearly 400,000 a day while we don’t have any vaccines? Read on and you will very clearly understand how inefficient and mired in amateur-hour Canada really is. Seriously peeps – take the time to read this.

…Boris Johnson appointed Kate Bingham, a venture capitalist to procure the vaccines. She knew next to nothing about vaccines but had experience in analyzing scientific projects and – key here –  had deep connections in business and politics, which she clearly used.

…She immediately put together a group of business people, scientists and bureaucrats  giving England a head start on getting the vaccines.

…She led her team with a purpose, clearly not being second guessed by Boris Johnson.

…She was focused. She knew she needed the top 10 vaccines for the UK. Her task force began pouring over data and setting up teams to study about a dozen of the most promising candidates.

…The task force narrowed down the choices and went with Pfizer and Britain was the first country to sign a deal in July. They were also the first country to sign an order for Oxford-AstraZeneca last spring when Canada was asleep at the wheel.

…In the summer, Canada bet on a joint effort between the National Research Council and China. The relationship died in August. Zero was accomplished.

…Meanwhile, the UK task force offered drug companies help in conducting trials in order to speed up regulatory approval. They were successful.

…The most effective part of the UK’s vaccine rollout has come from local doctors, hospitals and community clinics. Thousands of doctors have contacted everyone eligible, often using volunteers.

There ya go. People with intelligence running Great Britain.

In 2019 there was an article written about wind farms in Texas. For a state so rich in oil and gas, people wondered why they were not only banking on, but spending $7 billion on wind farms.

The save-the-whales-turtles-and world crowd got hold of the governor and before you could say bob’s your uncle, Texas was a massive solar energy state.

At the time, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas asked if solar energy powered by wind turbines would be able to supply enough energy during peak times. Clearly the answer is no.

Those save-the-world wind turbines are now frozen in place, a completely useless commodity, one of the main reasons 2.5 million people (so far) have no  electricity.

The biggest problem is that constraints in natural-gas supplies for generators may be forcing plants to go offline. So the natural gas lines were depleted and not serviced well and the wind turbines froze. Ergo, Texans will be without electricity for quite a while.

That didn’t take long. In Saturday’s National Post, there was a first person account of people in what they are calling the last ‘resort’. Those are the infamous Canadian quarantine hotels. From the sounds of the article, you don’t want to be in any of those places. According to Justin, mandatory hotel quarantine for international air travelers is not meant to be punitive. Oh really? So why when people are taken to said ‘hotels’  they are driven in vans with blacked out windows? Personally, we would be having a panic attack if that were us. What’s the secret?

According to pictures taken by the ‘guests’, they are treated like prisoners. Food is dropped off at the door three times a day. No other deliveries at all. No one else can bring food. Wifi is spotty.  You can leave your room for 15 minutes a day for fresh air. While they have no bars on the windows, they are clearly being held as though they had committed quite the ‘crime’ and this is only the beginning at the real resorts don’t start until February 22.

And now for the ultimate in political correctness. It shows what happens when liberals become uber-ultra magnanimous. We will kindly not reveal the person who wrote this for a suburb of Montreal to spare them the embarrassment of trying to ‘splain’ what they were trying to say: Pet owners may walk their pets even after 8 p.m. curfew, as long as they stay within a radius of one kilometre of their home. Please note that only one human is allowed per pet.

One human??? Really. Here’s a headline that the writer of that line may have missed: Only humans can walk dogs. How about saying only one person? Unless that word has become verboten. Seriously.

Justin held a press conference today with his deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland beside him.  He announced new gun-control legislation today, which would introduce a buy back program for blacklisted firearms, allow municipalities to ban handguns and increase criminal penalties for gun smuggling and trafficking. He’s clearly trying to deflect from Canada unable to vaccinate their population.

Can we talk? Nasty people who want guns will get them. End of story. Hunters and people who like to have guns in their homes are not the issue. People care that they have been locked down in their homes for almost a year and so far, see no end in sight.

The worst part of this story is that we found out that Erin O’Toole is polling at 30%. We watched him respond to Justin’s gun-control motion and wanted to throw something at the video. Can someone please tell him to get rid of that idiot grin??? Just listen to the question with a straight face. His body language does not command leadership of the party.

And when he talks can he please not sound like he’s giving a recipe for a chocolate cake. If he doesn’t improve very quickly we will be looking at Justin’s punim (face) at press conferences for the next five years. Someone needs to get into O’Toole’s inner sanctum/ivory tower and get him some help.

We’ll talk…

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