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Like we said. That protest march last weekend was a waste of time. Too little too late. Bill 96 passed today.

Make no mistake. Emperor legault is out to to divide the population for his own personal gain. French is not in danger. That is a smokescreen. Emperor legault is power-hungry with no opposition and he knows it.

He will get elected this coming October and then probably be defeated five years later. And then, after the damage has been done – causing countless people – French and English to leave this province leaving an even smaller tax base, he will disappear into the world of boardrooms, collecting his pension which you will pay for.

Justin Trudeau, our spineless prime minister, also threw the English and immigrant communities under the bus by not standing up to the emperor. What’s he afraid of? Oh wait. He’s not afraid, he has no kahoonas.

If Justin can’t find his big boy pants and say something about this, he has no business being prime minister. He’s certainly not our leader or anyone’s.

Don’t know about you, but we feel like we finally lost the referendum.

There is in-your-face anti-Semitism, and then there’s the more subtle kind. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP fall into the latter category. Quietly, with little fanfare, they are anti-Semitic.

A few months ago, Steve Parish was chosen as the NDP candidate for Ajax Ontario despite his support for naming a street after a Nazi naval officer and very vocal protests from local Jewish groups. He was ‘unchosen’ in January, but the very fact that he made it to be the candidate, despite Singh knowing who he was, speaks volumes.

It appears that their leader Singh cannot distinguish the fine line between legitimate criticisms of Israel and anti-Semitism.

Two Jewish members have recently left the inner workings of the party over its anti-Semitic attitude. Their issues began with the NDP refusing to pass the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semisitm, which was supported by the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals and basically the rest of the world.

One of these Jewish members was verbally threatened at a meeting if he continued to push the subject of passing the HRIA definition. That was two years ago and he finally left the party or, as he said, the party left them.

Jagmeet Singh is an deceitful opportunist. He supports the liberal party, keeping them in power without asking for anything in return. Now doesn’t that sound odd? Selling his party to Justin for free? Or, as we are wont to think, a cozy deal was made behind closed doors.

While you may think that the NDP is the party to go with to save the whales, trees and turtles and oh yes, keep the carbon tax on your gas in place, know that they are not who or what they appear to be at the very least and as you can now see, anti-Semitic. Don’t vote for them and don’t trust them.

The last landline aka payphone was removed from Manhattan. We still have a landline because we learned that when the power goes out and our cellphone can no longer be charged, the landline still works.

We are definitely called ‘old-fashioned’ but here’s the scoop: If the power goes out in your house, your landline still gets the power it needs through the phone line.

Why? Because phone companies office have an extensive battery system, as well as a backup generator, to supply power during a power failure.

So yes, we still pay for our landline and are able to communicate with others who wisely kept theirs, as well as emergency services.

If you are thinking of moving to the USA, perhaps you should rethink your destination. Between 2020 and 2021 active-shooter incidents there increased by more than 50%.

There was another gruesome shooting today by yet another teenage boy with mental health issues. Fourteen children and a teacher were murdered in an elementary school in Texas.

California  is facing a severe water shortage. Their governor has threatened mandatory water restrictions if residents don’t use less on their own. Move on to Texas where immigrants are flowing in by the tens of thousands, put on buses and sent who knows where.

Or you could try Seattle where the downtown has been taken over by tents and homeless people and the woke/democratic politicians are protecting them, throwing the business owners and taxpayers under the bus.

Right now the grass looks pretty brown here, but sadly, it’s not much greener anywhere else.

We do not often redirect our readers to another site, but there are exceptions. This is one. If you want to understand where the woke culture came from, we invite you to take 10 minutes and slowly read this very well written article. Here’s something to whet your appetite where the author speaks of the woke culture on college campuses:

…stunted in their sense of purpose, waiting meekly for direction, frequently anxious and lost.

Here’s the link:

We’ll talk…

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