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Hillary Went After Zaidy Bernie Like a Pit Bull. Calm down there Madam Secretary. You’re not e

Blanche, do you think that Jean Charest spoke to Michael Applebaum for advice before deciding he’s not running for the leadership of the Conservative party? 

Had Applebaum not run for mayor, no one would have ever found out about his, shall we say, indiscretions which cost him not only the mayor’s office, but time in ‘cheder’.

Jean Charest has the unfinished UPAC investigation hanging over his head. It was never finished and Charest, shall we say, still emits a bad odor. Coupled with the fact that he’s been out of politics for over 15 years and, more importantly, Stephen Harper nixed him, he’s going back to keeping a low profile. Wise move.

As a wanna-be political pundit, we tried watching the impeachment trial. Right now it’s mind-numbingly boring. American politicians must think themselves very important people to think people have nothing to do with their lives other than watch Trump’s impeachment trial. They want to have 12 hour days, which will begin at 1:00 pm and end at 1:00 am. Can you say out of touch with reality?

Trump is not getting impeached as the senate will vote this down. Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar are stuck to their seats in the senate like crazy glue, most likely for a few weeks, unable to campaign. As we have said before, Pelosi et al do not want Sanders anywhere near the top of the nomination list and they are making very certain that happens.

And in case Bernie didn’t have enough problems, Hillary viciously attacked him in an interview saying that no one likes him or the people who surround him. Nasty. Wait a minute. Does that make Zaidy Bernie a deplorable?

We will remind you that Clinton made sure Bernie lost in the last democratic presidential race. It cost Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as chairperson of the DNC as WikiLeaks released a collection of stolen emails indicating that Wasserman Schultz and other members of the DNC staff had exercised bias against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

And today, in an unprecedented move, the NYTimes endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar for presidential candidates. Not Sanders and not Biden. Interesting.

In case the democrats have nothing else to worry about, AOC opened that big mouth of hers again, only to change feet. She said that business owners were lazy slave owners who profit off the backs of minorities who are “dying” because the business owners are successful.

Our wish is that AOC be given a microphone 24/7 so she can keep spouting these completely inane comments.

She sounds like  she wants her country to become mother Russia who owned every business and only had workers. Incentive to do better? Zero. Extreme poverty? Beyond. Black market because even bread was a luxury? Absolutely. Lineups to buy milk? For days.

Clearly AOC has not ever read a history book. Or any book for that matter.

All these democrats deserve each other and as long as they keep talking, the bigger win Trump will have in November.

Poor Justin Trudeau. He grows a beard, looks more mature, is trying to be more mature by staying away from lifestyles of the rich and famous Davos and gets nailed in Winterpeg aka Winnipeg. During his visit there, he popped into a donut store – not Tim Hortons. Oh Doughnuts is a privately owned, upscale bakery and Justin got flack because he didn’t go to Tim Hortons.

Can we talk here? Does Tim Horton need Justin’s endorsement? No they don’t. Oh Doughnuts uses local ingredients and is carbon friendly. We are certainly not one to endorse Trudeau, but in this case, his detractors are completely off the mark.

If Harry and Meghan thought they were going to escape the paparazzi by moving to Canada, they may want to rip up their new agreement. Those guys are hungrier than ever for a glimpse of the loving couple and will stop at nothing to get a picture of them. What are the Sussexes going to do?

For starters, their beautiful wrought iron gates have an opaque white tarp behind it. A temporary metal fence has been erected along the edge of the property that leads down to a public beach, and a security camera and dog now keep watch. In spite of that,  Megan was photographed carrying eight-month-old son Archie in a baby sling and walking her two dogs, Guy and Oz.

To make matters even worse, paparazzi are permanently camped outside their home with long lenses trained at their residence.

Our guess is that the interest will eventually die down to something more civil. Right now they are the new kids on the block in Canada. They better really like each other as they will be spending a lot of quality time together trying to escape being in the news.

There is a new ‘super-virus’ going around the world. It originated in a fish market in China where it appears they eat anything that can’t run fast enough. Obviously fish don’t run, but who knows how long they were in the ‘market’, not refrigerated.

Add this to the Chinese New Year – the year of the rat (feh) and zillions of people traveling around the country in overcrowded trains, airports, buses etc. and you have the perfect storm to get this virus up and running.

Lest you think we are kidding, no less than 3 billion trips will be made in the next 40 days, making it the largest annual human migration. Some sage advice. Stay away.

We’ll talk…

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