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The word hi in Quebec is has now becoming a dirty word. Like the ‘f’ word. Or the ‘n’ word. The head of the chamber of commerce Michel Leblanc said that when entering a store, the owner, who is most likely struggling to stay in business, should only say bonjour. Hi? Dirty word.

Of course businesses will do much much better if no one speaks any English at all. Just keep all communication in French and people will flock to their stores. They will sell more products and attract many more customers. Especially if they sell something like coffee in, say an Italian area. And of course only saying bonjour will attract many more international investors.

Bonjour hi is going to be the end of the french language as they know it. Look, even the head of the chamber of commerce said so. Michel Leblanc is the official spokesperson of the organization, and is responsible for planning, managing, coordinating and monitoring all its operations. Quebec sais faire. Like we have been saying for years – many French Canadians, especially bureaucrats and those with some level of power,  have brains the size of a gnat. And that’s big.

Of all the people we feel sorry for, it is those living in the borough of CDN/NDG. If there’s an early snowstorm, who knows if your mayor, Sue Montgomery was able to get her head out of the unproductive and futile dog fight she is having with anyone standing within two feet of her to sign contracts with snow removal companies. Best make sure you all have shovels. The list of who she no longer talks to  at council meetings  gets longer by the week. Valerie Plante threw her out of her party,  Stephane Plante, Marvin Rotrand, Lionel Perez and others in her entourage are all on her hit list. Council meetings are eaten up by her multiple dramas.

We are pretty sure that people living in that borough will be very happy to finally be able to turf her in the next election. She may actually have to leave her ivory tower to go out and meet the little peeps. Oooh. Shudder the thought. The good news is that she will be on her bicycle plowing through the snow in the bike lanes. Heaven forfend she get caught driving a climate-changing, polluting, disgusting car.

We read different kinds of books, from all sides of the political forum. One such book was A Warning by Anonymous.

Well ladies and gents, Anonymous finally came forward. His name is Miles Taylor and guess what? He now works for…CNN.

When he wrote the book he was deputy chief of staff to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and was later appointed chief of staff. He said that he wanted to force Trump to respond to the charges he was levelling without the ability to attack the messenger specifically. He now supports Biden.

Going over to CNN kind of makes Taylor’s case less credible. Had he come out of the book (instead of the closet)  and was working somewhere less obviously anti-Trump we could have taken him more seriously.

One thing you can be sure of, the dogs are out for him with dripping fangs and no leash.

The STM’s computer system was attacked by a virus almost two weeks ago and has yet to emerge up and running. Today a ransom demand of $2.5 million was made which so far will not be paid.

Much more scary than that however is that yesterday morning, the Jewish General Hospital’s IT network was rendered incapacitated. So far no one is asking for ransom but you can be sure that this will be coming soon and it will probably be way more than $2.5 million.

Surgery and other clinical activities are continuing, but scheduling has been suspended. As well, their phone system has been affected so patients cannot call out and people cannot call in.

Whoever is doing this, in whatever country, are sickos. If they are ever caught, they should be imprisoned with no chance of ever getting out of jail and never be allowed to touch a computer again.

We had a respite from muslim attacks for the past few months due to the pandemic, but it’s pretty clear that the respite is over. 

France has a huge problem that it appears is quickly getting out of control. Two beheadings in less than two weeks by muslims. Today’s attack in a church was particularly gruesome – one beheading, one throat slit and one stabbing – all murdered. Looks like the covid peace is over, even if France is in a lockdown. Is there no muslim leadership to tell their  people that beheading and butchering the ‘infidels’  only makes everyone despise them more?

Blanche, don’t you find it ‘interesting’ that all during the last weeks of the presidential campaign we have not heard from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and her ilk etc? They have been practically invisible. Our guess is that if Biden wins they will be handsomely rewarded for staying out of the campaign so as not to spook normal people with their left of left of left aka socialist ideas.

Time will tell if we are correct, but watch out if we are. Portland and Seattle, two extremely democratic cities are now bearing the brunt of defunding the police with homeless people taking over downtown areas.

It’s not the police with some authority asking them to leave because police departments  have been halved in some places. No, it’s social workers, sweetly talking to people and asking them nicely to move. And do you think that anyone is listening? No because they all have earplugs firmly pushed into their ears and don’t want to hear what the social workers are telling them because guess what? Nothing will happen to them if they don’t listen.

Welcome to the world of Joe Biden and his missives. Be careful what you wish for.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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