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HOW SHOCKED ARE THE KIELBURGER BROS? So shocked that they were like new shock absorbers on a car. Th

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that democrats are wildly apoplectic – to put it mildly – because Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize following his efforts to broker a deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

And in case that wasn’t enough, to pour some salt into their wound, one of the people who chooses said nominees said, “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees.” And no, you can’t pay these people off.

If you are a democrat, we will remind you that Barack Obama won his Nobel Peace prize because…well for no reason other than he was the first black president and the nominating committee wanted to meet him. It was certainly not for anything he had done at the time or since to make any lasting peace in the world. In fact, he dropped  a planeload of $400 millon in cash on Iran as a final parting gift to Trump. That was very special.

The ever in-the-cloud mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante was recently asked if she is doing anything to prepare for the mayoral elections next year. Her response? Election? There’s an election? She thinks she’s there forever?

She has a knack of leaving herself wide open to interesting comments. The fact that she has no idea why people are not going back downtown shows a total lack of any kind of realism at all. It’s clearly the same reason she has not given any thought to the next election.

Our guess is that she will bike through Montreal – from May until September as biking in January could be a challenge with the ice and all – with a flag on her bar-handle a la Mad Magazine Alfred E. Neuman saying: Vote for Me.

Of course she will have company in the name of the mayor of NDG-CDN Madame Sue Montgomery who, after picking up her laundry and groceries on her bike will then pedal through her community with the same flag.

Update: Madame Plante has finally said she realizes that maybe this is not the best time to try to fix old watermains and roads. Really? What a revelation. You do know Blanche, that she is probably the last person in Montreal to figure this out. But we digress.

While she’s not ripping up St. Denis, one of the main north-south arteries in Montreal, she is going ‘full speed ahead’ with the St. Denis express bike lanes to make the street safer for everybody. Express bike lanes? For who? And for how long? Six months a year? And for that she’s going to kill another few hundred parkings spaces so people will keep shopping online instead of supporting brick and mortar stores?

She’s an idiot and somebody better get her out of that office. She is single-handedly destroying Montreal.

Just when you thought it was going to be a ho-hum news day – wham. WE charity is closing up shop in Canada. Done. Kaput. Gonzo. Plus, the two Kielburger bros are out.

They are of course, blaming COVID and the pandemic for their woes, but let’s face facts folks, this demise was a slow train wreck and COVID just helped the train get to the station at breakneck speed.

Seems they are going to sell off their Toronto real estate, especially their $15 million Global Learning Center in downtown Toronto.

WE’s operations in Britain and the U.S will not be immediately affected. Neither will its for-profit affiliate, ME to WE, which makes money through leadership courses, retail sales and travel programs. No need to start a charity for them. WE was active in over 7000 schools in Canada and will drop all of that as well.

And now for the news Justin doesn’t want to hear: The ethics commissioner is looking into what happened with WE-gate and he’s not stopping. If the bros thought shutting down their company would save the skin of their friend Justin, they need to think again. Maybe now the redacted part of the documents released will be un-redacted.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England, has declared that gatherings can have no more than 6 people. One has to wonder what skin in the game he has in this. We’ll tell you. None. Will his salary be cut or lost if a restaurant goes out of business?

This is not going to help England control the coronavirus. People must feel responsible for each other and follow the directives. Draconian measures backfire because when they are lifted, people simply let loose and they will be back to square one.

We also heard someone from the restaurant business in the US lamenting that up to 18 million jobs are at stake if things don’t start moving. It’s not just the restaurants and their employees.

It’s the food, wine and cleaning industries. It’s the food supply chain.It’s the wineries, it’s the small guy who cleans the tablecloths and napkins. It’s a disaster.

Another small tidbit about those Kielburger bros. Blanche, don’t you wonder why they had to shut everything down here rather than sell a few properties and stay alive? What exactly are they hiding?

If you were ever considering renting an apartment in Manhattan, this is your chance to get into the market. You have to be realistic though. Last year rents were insane there and now they are just nuts, not insane. Given that, we’re betting that deals can be made.

The worst hit area was the Upper East Side with the largest average decline, down 10.6% from a year ago. That’s huge.

Rental listings in Manhattan have risen 14.5% since August of last year—to a record 15,025. Simultaneously, the vacancy rate has climbed a record 5.1%. Just google Manhattan rentals and bob’s your uncle, you will have the pick of the crop.

Just know that Broadway is not reopening until spring 2021, restaurants are at a minimum, in many areas it has again become dangerous to venture out at night. Our advice is to find something with a good view cause that’s about all you’re getting for now.

Can someone please ‘splain’ why the democrats are hysterical over Woodward’s tape where Trump said he’s playing down the virus? We will jog your memory and tell you that he has downplayed the virus numerous times. Why all of a sudden does everyone have their tighty-whities in a knot? We’ll tell you. Because we’re 10 weeks from the election and the Democrats are throwing everything they can at the wall and then watching to see what sticks. Simple as that. Look for more ‘shocking’ statements by Trump as we get closer to the election.

Start singing in the shower Blanche. Quebec is finally banning karaoke clubs.

What? Passing microphones around with other people’s spit on it is causing an uptick in the virus? What are you saying? Don’t you wonder which geniuses are going to those bars? Clearly they don’t have a hint of a clue what’s going on in the rest of the world.

And finally, tomorrow is 9/11… Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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